Steven D. Thompson
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Steven D. Thompson

Steven D. Thompson

Sports Betting Journalist

Steven is a sports journalist with a keen passion on online betting. For years, he has been writing his predictions and covering news for local newspapers and various online platforms. And now he shares his expertise with the fellow readers of through his reviews and news.


Best Betting Sites in Austria

Get all you need to improve your online betting experience in Austria. Discover the best betting sites in Austria and enjoy a top-notch experience.

15/04/2024; 02:07 PM

Best Betting Sites in Iceland

Learn all you need to improve your online betting experience in Iceland. Discover the best betting sites in Iceland and enjoy a top-notch experience!

15/04/2024; 01:05 PM

Best Betting Sites in Croatia

Discover the best betting sites in Croatia. Join online sportsbooks with competitive odds and the most attractive betting bonuses for various sports.

02/04/2024; 02:09 PM

Best Betting Sites in Estonia

We have reviewed and listed the best betting sites in Estonia in this guide. Pick a sportsbook and sign up now to start betting on your favourite sports.

01/04/2024; 02:16 PM

Best Betting Sites in Bosnia

Discover the best betting sites in Bosnia. Join top-rated Bosnian bookmakers with popular betting markets and attractive bonuses for sports bettors.

29/03/2024; 11:43 AM

Best Betting Sites in Kyrgyzstan

Read our Kyrgyzstan online sports betting guide to learn about the top bookmakers and what kind of free bets and promotions they offer.

28/03/2024; 08:08 AM

Best Betting Sites in Congo

Learn the top online sports betting sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, how to join them, and find the best bookies with ease.

27/03/2024; 03:47 PM

Best Betting Sites in Uruguay

Read our guide on online betting in Uruguay to learn more about the local gambling market, its laws, and how to choose the best betting sites.

25/03/2024; 02:11 PM

Best Betting Sites in Bolivia

Looking for the best betting sites in Bolivia? Learn how to find the best bookies in the country, learn more about the laws, and more.

19/03/2024; 08:27 AM

Best Betting Sites in Indonesia

Looking for the best and most trusted betting sites in Indonesia? Explore legal and safe options for sports betting + valuable tips.

04/03/2024; 02:23 PM

The Best Online Sports Betting Sites in Japan

Sports betting is on the rise in Japan, but which are the popular sites in [year]? Explore betting sites in Japan and find out where to bet safely.

01/03/2024; 03:39 PM

Best Betting Sites in Armenia

Find all you need to enhance your online betting experience in Armenia. Discover the best betting sites in Armenia and play with ease of mind.

01/03/2024; 12:31 PM

Best Betting Sites in Singapore

Looking for the top sports betting sites in Singapore? Read our guide to see if sports betting is legal for Singapore punters and find the best sportsbooks online.

01/03/2024; 08:53 AM

Best Betting Sites in Kazakhstan

Find out more about online sports betting sites in Kazakhstan. Explore top Kazakh bookies with exclusive bonuses and unbeatable odds.

29/02/2024; 03:44 PM

Best Betting Sites in Argentina

Is online sports betting in Argentina legal? Learn more in our detailed guide and find the best sports betting sites in Argentina with thousands of events.

28/02/2024; 02:38 PM

Best Betting Sites in Uzbekistan

Find out more about online sports betting sites in Uzbekistan. Explore top Uzbekistan bookies with exclusive bonuses and unbeatable odds.

28/02/2024; 01:30 PM

Best Betting Sites in Chile

Discover the legality of betting sites in Chile. Explore comprehensive insights into the country's betting laws and find top Chilean bookmakers.

27/02/2024; 01:15 PM

Best Betting Sites in Switzerland

Find out more about online sports betting sites in Switzerland. Explore top Swiss bookies with exclusive bonuses and unbeatable odds.

27/02/2024; 11:24 AM

Best Betting Sites in Ghana

Find out more about online sports betting sites in Ghana. Explore top Ghanaian bookies, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds.

27/02/2024; 09:35 AM

Best Betting Sites in Malaysia

Find out more about online sports betting sites in Malaysia. Explore top Malaysian bookies, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds.

27/02/2024; 08:30 AM

Best Betting Sites in the Czech Republic

Find out more about online sports betting sites in Czechia. Explore top Czech bookies with exclusive bonuses and unbeatable odds.

26/02/2024; 02:57 PM

Best Fantasy Sports Betting Sites

Want to turn your fantasy sports betting into a potentially profitable adventure? Check out the best fantasy sports betting sites reviewed at Betpack!

13/02/2024; 09:57 AM

Live Betting Sites

Want to enjoy placing live bets? We analyze the best live betting sites to help you make the most of each in-play wager. Find top in-play betting sites now!

09/02/2024; 12:46 PM

No KYC Casino

Discover no KYC casinos: what you need to know before you play. Explore safety aspects, bonus offers, play casino games and more.

08/02/2024; 04:34 PM

Social Betting Sites

What are social betting sites, and how do they work? Read our guide on social betting websites and apps and see why they're getting increasingly popular.

06/02/2024; 10:49 AM

VIP Casinos

Explore VIP casinos and discover specialized casino experiences. Get started with a VIP casino site, enjoy exclusive offers and more.

05/02/2024; 10:18 AM

VPN-Friendly Betting Sites

Want to bet at reliable bookies but your access is denied? Check out VPN-friendly betting sites and play at the best online sports betting sites!

02/02/2024; 01:41 PM

EU Casinos

Explore casinos in Europe and learn more about the best European casinos in this guide. Get started with these casinos and claim bonuses.

02/02/2024; 12:51 PM

Fast Payout Casino

Explore our list of fast withdrawal casinos. Enjoy same day withdrawals from these instant payout casinos.

02/02/2024; 10:57 AM

New Online Casino Sites

Discover the thrill at new online casino sites. Play and win at brand new online casinos, unlocking exclusive bonuses along the way.

01/02/2024; 02:50 PM

No Verification Casino

Discover top no verification casinos, claim exclusive bonuses! Enjoy hassle-free play with secure, anonymous registration.

01/02/2024; 12:41 PM

Best Online Casinos

Explore the best online casinos [year] in our in-depth guide and dive into real money gaming excitement with exclusive offers.

01/02/2024; 12:36 PM

Political Betting Sites

Looking for the best political betting sites at the moment? Read our guide to learn more about how to bet on politics and how to pick the best bookmakers.

29/01/2024; 11:56 AM

Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

Find out more about betting sites in Nigeria. Explore top Nigerian bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

16/01/2024; 11:37 AM

Best Betting Sites in Netherlands

Find out more about betting sites in the Netherlands. Explore top Dutch bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

16/01/2024; 10:56 AM

Best Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Do you want to place bets at top betting sites in Bangladesh? Check out our list of the best bookmakers and learn more about betting in Bangladesh.

16/01/2024; 08:18 AM

Best Betting Sites in Kenya

Find out more about betting sites in Kenya. Explore top Kenyan bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

15/01/2024; 11:08 AM

Best Betting Sites in Andorra

Looking for the best betting sites in Andorra? Learn more about the legal status of online betting and find top betting sites in Andorra!

15/01/2024; 08:15 AM

Best Betting Sites in Kuwait

Learn more about Kuwaiti betting sites. For a fantastic experience, check leading bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and amazing odds.

12/01/2024; 11:34 AM

Acca Bonus

Want to learn about accumulator bonus offers? Get all the Acca bonus facts and details and find the best accumulator bonuses!

12/01/2024; 09:04 AM

Enhanced Odds

Want to learn more about enhanced odds betting offers? Check out Betpack's guide and understand how enhanced odds work and discover enticing price boosts!

11/01/2024; 08:15 AM

Best Betting Sites in Vietnam

Find out more about betting sites in Vietnam. Explore top Vietnamese bookies, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

10/01/2024; 03:37 PM

Best Betting Sites in Cyprus

Find out more about betting sites in Cyprus. Explore top Cyprus bookies, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

10/01/2024; 08:26 AM

Best Betting Sites in Cameroon

Discover the top-rated betting sites in Cameroon [year] for an exceptional online betting experience.

09/01/2024; 03:40 PM

Best Betting Sites in Morocco

Find out more about betting sites in Morocco. Explore top bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

09/01/2024; 02:23 PM

Best Betting Sites in Luxembourg

Want to know more about online betting in Luxembourg? Get vital facts, discover lucrative bonuses and find top betting sites in Luxembourg!

08/01/2024; 01:13 PM

Best Betting Sites in Colombia

Find out more about betting sites in Colombia. Explore top Colombian bookies, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

08/01/2024; 10:19 AM

Best Betting Sites in Panama

Find out more about betting sites in Panama. Discover the best bookmakers, exclusive bonuses and odds for a first-class betting experience.

05/01/2024; 12:26 PM

Best Betting Sites in Zimbabwe

Find out more about betting sites in Zimbabwe. Explore top Zimbabwean bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds.

05/01/2024; 11:09 AM

Betting Sites in Ecuador

Learn online betting in Ecuador and get the latest information about the betting legislation. Discover top betting sites in Ecuador.

04/01/2024; 04:50 PM

Best Betting Sites in Qatar

Learn about online betting in Qatar and get the latest information about the betting legislation. Discover top betting sites in Qatar with Betpack!

04/01/2024; 01:35 PM

Best Betting Sites in Hong Kong

Find out more about betting sites in Hong Kong. Explore top bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

04/01/2024; 10:16 AM

Betting Sites in Tanzania

Find out more about betting sites in Tanzania. Explore top Tanzanian bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds

03/01/2024; 04:29 PM

Best Betting Sites in South Korea

Find out more about betting sites in South Korea. Explore top bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a great experience.

03/01/2024; 09:12 AM

Best Betting Sites in Scotland

Discover top betting sites in Scotland, exclusive bonuses and odds for a first-class betting experience. Enjoy seamless online betting in Scotland.

02/01/2024; 02:38 PM

Best Betting Sites in Canada

Find out more about betting sites in Canada. Discover the best Canadian bookmakers, exclusive bonuses and odds for a first-class betting experience.

02/01/2024; 11:10 AM

Best Betting Sites in Romania

Find out more about betting sites in Romania. Explore top Romanian bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a winning wagering experience

29/12/2023; 01:04 PM

Best Betting Sites in Georgia

Find out more about betting sites in Georgia. Explore top bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a winning wagering experience

29/12/2023; 10:53 AM

Best Betting Sites in Azerbaijan

Find out more about betting sites in Azerbaijan. Explore top bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a winning wagering experience

29/12/2023; 08:32 AM

Best Betting Sites in Bahrain

Find out more about betting sites in Bahrain. Explore top Bahrain bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a winning wagering experience

26/12/2023; 03:43 PM

Best Betting Sites in Mexico

Find out more about betting sites in Mexico. Explore top Mexican bookmakers, exclusive bonuses, and unbeatable odds for a winning wagering experience

26/12/2023; 11:10 AM

Fast Withdrawal Betting Sites

Discover top fast withdrawal betting sites for swift payouts and seamless gaming. Explore the best platforms for quick and hassle-free withdrawals

21/12/2023; 12:24 PM

High Stakes Betting Sites

Discover Betting Sites with High Stakes. Enjoy exciting experiences and access to incredible features with our top high-stakes betting site list.

20/12/2023; 01:45 PM

Betting Sites with Highest Odds

Dive into the ultimate gaming with our list of betting sites with highest odds. Experience the thrill of winning on top high odds betting platforms

19/12/2023; 12:45 PM

Euroleague Betting Sites

Looking for the best Euroleague betting sites? We got them! Learn more about Euroleague betting markets and odds and benefit from top Euroleague tips. [year]

06/01/2023; 01:40 PM

Europa League Betting Sites

Want to bet at the best Europa League betting sites? We have them! Learn more about betting on the UEFA Europa League and get great tips and odds.

06/01/2023; 12:36 PM

Conference League Betting Sites

Conference League Betting Sites and Offers - Get the best Conference League bookies, offers, and reviews from our team of expert betting writers.

06/01/2023; 12:08 PM

Swedish Betting Sites

Want to find the best legal betting sites in Sweden? We have them! Learn more about Swedish betting sites and stay on top of betting laws in Sweden.

19/12/2022; 04:02 PM

Slovenia Betting Sites

Want to join the best betting sites in Slovenia? We have them! Learn all you need to know about online betting in Slovenia and the top Slovenian bookmakers.

19/12/2022; 03:44 PM

Nations League Betting Sites

Get the best betting sites from our expert betting writers along with top tips for betting on the UEFA Nations League.

16/12/2022; 03:35 PM

Betting Sites Slovakia

Looking for the best betting sites in Slovakia? We have them! Get all the info about betting in Slovakia and find top Slovakian bookmakers!

16/12/2022; 03:09 PM

Polish Betting Sites

Wager with the best Betting Sites in Poland - Find the best bookmaker, betting offers, features, and betting markets with our expert reviews and ratings

15/12/2022; 02:19 PM

Betting Sites in Portugal

Want to play at the best betting sites in Portugal? We have got you covered! Learn more about the top Portuguese betting sites and find the one you like!

15/12/2022; 01:25 PM

Betting Sites Serbia

Wager with the best Betting Sites from Serbia- Find the best bookmaker, betting offers, features and betting markers with out expert reviews and ratings

15/12/2022; 12:41 PM

Championship Betting Sites

Find the best Championship betting sites with our expert-reviewed list. Get the best Championship odds and bonuses at trusted online sportsbooks.

05/12/2022; 03:39 PM

Philippines Betting Sites

Want to bet at the best betting sites in the Philippines? We have them! Learn more about Filipino sportsbooks and how to join them.

05/12/2022; 03:13 PM

Norway Betting Sites

Find the best betting sites in Norway that you should sign up with, the best betting offers, features and expert reviews.

05/12/2022; 02:29 PM

Bundesliga Betting Sites

Bet on the German Bundesliga with the best betting sites and the latest odds. Find out which bookies you should sign up with when you bet on the Bundesliga

29/11/2022; 02:16 PM

Best Betting Sites in Malta

Best Betting Sites in Malta [year]- Find out which bookmakers you cannot afford to miss out on with our dedicated list of the best bookies in Malta in [year]

29/11/2022; 10:17 AM

Italian Bookmakers

Looking for top-quality online betting sites in Italy? We have them! Learn more about legal betting in Italy and join top Italian betting sites.

28/11/2022; 01:28 PM

Ligue 1 Betting Sites - Best Bookmakers for Betting on Ligue 1

Want to bet on the top-tier of French football? Learn more about betting on French football and find the best Ligue 1 betting sites.

25/11/2022; 02:02 PM

Hungary Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites In Hungary 2023, Find all of the best Hungary betting sites, researched, reviewed and ranked by our team of unbiased, expert tipsters

25/11/2022; 12:00 PM

Betting Sites Latvia

Want to play at top Latvian betting sites? Learn everything you need to know about the best betting sites in Latvia and how we pick them

25/11/2022; 11:20 AM

Lithuania Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites In Lithuania - Find out which are the best betting sites in Lithuania in 2023 researched and ranked by our team of betting experts

25/11/2022; 10:11 AM

Best Betting Sites in Greece

Want to play at the best betting sites in Greece? You are in luck. Learn more about betting in Greece and find the best Greek bookmakers.

25/11/2022; 09:32 AM

French Betting Sites

Best Betting Sites In France - Find the best French bookmakers along with the best promotions and free bets along with in-depth reviews of each betting site

23/11/2022; 04:10 PM

Finland Betting Sites

Want to play the best betting sites in Finland? Learn more about sports betting in Finland and find the best Finnish bookmakers.

23/11/2022; 08:55 AM

Betting Sites in Bulgaria

Get to know the best Bulgarian betting sites. Find out what these Bulgarian bookies can offer you, the laws behind betting in Bulgaria and much more.

17/11/2022; 01:10 PM

Denmark Betting Sites

Want to bet at the best betting sites in Denmark? We have them. Find top Danish betting sites and learn all you need about sports betting in Denmark.

17/11/2022; 11:19 AM

Best Serie A Betting Sites

Want to bet on Serie A matches? Find the best Serie A betting sites and wager on tons of Serie A betting markets!

14/11/2022; 02:52 PM

Betting Sites in Brazil

Want to play at the best betting sites in Brazil? We can help. Learn more about legal betting in Brazil and find the best betting sites for Brazilians.

10/11/2022; 02:37 PM

La Liga Betting Sites

Looking for the best bookmakers for La Liga? Learn more about the Spanish top flight and join great La Liga betting sites.

08/11/2022; 09:39 AM

Best NFL Betting Sites

Want to learn more about NFL betting lines and bet on NFL games? Betpack has your back. Find the best NFL betting sites and get the best NFL odds now!

08/11/2022; 09:11 AM

Best Betting Sites in Belgium

Looking for top-notch betting sites in Belgium? We have them. Learn more about online Belgian bookmakers and find top Belgium betting sites.

07/11/2022; 03:41 PM

World Cup 2022 Underdog Odds

Looking for enticing World Cup odds? Learn more about World Cup dark horses and sleepers and bet on the best World Cup underdog odds.

24/10/2022; 12:34 PM

Irish Bookmakers

Are you looking for the best betting sites Ireland offers its punters? Check out our list of the top bookies for an unmatched gaming experience.

24/10/2022; 12:13 PM

Betting Sites Spain

Want to play at the best betting sites in Spain? We have got you covered. Learn more about legal betting in Spain and find top-notch Spanish bookmakers.

20/10/2022; 08:37 AM

All Countries

Having trouble finding a reliable bookmaker in your location? Check out Betpack’s Worldwide Betting Sites for more info on the best online sportsbooks in your area.

18/10/2022; 01:24 PM

Best Betting Sites In Australia

Want to play at top Australian betting sites? We have them. Learn more about sports betting sites Australia and find top Australian bookies.

18/10/2022; 10:09 AM

Betting Sites in Germany

Want to play at the best German betting sites? We have you covered. Learn more about online sports betting in Germany and join a top German bookie.

18/10/2022; 09:57 AM

Betting Sites in India

Want to play at the best betting sites in India? We have what you need! Learn more about top betting sites for Indian players and join the one you like!

18/10/2022; 09:16 AM

Betting on NHL Player Props - NHL MVP, DPOY, ROY, Top Scorer, Top Goalie, and COY Odds

Looking for the best NHL MVP odds? We have them. Learn more about NHL props betting and find the best NHL Hart Trophy odds.

17/10/2022; 09:51 AM

Betting on NBA Futures and Props - NBA MVP, DPOY, ROY, MIP, and COY Odds

Want to profit from enticing NBA MVP odds? We have them! Learn more about betting on NBA futures and get the best NBA MVP odds.

17/10/2022; 09:28 AM

2022/23 NHL Outright Odds

Looking for the best NHL outright odds? We have you covered. Pick your Stanley Cup finals winner and learn which bookies have the best NHL futures odds.

11/10/2022; 10:06 AM

2022/23 NBA Outright Odds

Looking for the best NBA outright odds? We have them right here. Learn more about NBA futures bet types and wager at competitive NBA winner odds.

11/10/2022; 09:41 AM

Best World Cup Betting Offers & Free Bets

Looking for the best World Cup betting offers? We have them! Find the most enticing World Cup 2022 promos and give your betting profits a boost!

10/10/2022; 10:21 AM

Best NHL Betting Sites

Looking for a start with betting on NHL games? Learn more about hockey betting and find the best NHL betting sites!

10/10/2022; 09:00 AM

International Betting Sites

Want to learn more about offshore betting sites? Get all the info you need about offshore bookmakers and find the best international betting sites.

10/10/2022; 08:24 AM

Golf Betting Sites

A complete Golf Betting Guide. Everything you need to know about placing your first golf bet and choosing the best bookmakers.

03/10/2022; 09:59 AM

Snooker Online Betting Sites

Looking for the best snooker betting bookmakers? Get the best tips for betting and exclusive offers, betting markets, and odds.  

30/09/2022; 09:51 AM

Best NBA Betting Sites

Want to learn more about NBA betting markets and odds? You are in luck. Find the best basketball betting sites and start betting on the NBA like a pro!

30/09/2022; 09:28 AM

World Cup Outright & Odds Markets

Want to learn more about World Cup outright odds? Discover the best outright betting markets and get the latest World Cup odds!

28/09/2022; 12:08 PM

Rugby Betting Sites

Learn about rugby union betting at online bookmakers. Find sportsbooks with the best rugby union odds and join to place bets with amazing bonus offers such as free bets. 

27/09/2022; 08:13 AM

Online Cricket Betting & Odds

Read our article to learn everything you need to know about online cricket betting. Find a list of bookmakers and sign up to enjoy the best cricket betting odds.

26/09/2022; 11:43 AM

50/1 odds - What does 50 to 1 odds mean?

Want to understand 50 to 1 odds? Our overview explains what they mean, how to calculate them, and how to apply them to your betting strategy!

23/09/2022; 01:53 PM

2022 World Cup Group G Betting Odds

Want to bet on Group G matches? We have everything you need! Learn more about Group G teams, their chances and the best 2022 World Cup Group G betting odds!

19/09/2022; 01:35 PM

2022 World Cup Group H Betting Odds

Looking for value bets? Check out World Cup Group H. This WC group is so balanced that almost all teams come with excellent 2022 World Cup Group H betting odds.

19/09/2022; 01:24 PM

2022 World Cup Group F Betting Odds

2022 World Cup Group F Betting Odds - get the latest betting odds & tips for Group F in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, featuring Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia.

19/09/2022; 01:11 PM

2022 World Cup Group E Betting Odds

2022 World Cup Group E Betting Odds - Get the latest betting odds & tips for Group E in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, featuring Spain, Costa Rica, Germany & Japan.

19/09/2022; 11:21 AM

2022 World Cup Golden Ball Betting | Odds & Predictions

Want to bet on the WC best player award? We have the World Cup odds and predictions you need. Learn how to place WC best player bets now!

19/09/2022; 10:12 AM

2022 World Cup Group D Betting Odds

Want to bet on Group D teams? Check out our 2022 World Cup Group D betting odds and learn more about Group D favourites and potential surprise packages.

16/09/2022; 12:23 PM

2022 World Cup Group C Betting Odds

Want to bet on World Cup Group C? We have what you need! Learn more about 2022 World Cup Group C betting odds, favourites, dark horses and more!

16/09/2022; 12:12 PM

2022 World Cup Group B Betting Odds

Looking at World Cup Group B betting options? We've got what you need! Get the latest Group B odds and pick your group winner!

16/09/2022; 12:03 PM

2022 World Cup Group A Betting Odds

Want to learn more about World Cup Group A betting options? Get all the info you need about Group A odds, favourites, and start times.

16/09/2022; 11:51 AM

World Cup 2022 Group Stage Betting | Full Guide

Looking to place World Cup qualifiers group bets? We have got you covered. Learn everything about 2022 World Cup group stage betting now!

15/09/2022; 09:40 AM

WC Top Goalscorer / Golden Boot Betting

Want to place a WC 22 Golden Boot bet at the best World Cup topscorer betting odds? We've got you covered! Back your WC Golden Boot favourite now!

07/09/2022; 01:09 PM

Premier League Winner Betting

Premier League 2022/23 Winner Betting Tips - Get the best betting tips and expert predictions for the upcoming 2022/23 English Premier League season

26/08/2022; 01:15 PM

Best World Cup Betting Sites

What are the absolute best WC 2022 betting sites, no matter whether you prefer outright betting, pre-game betting or something else? Look no further than here.

26/08/2022; 10:13 AM

Champions League Betting 2024

The Best Champions League Betting Sites & Offers [year] . Find out who the best bookmakers for UCL betting are and what offers you can enjoy.

24/08/2022; 02:14 PM

Best Premier League Betting Sites

It's no surprise English Premier League betting excites bettors: it is the most watched football league in the world. But where should you place your EPL bets?

19/08/2022; 04:11 PM

Best Football Betting Sites

Football fans around the world might be thinking: I want to bet, but how will I find the best betting sites for football? Betpack is here to help.

16/08/2022; 08:35 AM

Betpack Editorial Guideline

At Betpack, we work with our editors and experts to provide bettors with the most reliable and up-to-date information about online betting and bookmakers.

26/04/2022; 09:16 AM


Players must be aware of the risks of betting online. All Betpack’s users must exercise responsibility when playing in an online sportsbook.

21/03/2022; 11:50 AM

Betting Calculators

Thinking of using a bet calculator but don't know how to go about it? Find out everything you need to know here including the popular bet types.

18/01/2022; 02:00 PM

Free Bet Calculator

No longer do you have to calculate the outcomes of free bets manually. Our free bet calculator will tell you how much you get from a certain bet.

03/01/2022; 10:18 AM

Surebet Calculator

Betpack presents a brand new surebet calculator! Get guaranteed profits with this free tool, and learn some expert tips on sure bet placements.

22/12/2021; 11:36 AM

Lay Bet Calculator

Are you planning to make a Lay Bet and need the right calculator to provide you with more accurate results? Our Lay Bet Calculator can help.

16/12/2021; 10:11 AM

Lucky 31 Calculator

Lucky 31 can be confusing for bettors since it consists of 31 separate bets. With our Lucky 31 calculator, you can check and see your possible profit.

08/12/2021; 04:16 PM

Lucky 15 Calculator

Use our Lucky 15 Bet Calculator. Find out everything you need to know about Lucky 15 Bet.

08/12/2021; 02:07 PM

Yankee Calculator

Bet like a pro with our free Yankee bet calculator, and read more about what Yankee bets are, different types of Yankee bets & how to place them!

08/12/2021; 12:13 PM

Patent Calculator

Do you want to know your patent bet winnings before placing the bet? Our patent calculator is the perfect one for you!

06/12/2021; 08:19 PM

Heinz Calculator

Are you looking for a simple tool to work out your Heinz bet winnings? Our Heinz bet calculator on Betpack will do just that for you!

06/12/2021; 08:08 PM

Canadian Calculator

You don't have to worry about calculating your Canadian bet wins. Let our Canadian calculator do the job for you!

06/12/2021; 08:00 PM

Kelly Criterion Calculator

If you are looking for a tool to calculate your Kelly Criterion winnings, our calculator is just the thing you are looking for.

06/12/2021; 07:47 PM

Hedge Bet Calculator

Use Hedge Bet Calculator on You can compute your potential income via our Hedge Bet Calculator.

30/11/2021; 02:02 PM

Asian Handicap Calculator

Asian Handicap has been a favourite for expert punters, while it might complex for newbies. With our Asian Handicap Calculator, it is no longer the case.

30/11/2021; 09:16 AM

Dutching Calculator

Make the most of your bets with our Dutching Calculator. Learn how to make the same profit from each bet you are going to place.

17/11/2021; 10:29 AM

Odds Calculator

Use matched Odds Calculator and learn how much you must stake on your lay bet. You can learn the total liability, profit, and more!

15/11/2021; 03:50 PM

Free Bets No Deposit

Find the latest free bets no deposit offers and discover the bookmakers that offer no deposit free bets in our guide. Read on and make the most of them!

12/11/2021; 04:57 PM

Accumulator Calculator

Use matched accumulator calculator by Betpack and learn how much you must stake on your lay bet. Learn the total liability, profit, and more here!

10/11/2021; 02:32 PM

Esports Betting

Complete and the most detailed esports betting page you will ever need. Learn the esports betting markets and why it is such a gem in the betting world.

06/10/2021; 07:17 AM

Matched Bet Calculator

Use matched betting calculator by Betpack and learn how much you must stake on your lay bet. Learn the total liability, profit, and more here!

16/09/2021; 09:04 AM

Boxing Betting

Boxing betting has always been a unique part of the betting scene. One may even say it's the rawest form of betting, and we've covered all about it here!

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Chelsea agree for Raphinha

The Blues have seemingly come to an agreement with Leeds regarding the signing of Brazilian forward Raphinha.

04/07/2022; 06:52 AM

Sadio Mane set for Liverpool exit this summer

With one year left on his current contract, the Senegalese forward has decided to leave the Reds in search of a new challenge.

30/05/2022; 01:43 PM

Mbappe to Stay in PSG with a Sensational Deal

The transfer saga surrounding Kylian Mbappe has come to an end but perhaps not in the way many expected it to play out.

23/05/2022; 05:01 PM

Luis Suarez to leave Atletico Madrid at the end of the season

Luis Suarez is expected to leave Atletico and join a new club this summer.

23/05/2022; 04:56 PM

Pochettino boasts of being at PSG next season with Mbappe

Pochettino has claimed that he will remain the manager of PSG next season.

29/04/2022; 02:58 PM

Jurgen Klopp extends Liverpool contract till 2026

Jurgen Klopp has signed a contract extension keeping him at Liverpool for another four years.

29/04/2022; 02:45 PM

Thomas Tuchel comments on his future at Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel has responded to rumours linking him with a potential exit from Stamford Bridge in the summer.

29/04/2022; 08:43 AM

UEFA consider changing Champions League format

The Champions League semi-finals could witness a new setup, with UEFA mulling rule changes from next season.

29/04/2022; 08:38 AM

Pau Torres attracts interest from Premier League sides once again

Several clubs in the Premier League are interested in signing Villarreal defender Pau Torres.

29/04/2022; 08:25 AM

Barcelona pushing hard to sign Lewandowski from Bayern Munich

Barcelona are close to tying up a deal that could help their quest to sign Robert Lewandowski.

29/04/2022; 08:00 AM

Gabriel Jesus responds to Arsenal transfer links

Gabriel Jesus will have 12 months left on his contract at the end of the season.

26/04/2022; 05:06 PM

Raheem Sterling drops update on Manchester City contract situation

Nothing concrete has come out of the contract situation between Raheem Sterling and Manchester City.

26/04/2022; 05:04 PM

Tuchel confirms Rudiger has made up his mind on Chelsea contract

Thomas Tuchel has revealed that Antonio Rudiger would be leaving Chelsea in the summer.

26/04/2022; 05:02 PM

PSG could sack Mauricio Pochettino despite Ligue 1 title win

Less than 24 hours after winning the Ligue 1, PSG are reportedly keen on firing their Argentine manager.

26/04/2022; 04:58 PM

Juventus open talks with Di Maria over possible move

PSG are not interested in renewing ties with Di Maria, whose contract expires in the summer.

22/04/2022; 11:38 AM

Official - Manchester United appoint Erik ten Hag as new manager

Manchester United brought their manager chase to an end with the announcement of Erik ten Hag as their new manager.

22/04/2022; 11:35 AM

Lionel Messi makes transfer decision amid return rumours to Barcelona

Some reports have recently claimed Messi could return to Barcelona this summer.

22/04/2022; 11:31 AM

Real Madrid remain confident about signing Mbappe in the summer

Despite the pressure on Mbappe to renew at PSG, Real Madrid remain confident of signing the Frenchman.

22/04/2022; 11:28 AM

Atletico Madrid join transfer race for William Saliba

William Saliba is currently on loan at French side Marseille.

22/04/2022; 09:58 AM

AC Milan target summer transfer for Raheem Sterling

AC Milan plot to land Raheem Sterling amid a potential takeover of the Rossoneri.

22/04/2022; 09:54 AM

Lacazette admits talks with a lot of clubs over possible Arsenal exit

Alexandre Lacazette is to leave Arsenal when his contract expires at the end of the season.

19/04/2022; 02:36 PM

Cavani emerges as Real Madrid's transfer alternative to Haaland

Real Madrid are keen to sign another striker if they can’t pull off a deal for Erling Haaland.

19/04/2022; 02:35 PM

Bayern make transfer decision amid Erling Haaland links

Bayern Munich has denied any interest in signing Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland.

19/04/2022; 08:42 AM

Barcelona consider summer move for Gabriel Jesus

Barcelona have zeroed in on Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus as one of their transfer targets for the summer.

19/04/2022; 08:39 AM

Real Madrid confident of landing Tchouameni despite much competition

Real Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea will go head-to-head for the signature of Aurelien Tchouameni.

15/04/2022; 02:49 PM

Tielemans could be open to a summer move to Tottenham

Youri Tielemans has caught the eye of several clubs in England, with Leicester City struggling to get him to renew his contract.

15/04/2022; 02:44 PM

Manchester United finally agree deal to appoint Ten Hag as manager

After reaching a verbal agreement, Erik Ten Hag will join Manchester United at the end of the season.

15/04/2022; 02:40 PM

Fernandinho exit confirmation surprises Guardiola

The Brazilian announced his desire to return to Brazil at the end of the season.

15/04/2022; 02:38 PM

Leipzig plot move to hijack United's swoop for Erik ten Hag

RB Leipzig emerge as surprise candidates for the Ajax manager.

11/04/2022; 04:29 PM

Senior figures at Manchester United want Cristiano Ronaldo's exit

Cristiano Ronaldo is the subject of disaffection at Old Trafford as senior figures believe he is holding the team back.

11/04/2022; 04:08 PM

FIFA deny reports of 100-minute games for Qatar 2022 World Cup

Rumors were rife of a plan by FIFA to increase the length of matches during the FIFA World Cup.

07/04/2022; 03:31 PM

Erik Ten Hag growing confident of Manchester United appointment

Ten Hag has had several talks with Manchester United over becoming their manager in the summer.

07/04/2022; 03:28 PM

Liverpool get Salah contract boost agreement could be close

Mo Salah is ready to relax his demands and put pen to paper over a new contract with Liverpool.

05/04/2022; 03:54 PM

Bayern Munich in talks with Serge Gnabry amid exit rumours

The German giants want to tie Serge Gnabry to a new contract as the current one expires next summer.

05/04/2022; 03:51 PM

Barcelona reportedly offer Lewandowski a four-year contract

Lewandowski has a contract with Bayern Munich that expires in 2023.

04/04/2022; 01:36 PM

Leicester ready to sell Maddison to raise funds for transfers

Leicester City have put James Maddison up for sale as they look to freshen their squad next summer.

04/04/2022; 01:33 PM

Dominic Calvert-Lewin or Richarlison to be sold this summer

Everton have posted losses for the third season consecutively and are keen to ease some of their financial woes.

01/04/2022; 03:13 PM

Lukaku is still unhappy with his Chelsea situation

Despite his reveal-all interview earlier in the season, Lukaku is yet to regain his place in the Chelsea starting XI.

01/04/2022; 02:57 PM

Ruud Van Nistelrooy confirmed as new PSV coach

Ruud van Nistelrooy will take over in the summer as the new head coach of PSV.

31/03/2022; 02:11 PM

Premier League to implement five substitutions next season

The Premier League currently adopts three substitutions per game.

31/03/2022; 02:00 PM

Bale open to signing short term deal with club before World Cup

Gareth Bale is looking forward to Wales qualifying for the World Cup after victory over Austria.

30/03/2022; 02:29 PM

Fernandes and Lewandowski send Portugal and Poland to Qatar

Fernandes hit a brace as Portugal reached Qatar with victory over giant-killers North Macedonia.

30/03/2022; 10:57 AM

Cristiano Ronaldo makes admission amid speculation about his retirement

Ronaldo says he remains unclear about his international future but will be the one to decide what happens

29/03/2022; 01:17 PM

Mancini clears the air on his future with Italy

Italy have been silent over the future of Roberto Mancini following their shock World Cup disappointment.

29/03/2022; 01:12 PM

Bayern Munich return with a new Gravenberch offer

Several top European clubs are interested in signing Ryan Gravenberch.

25/03/2022; 03:29 PM

Saudi Media Group fail in Chelsea bid

Saudi Media Group (SMG) were unsuccessful with their £2.7bn offer to buy Chelsea.

25/03/2022; 03:14 PM

UK and Ireland, Turkey and Russia indicate interest in hosting Euro 2028

Russia is a surprise contender to host EURO 2028 or 2032.

24/03/2022; 05:12 PM

Barcelona must battle to meet Leeds' asking price for Raphinha

Raphinha seems to be living his last days as a Leeds United player with interest from top European clubs.

24/03/2022; 05:06 PM

Report: Barcelona sign Kessie on a free transfer

Franck Kessie has completed his medicals ahead of a summer move to Barcelona.

23/03/2022; 04:13 PM

Barcelona still hopeful Dembele will sign a new contract

Dembele is yet to sign a new contract with Barcelona, but there is hope things could change soon enough.

23/03/2022; 04:00 PM

Premier League clubs on alert as Dybala set to leave Juventus this summer

Dybala has turned his back on a new offer from Juventus.

22/03/2022; 02:29 PM

Manchester United board divided between Pochettino and Erik ten Hag

Erik Ten Hag and Mauricio Pochettino are the two top choices for the Manchester United manager role.

22/03/2022; 02:24 PM

Arsenal eye €40 million summer move for Phillippe Coutinho

Mikel Arteta hopes to add Phillippe Coutinho to his Arsenal side in the summer.

21/03/2022; 05:18 PM

Xavi leaves the door open for a possible Messi to return to Barcelona

Xavi hopes to bring Lionel Messi back to Barcelona in the summer.

21/03/2022; 05:16 PM

Report - Erling Haaland has chosen his next club ahead of summer move

Erling Haaland is almost sure to leave Borussia Dortmund this season.

17/03/2022; 04:41 PM

Liverpool reportedly make €70m offer for Alexander Isak

Liverpool are looking to strengthen their firepower by signing Alexander Isak in the summer.

17/03/2022; 04:37 PM

Gundogan wanted by Atletico Madrid in summer move

Atletico Madrid want to sign Manchester City midfielder Gundogan ahead of next season.

16/03/2022; 05:17 PM

Abramovich and Russia at the end of sanctions from the European Union

The European Union have released a set of sanctions to force Russia to stop their attack on Ukraine.

16/03/2022; 05:14 PM

PSG draw up a nine-man shortlist to replace under-fire Mauricio Pochettino

Mikel Arteta and Antonio Conte have popped up in a nine-man shortlist to replace Pochettino.

15/03/2022; 05:45 PM

PSG fans boo Lionel Messi and Neymar after Champions League exit

PSG fans showed their displeasure at their Champions League exit at the hands of Real Madrid.

14/03/2022; 04:30 PM

Joan Laporta claims Barca are out of Haaland race

Barcelona may have given up on the pursuit of Erling Haaland.

14/03/2022; 04:26 PM

Thomas Tuchel wanted by several clubs, including Manchester United

Chelsea could lose their manager Thomas Tuchel if the sanctions on the club remain.

11/03/2022; 04:22 PM

Chelsea to lose millions following government sanctions

The UK government have frozen UK assets belonging to Roman Abramovich.

11/03/2022; 04:19 PM

Gerrard in no hurry to decide Coutinho's future

Coutinho is delighted with life back in England and hopes to seal a permanent deal at Villa.

10/03/2022; 04:45 PM

Manchester United to move for Lewandowski in the summer

The future of Polish striker Robert Lewandowski is unclear as Bayern Munich striker is yet to receive a contract extension.

10/03/2022; 04:42 PM

Chelsea and PSG interested in a summer move for Riyad Mahrez

Chelsea and PSG have different needs in attack, but both believe Mahrez could solve their problems.

09/03/2022; 03:34 PM

Newcastle consider move for Chelsea star Antonio Rudiger

Antonio Rudiger has not reached an agreement with Chelsea over a new deal.

09/03/2022; 03:31 PM

Rumours suggest Real Madrid interest in Rashford

Real Madrid may be interested in bringing Marcus Rashford to the Santiago Bernabeu.

09/03/2022; 02:39 PM

Saudi consortium join 10-bid race for Chelsea

A Saudi-backed consortium has joined the race to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

09/03/2022; 02:37 PM

Manchester United to lure Christopher Nkunku with increased wages

The Red Devils want to bring Nkunku to Old Trafford this summer.

08/03/2022; 09:53 AM

Arsenal to lock horns with PSG and Newcastle for Lucas Paqueta

Arteta identifies Lyon playmaker Lucas Paqueta as a good fit for the club.

08/03/2022; 09:48 AM

EA Sports to remove Russian national team and clubs from FIFA 22

EA Sports to join the rest of the world in placing far-reaching sanctions on Russia.

03/03/2022; 06:06 PM

Abramovich officially announces Chelsea is up for sale

Pressure has finally turned on Abramovich as he has agreed to sell Chelsea.

03/03/2022; 06:03 PM

PSG offer Mbappe a mammoth offer to remain at the club

PSG have made Mbappe a mammoth to shun the advances of Real Madrid.

02/03/2022; 02:19 PM

Abramovich to receive offers this week over the sale of Chelsea

Offers should come this week for Roman Abramovich to sell Chelsea FC.

02/03/2022; 02:16 PM

FIFA and UEFA suspend Russian teams and clubs from participating in all competitions

Russia has received sanctions from UEFA and FIFA that will stop them from participating in any football-related activity in Europe and the world.

02/03/2022; 08:20 AM

Leeds United - Jess Marsch appointed new head coach

Jesse Marsch has the arduous task of steering Leeds United to safety.

02/03/2022; 08:17 AM

Kelleher stars as Liverpool defeat Chelsea to win Carabao Cup

Chelsea continued their domestic woes after failing to secure a win against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final.

02/03/2022; 08:13 AM

FIFA make controversial World Cup decision regarding Russia

FIFA has condemned the use of force by Russia on Ukraine.

02/03/2022; 08:11 AM

Juventus, Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid plan Super League friendly tournament

Juventus, Real Madrid and Juventus are not giving up on the Super League.

23/02/2022; 03:03 PM

Arsenal set sights on Portuguese forward Joao Felix

Mikel Arteta has shown interest in bringing Joao Felix to the Emirates in the summer.

23/02/2022; 02:59 PM

Neymar reveals MLS ambition before retirement

Neymar has revealed his ambitions of playing in the MLS before he retires.

22/02/2022; 01:57 PM

De Gea makes Manchester United transfer claim

David de Gea may have angered some Atletico fans by claiming he sees himself as a Manchester local than Madrid.

22/02/2022; 01:53 PM

Ronaldo Could leave Man United if They Fail to Secure Champions League

Ronaldo is likely to demand to leave Old Trafford if the club fails to qualify for the Champions League.

21/02/2022; 04:24 PM

Guardiola open to new contract for Sterling at Manchester City

Manchester City want Sterling to sign a renewal as his contract expires in 2023.

21/02/2022; 04:18 PM

Arsenal join race to sign AC Milan forward Rafael Leao

With Arsenal unsure of Lacazette and Nketiah’s future, Arteta is keen on a quality striker.

18/02/2022; 03:44 PM

PSG ready to offer Mbappe record-contract offer wage to stop Madrid move

PSG are trying to tempt Mbappe with a mega-offer to dissuade him from joining Real Madrid in the summer.

18/02/2022; 03:40 PM

Real Madrid plot to hijack Pochettino interest from Manchester United

Real Madrid are pained with the loss to PSG in the Champions League first leg, second-round tie.

17/02/2022; 04:45 PM

Rashford hits at rumours of Ronaldo unrest in United dressing room

There are reports of a dressing room rancour within the United squad.

17/02/2022; 04:17 PM

Juventus plot strategy to keep De Ligt at the club

Juventus want to keep the Dutchman for at least one more season to allow them to find a replacement.

16/02/2022; 04:03 PM

Haaland lays down transfer expectations to interested clubs

Erling Haaland is set to leave Dortmund this season with several clubs interested in signing him.

16/02/2022; 03:59 PM

Ronaldo believes Rangnick is not good enough for Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo does not believe Ralf Rangnick is at the level to be Manchester United manager.

15/02/2022; 04:34 PM

Rudiger sends message to Chelsea board over a new contract

Rudiger claims an interest in staying at Chelsea beyond the summer.

15/02/2022; 04:24 PM

Barcelona to make a bid for Nabil Fekir in the summer

Barcelona wants to bring Nabil Fekir to the Nou Camp in the summer.

14/02/2022; 04:29 PM

Brendan Rodgers plays down talk of Tielemans leaving Leicester City

Youri Tielemans has a contract with Leicester that expires in 2023.

14/02/2022; 04:27 PM

Manchester United turn their attention to Leicester star Tielemans

Youri Teielemans has emerged as a target for a host of sides and the Red Devils are the latest to show interest.

10/02/2022; 03:27 PM

Rudiger receives improved offer from Chelsea amid transfer fear

Rudiger is in the final six months of his Chelsea contract. He could leave in the summer as a free agent.

10/02/2022; 03:25 PM

Arsenal monitor Leipzig star Christopher Nkunku amid transfer interest

Nkunku has enjoyed a fine season, with great displays in the UEFA Champions League and is already attracting interest from top sides.

10/02/2022; 03:20 PM

Manchester United reportedly table offer for Ronald Araujo

Barcelona have an arduous task keeping the Uruguay international from the reach of Manchester United.

10/02/2022; 03:15 PM

Official - Niklas Sule joins Borussia Dortmund on free transfer

Sule calls quits to his time at Bayern Munich and will join rival side Borussia Dortmund.

08/02/2022; 03:45 PM

Real Madrid target Wesley Fofana after ending Rudiger interest

Real Madrid have shifted focus to Leicester City defender Wesley Fofana.

08/02/2022; 03:42 PM

Historic win as Senegal beat Egypt to win first ever AFCON title

Sadio Mane received the AFCON player of the tournament as Senegal won the title for the first time.

07/02/2022; 04:44 PM

Bayern star Niklas Sule has reportedly decided on his next club

Bayern Defender Niklas Sule will be a free agent as his contract runs out this summer.

07/02/2022; 04:40 PM

Sergio Ramos might be forced to retire because of injuries

Ramos has had a battle staying fit since his arrival at Paris Saint-Germain.

04/02/2022; 04:35 PM

Report details why Messi has been 'unhappy' at PSG

Lionel Messi has not been inspiring for PSG this season with only one domestic goal to his name.

04/02/2022; 04:31 PM

Eder Militao wanted by Chelsea in summer move

Eder Militao has come up in a list of defenders that Thomas Tuchel hopes to bring to Stamford Bridge.

03/02/2022; 01:52 PM

Dembele is a better player than Mbappe, claims Laporta

Joan Laporta has boldly claimed Ousmane Dembele is a better player than PSG star Kylian Mbappe.

03/02/2022; 01:50 PM

Chelsea have one concern about signing Haaland

Erling Haaland is bound to leave Borussia Dortmund this summer amid interest from several quarters.

03/02/2022; 08:48 AM

Manchester United could move for Pochettino before summer

Manchester United continue to be interested in Pochettino as a possible replacement for Ralf Rangnick in the summer.

03/02/2022; 08:43 AM

Mbappe will reportedly join Real Madrid on a free transfer in the summer

Kylian Mbappe is out of contract in the summer and could be headed for the Spanish capital.

01/02/2022; 04:28 PM

Tottenham complete double deadline day swoop for Kulusevski and Bentancur

Spurs waited till the last day of the January transfer window before making signings for Italian coach Antonio Conte.

01/02/2022; 04:24 PM

Barcelona close to completing loan move for Aubameyang

Barcelona are trying to work out a deal to bring Aubameyang to the Nou Camp this January.

31/01/2022; 04:56 PM

Official - Liverpool complete signing of Colombian winger Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz is yet to arrive at Anfield following his £45million transfer from Porto.

31/01/2022; 04:50 PM

Newcastle set to sign Bruno Guimaraes after bumper offer to player

Guimaraes is expected to become a Newcastle signing by the end of the weekend with figures already agreed.

28/01/2022; 04:50 PM

Man United youngster Amad Diallo joins Rangers on loan

Amad Diallo will spend the rest of the season on loan with the Gers.

28/01/2022; 04:41 PM

Liverpool plot summer move for Paulo Dybala

Liverpool have joined the race, but Inter Milan remain favorites to land Paulo Dybala, who is out of contract in the summer.

27/01/2022; 03:41 PM

Barcelona target Adama Traore, but must sort out Ousmane Dembele

The Catalans are keen on signing Adama Traore from Wolves as they look for attacking options.

27/01/2022; 03:37 PM

Tottenham bid £40m for Luis Diaz - want Porto response swiftly

Antonio Conte is keen on bolstering his options with a couple of additions to his squad.

26/01/2022; 12:26 PM

William Saliba open to leaving Arsenal permanently

The Frenchman could stay at Marseille if they qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season.

26/01/2022; 12:24 PM

Arsenal target Vlahovic reportedly reaches agreement with Juventus

Juventus has agreed on a deal that will bring Vlahovic to the Old Lady.

26/01/2022; 07:55 AM

Anthony Martial leaving Manchester United for Sevilla on loan

Martial wants more playing time and will join Sevilla in a loan move till the end of the season.

26/01/2022; 07:52 AM

Manchester United chasing Ten Hag to replace Ralf Rangnick

United have conceded 30 goals from 22 league matches this season.

24/01/2022; 03:19 PM

Ajax star Tagliafico eyes Barcelona move before transfer deadline

Barcelona want a backup to the ageing Jordi Alba, who has had a mixed bag of performances this season.

24/01/2022; 03:13 PM

Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris signs a new deal to end transfer speculation

Hugo Lloris has signed a new deal keeping him at Spurs till 2024.

21/01/2022; 04:31 PM

Barcelona offered the chance to sign Telles and Tagliafico

Barcelona has two left-back offers on the table this January as the club continues its rebuild.

21/01/2022; 04:26 PM

Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr offer to sign Aubameyang on loan

Al Nasr are interested in signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on loan.

20/01/2022; 12:09 PM

Newcastle's move for Lingard stalled by Manchester United

Jesse Lingard is a subject of interest for Newcastle United who are fighting to avoid relegation.

20/01/2022; 12:06 PM

Diego Carlos gives Newcastle a boost as he demands to leave Sevilla

Sevilla look set to lose dependable defender Diego Carlos amid Newcastle pursuit.

19/01/2022; 01:44 PM

Juventus keen on signing Anthony Martial from Manchester United

Anthony Martial is wanted in Turin by Juventus, with negotiations already underway between both parties.

19/01/2022; 01:37 PM

Arsenal face challenge to complete Arthur loan deal from Juventus

Arsenal face two obstacles in their quest to bring Arthur from Juventus to the Emirates on loan.

18/01/2022; 04:38 PM

Lewandowski Wins FIFA Best Award 2021 For The Second Time In A Row

Robert Lewandowski claimed the FIFA best player award ahead of Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah.

18/01/2022; 04:36 PM

Newcastle set their sights on PSG goalkeeper Keylor Navas

Newcastle looks to bolster their squad with a new goalkeeper as their quest to survive relegation continues.

17/01/2022; 01:56 PM

Everton want to hire former manager as Benitez is sacked

Everton have fired their manager Rafa Benitez after a dismal 2-1 loss to bottom-placed Norwich City.

17/01/2022; 01:47 PM

Fiorentina want Vlahovic to state his position as clubs circle for his signature

Fiorentina has asked for a public declaration by Vlahovic if he wants to stay or leave Fiorentina.

14/01/2022; 02:26 PM

Chelsea keen to keep defenders as they chase Tchouameni in January

Chelsea is battling to keep some of its players and to bring in reinforcements this January.

14/01/2022; 02:17 PM

Arsenal hold talks with Tielemans over potential transfer

Arsenal are interested in signing the Belgian, with the Gunners being short of players in midfield.

13/01/2022; 02:50 PM

Barcelona decide on Ousmane Dembele as talks break down

Ousmane Dembele may leave Barcelona after discussions over a new deal broke down. Manchester United is an option the winger wants to explore.

13/01/2022; 02:47 PM

Newcastle set to complete Chris Wood signing

Newcastle have triggered the £25million release clause on Burnley striker Chris Wood.

12/01/2022; 02:38 PM

Manchester City ahead in summer quest for Erling Haaland

With interest In Haaland at a crescendo, Manchester City may have jumped ahead of others to sign the much-coveted striker.

12/01/2022; 02:33 PM

Fiorentina keen to fend off Arsenal interest in Vlahovic

Vlahovic is a top target for Arsenal in dire need of a quality forward.

11/01/2022; 11:23 AM

PSG revive Cristiano Ronaldo interest after talks with agent

Cristiano Ronaldo is a subject of interest by PSG amid crisis talks with Manchester United.

11/01/2022; 11:02 AM

Aston Villa wreck Chelsea transfer plans with advanced Digne talks

Aston Villa are in pole position to land Lucas Digne from Everton.

10/01/2022; 03:28 PM

Dest makes transfer decision amid Barcelona exit rumors

Barcelona are keen on selling right-back Sergino Dest to balance the books and acquire quality players.

10/01/2022; 03:22 PM

PSG will need £250m to sign Haaland in the summer

PSG has joined the fray in the quest to land one of Europe’s top talents Erling Haaland. The Norwegian striker has a release clause of €75million that will be triggered this summer.

09/01/2022; 10:57 AM

Tottenham plot January move for Adama Traore

Antonio Conte wants to transform Adama Traore to a wing-back in a quest to replicate Victor Moses' success.

09/01/2022; 10:54 AM

Five Premier League sides interested in Philippe Coutinho

Aston Villa is among six Premier League clubs that want to sign Barca midfielder Phillipe Coutinho.

06/01/2022; 02:48 PM

Man United plot January move for Ruben Neves

Manchester United are keen to acquire midfielder Ruben Neves from Wolves in the winter window.

06/01/2022; 02:43 PM

Christian Eriksen works towards Denmark return before Qatar 2022

Christian Eriksen has set his sights on playing for Denmark at the World Cup in Qatar later this year.

05/01/2022; 03:58 PM

Serbian billionaire-backed Sport Republic completes Southampton takeover

Sport Republic takes over majority shares in Southampton. The investment group has the backing of Serbian billionaire Dragan Slovak.

05/01/2022; 03:55 PM

Thiago Silva extends contract with Chelsea

Brazilian defender Thiago Silva has signed a one-year contract extension with Chelsea to give Thomas Tuchel a huge boost amid fears of an exodus from Chelsea's defence.

05/01/2022; 03:52 PM

Icardi closer to PSG exit than ever after rumoured Messi fallout

Icardi has been the subject of transfer speculation since his compatriot joined Paris Saint-Germain in the summer.

05/01/2022; 03:49 PM

Manchester United revisit interest to sign Declan Rice

Manchester United want to sign Declan Rice to fortify their midfield.

03/01/2022; 03:46 PM

Juventus ponder move for Monchengladbach star Denis Zakaria

Juventus are interested in jumping the queue to land Swiss midfielder Denis Zakaria.

03/01/2022; 03:42 PM

Real Madrid and Kylian Mbappe change strategy for transfer

Real Madrid are close to the end of their pursuit of Kylian Mbappe, with the player free to negotiate a pre-contract in January.

03/01/2022; 03:13 PM

Lukaku admits Chelsea regret and speaks on return to Inter Milan

Lukaku has expressed regrets at how his Chelsea return has turned out, claiming he made mistakes in the summer.

03/01/2022; 03:11 PM

Chelsea may recall Italy international Emerson from his loan spell at Lyon

Chelsea may recall Emerson from his loan spell at Olympique Lyon.

30/12/2021; 02:14 PM

Sebastian Haller displeased at AFCON disrespect

Sebastien Haller felt offended when asked by Dutch media if he would pick Ivory Coast over Ajax.

30/12/2021; 02:02 PM

Sevilla's Martial loan move rejected by Manchester United

Sevilla have made a loan offer to Manchester United for Anthony Martial till the end of the season.

29/12/2021; 02:41 PM

Mbappe pours cold water on January move to Real Madrid

Mbappé has doused every rumour suggesting his departure for Real Madrid in the winter transfer window.

29/12/2021; 02:38 PM

Inter set deadline for Brozovic after latest contract decision

Marcelo Brozovic has rejected Inter Milan’s latest contract offer as the club sets a deadline for his renewal.

29/12/2021; 10:35 AM

Real Madrid to offer Hazard plus cash to sign Reece James

Real Madrid is ready to spend as much as £50 million to land Chelsea full-back Reece James.

29/12/2021; 10:33 AM

Real Madrid look to clear out players in January

Real Madrid to reduce their wage bill in January as they look to offload some players.

28/12/2021; 08:13 AM

Arsenal in advanced talks with Roma over Maitland-Niles deal

Maitland-Niles is on the verge of leaving Arsenal in the January transfer window.

28/12/2021; 08:09 AM

Chelsea to make £30m move for Dest

Chelsea are looking for cover for Ben Chilwell, who is out for a lengthy period.

24/12/2021; 01:48 PM

Salah reinforcement demands put Haaland on Liverpool radar

Haaland is on Liverpool radar as Salah demands reinforcements.

24/12/2021; 01:46 PM

Aubameyang puts his Arsenal future in the balance

Aubameyang is weighing up his options and looks set to leave Arsenal. The Gabon international has been on the sidelines for disciplinary issues.

23/12/2021; 12:40 PM

Barcelona agree Ferran Torres deal

Barcelona have agreed on a deal that will bring Ferran Torres to the Catalan club in January. The Spanish international joins Barcelona from Manchester City.

23/12/2021; 12:38 PM

Tottenham register interest in Clement Lenglet

The January transfer window brings about an interesting prospect, as Tottenham want to raid the market for Barcelona defender Clement Lenglet.

22/12/2021; 01:33 PM

Barcelona set their sights on Ajax star Sebastian Haller

Barcelona is in pursuit of Ajax Ivorian striker Sébastien Haller, who has been in inspired form this season.

22/12/2021; 01:19 PM

Bayern consider return move for Renato Sanches

Bayern Munich are interested in resigning Renato Sanches after selling him to Lille for £18 million in 2019.

21/12/2021; 03:16 PM

Maurizio Sarri wants Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga at Lazio

Maurizio Sarri wants Kepa Arrizabalaga at Lazio, despite the history between them.

21/12/2021; 03:13 PM

De Ligt ready to move on from Juventus, says Raiola

Matthijs de Ligt has said that he is ready for a new step in his career. The Dutch midfielder joined Bianconeri in 2019 for €75 million.

21/12/2021; 08:01 AM

Real Madrid interest in Haaland genuine, says Dortmund chief Watzke

Dortmund chief Watzke claims Real Madrid are the only side to have shown real interest in the striker.

21/12/2021; 07:48 AM

Pressure mounts for the Premier League to be shut down until January

The rising cases of COVID-19 have also increased the call for the Premier League to be closed till January.

18/12/2021; 09:58 AM

Neymar agrees to deal with Facebook Gaming to stream exclusive content

Neymar has signed a contract with Facebook Gaming for exclusive streaming of content monthly.

18/12/2021; 09:39 AM

Conte wants Napoli captain Insigne at Tottenham

Antonio Conte has set his sight on Lorenzo Insigne to beef up his Tottenham squad.

16/12/2021; 11:58 AM

Ramsey names asking price to terminate his Juventus contract

Juventus are keen on offloading Aaron Ramsey from the club’s wage bill.

16/12/2021; 11:55 AM

Mino Raiola holds meeting with Barcelona over Haaland

Mino Raiola is on a European tour as he hawks Haaland to Europe’s elite. The super-agent met with Barcelona in Turin to discuss the striker’s future.

15/12/2021; 03:13 PM

Pochettino makes claim on PSG's chances against Real Madrid

Pochettino is upbeat about meeting Real Madrid in the Champions League.

15/12/2021; 03:08 PM

Barcelona eye Chelsea trio Pulisic, Rudiger and Azpilicueta

Barcelona wants to raid Chelsea for three players to bolster their squad.

14/12/2021; 07:42 PM

UEFA Champions League and Europa League draws

The initial Round-of-16 Champions League draws voided by UEFA after some glaring errors.

14/12/2021; 07:36 PM

Real Madrid turned down the opportunity to sign Pedri

Real Madrid had the chance to sign Pedri at 15, but Los Blancos missed the opportunity.

13/12/2021; 04:53 PM

Manchester City remain interested in Erling Haaland

Manchester City are reportedly stepping up their interest in bringing Haaland to the Etihad.

13/12/2021; 04:47 PM

Vinicius comments on his future at Real Madrid

With rumours surrounding his future, the Brazilian prefers to stay at Real Madrid. The prodigiously talented forward has been in imperious form this season.

10/12/2021; 02:55 PM

Ramsey's future at Juventus now clear after agent's meeting

Juventus are fed up with Aaron Ramsey and are keen to get his £400,000-a-week salary off their wage bill.

10/12/2021; 02:52 PM

Egypt keep Liverpool guessing over Salah's African Nations Cup departure

Liverpool are hoping to count on Mo Salah for a little longer before going for the AFCON.

09/12/2021; 01:42 PM

Wijnaldum seeks January Premier League return

Wijnaldum is not having the best of times at PSG. The Dutch midfielder reportedly fancies a return to the Premier League in January.

09/12/2021; 01:40 PM

Mbappe breaks Lionel Messi's Champions League record

PSG finished second on the table with a 4-1 win over Club Brugge. Mbappe erased the 11-year old record held by Messi with his brace on the night.

08/12/2021; 01:42 PM

Rudiger reportedly on his way to Real Madrid next summer

Real Madrid are ahead of the queue to sign the German defender for free next summer.

08/12/2021; 01:39 PM

Mauricio Pochettino reacts to alleged Messi unrest at PSG

Lionel Messi is reportedly unhappy at PSG. The Argentine is not convinced that Mauricio Pochettino can lead the team successfully.

07/12/2021; 12:21 PM

Barcelona interest in Onana does not bother Inter Milan

The recent interest by Barcelona in Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana is not giving Inter Milan cold feet.

07/12/2021; 12:18 PM

Tottenham register interest in Juventus star Kulusevski

Conte wants to land a midfielder in the winter transfer window. The Italian is targeting his former side Juventus, as he hopes to land Kulusevski.

06/12/2021; 07:29 PM

Juventus eye Cavani and Icardi in search of new striker

The Bianconeri are looking to bring in Mauro Icardi and Edinson Cavani in January to solve their goal problems.

06/12/2021; 07:26 PM

Chelsea offered swap deal for Lewandowski

Reports suggest that Robert Lewandowski Chelsea has received an offer for Lewandowski that could involve Timo Werner.

03/12/2021; 03:56 PM

Barcelona to raid Man United for Cavani in January

With Sergio Aguero out of commission, Barcelona wants to tempt Edinson Cavani with a January move to Camp Nou.

03/12/2021; 03:32 PM

Ajax register interest in Tottenham midfielder Steven Bergwijn

Antonio Conte is looking to offload Steven Bergwijn from the club as the Italian does not see what he wants in the player.

02/12/2021; 01:59 PM

Chelsea want Christensen decision before making £50m transfer

Andreas Christensen has received a warning to sign the deal before him as the club is ready to sign a £50 million replacement.

02/12/2021; 12:41 PM

Denis Zakaria generates plenty of interest, Liverpool leading the race

Liverpool have jumped into pole position as the English side hopes to sign defensive midfielder Denis Zakaria in January.

02/12/2021; 08:45 AM

Antonio Rudiger wants Chelsea stay amid foreign interest

The German defender sees his Stamford Bridge contract come to an end in the summer. Real Madrid is interested in snapping up the player.

01/12/2021; 12:53 PM

Chelsea win Club of the Year award

Chelsea received the award for Club of the Year after a brilliant season by their male and female team.

01/12/2021; 10:26 AM

Lionel Messi wins record-extending seventh Ballon d'Or

Lewandowski wins striker of the year as Jorginho finished third on the poll.

01/12/2021; 09:20 AM

Pochettino issues update on Neymar's injury

Neymar picked up an injury in the win over Saint-Etienne that should leave him on the sidelines for a lengthy period.

29/11/2021; 03:14 PM

Spurs eye Arsenal target as Alexandre Lacazette seeks other options

Alexandre Lacazette is on the hunt for a new stomping ground as he is surplus to requirements at the Emirates. Arsenal also face a challenge from Tottenham for Swedish wing-back.

29/11/2021; 03:11 PM

Ziyech and Werner interest Barcelona as January alternatives

Barcelona turns their sights on Ziyech and Werner as Sterling proves a difficult target. The two Chelsea players are currently struggling for game time at Chelsea.

26/11/2021; 01:11 PM

Manchester City intend to keep Sterling at the Etihad

Manchester City are trying to convince Sterling to extend his contract at the club beyond 2023.

26/11/2021; 01:07 PM

Arsenal star Granit Xhaka eyes Bundesliga return

Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka has publicly hinted that he wants a return to Borussia Mönchengladbach.

25/11/2021; 01:31 PM

Latest update on Salah and Mane's contracts at Liverpool

Talks between Liverpool and Mo Salah to renew his contract are still ongoing. The club is also keen to tie Senegalese star Sadio Mane to a new deal.

25/11/2021; 01:28 PM

Mauricio Pochettino dismisses Manchester United link

With Zidane out of the running for the Manchester United job, Mauricio Pochettino has emerged as the favourite.

24/11/2021; 01:23 PM

Liverpool's Thiago pours cold water on links to Barcelona

Links to a Barcelona return seems to be on the cards for Thiago Alcantara. However, the Spanish midfielder has poured cold water on the speculations.

24/11/2021; 01:17 PM

Mauricio Pochettino considering Manchester United job

Pochettino is reportedly interested in taking over at Manchester United following the sack of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

23/11/2021; 02:57 PM

The Best FIFA Men's Player award nominees

Nominees for The Best FIFA Men's Player have been named, with the usual suspects headlining the list.

23/11/2021; 02:53 PM

Solskjaer confirms his plans following his sacking at Manchester United

Solskjaer plans to give football a rest for a while before returning to football. The Norwegian hopes for a future return to Manchester United in a footballing capacity.

22/11/2021; 02:48 PM

Zinedine Zidane turns down Manchester United offer

Zinedine Zidane has passed up the opportunity to coach Manchester United, following the sacking of Ole Solskjaer.

22/11/2021; 02:35 PM

Zidane rejects Al Sadd offer as Man United consider Frenchman

Zinedine Zidane has reportedly turned down the chance to manage Qatari club Al Sadd.

19/11/2021; 12:50 PM

Jesse Lingard set to leave Manchester United

Talks between Jesse Lingard and Manchester United over a new contract have broken down.

19/11/2021; 12:47 PM

Dean Henderson reportedly ready to leave Manchester United

Goalkeeper Dean Henderson is frustrated at the lack of minutes at Old Trafford and wants out.

18/11/2021; 03:30 PM

Joan Laporta opens door to Lionel Messi's Return

Joan Laporta has not given up hope of Messi playing one last time for Barcelona.

18/11/2021; 03:23 PM

Everton ready to make move for Arsenal's Calum Chambers

With a move for Ainsley Maitland-Niles looking nigh impossible, Everton are switching their sights to his teammate Calum Chambers.

17/11/2021; 02:46 PM

Xavi reportedly puts Frenkie De Jong up for sale

Xavi has identified Frenkie De Jong as a player he would be willing to sell.

17/11/2021; 02:40 PM

Sevilla issue the latest update on Jules Kounde

Chelsea and Manchester United have at various times shown an interest in French defender Jules Kounde.

17/11/2021; 10:55 AM

Eddie Nketiah fails to agree Arsenal contract, wants to leave

Eddie Nketiah has told Arsenal he wants to depart the club after both parties could not agree on new terms.

17/11/2021; 10:51 AM

PSG reportedly offer Neymar to Barcelona

PSG has continued their fight to keep Kylian Mbappe at the club.

15/11/2021; 03:21 PM

Solskjaer closer to sack as Zidane looms over him

Solskjaer finds himself in a tight corner as the results continue to spiral. Reports suggest that Zidane is close to taking over from the Norwegian.

15/11/2021; 03:17 PM

Arsenal ponder move for Juventus star Dejan Kulusevski

Arsenal have seen their attempts to sign Serbia striker Dusan Vlahovic from Fiorentina rebuffed

12/11/2021; 01:58 PM

Harry Kane responds to summer transfer saga amid Man City interest

Amid the transfer saga that involved Harry Kane and Manchester City, the English striker feels betrayed.

12/11/2021; 01:50 PM

Christensen pours cold water on Chelsea contract worries

Andreas Christensen is not worried about his contract situation at Chelsea.

11/11/2021; 02:58 PM

Aston Villa close to appointing Steven Gerrard as new manager

Aston Villa are confident of landing Gerrard following the departure of Dean Smith.

11/11/2021; 02:47 PM

Dembele to be handed fitness-based Barcelona contract

Barcelona wants to offer Dembele a new deal that will be dependent on how fit he stays.

10/11/2021; 02:59 PM

Anthony Martial included in Juventus transfer plan

Juventus have drawn up an alternative list for their top target Dusan Vlahovic.

10/11/2021; 02:47 PM

PSG furious at Lionel Messi's 'Argentina' contract clause

Leonardo fumed at Lionel Messi’s latest invitation to the Albiceleste for their next matches.

09/11/2021; 01:12 PM

Mbappe’s love for Klopp puts Madrid move in doubt

Mbappe is said to be interested in playing under Jurgen Klopp.

09/11/2021; 01:09 PM

Aston Villa fire Dean Smith, Steven Gerrard on the wanted list

Dean Smith becomes the fifth manager to be sacked in the Premiership this season.

08/11/2021; 01:45 PM

Manchester United remain unwilling to sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Despite several poor results, Manchester United have refused to sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

08/11/2021; 01:32 PM

Eddie Howe agrees to be Newcastle manager

Eddie Howe has accepted to manage Newcastle with a two-and-a-half-year deal agreed in principle.

05/11/2021; 02:45 PM

Chelsea star Chalobah signs new long-term deal

Trevoh Chalobah has expressed gratitude after signing a new contract at Chelsea.

05/11/2021; 02:41 PM

Al Sadd stand in the way as Xavi eyes Barca reunion

Barcelona continues their quest to land Al Sadd manager Xavi, who has indicated interest to return to the club.

05/11/2021; 08:32 AM

Chelsea to sign Sergino Dest as players may leave in the summer

With several defenders coming to the end of their contracts, Chelsea are interested in a move for Dest in the summer.

05/11/2021; 08:22 AM

Hazard decides to stay at Real Madrid amid Newcastle interest

Eden Hazard does not want to quit the Bernabeu as he looks to justify his place in the team.

03/11/2021; 04:30 PM

Unai Emery to accept Newcastle offer

The quest for a new manager at Newcastle might be over, with speculations over the arrival of Unai Emery on the rise.

03/11/2021; 04:26 PM

Lionel Messi reveals he was hurt by Laporta's statements

Lionel Messi lashed out at Laporta for making statements regarded as inappropriate.

02/11/2021; 03:20 PM

Tottenham set to appoint Antonio Conte following Nuno Santos' dismissal

After snubbing Antonio Conte in the summer, Tottenham are now set to sign the Italian as their new manager.

02/11/2021; 03:17 PM

Nuno Santo's future at Tottenham in doubt following defeat to Man United

Nuno Espirito Santo faces the prospect of being out of work following a 3-0 loss at the hands of Manchester United.

01/11/2021; 05:47 PM

Journalist makes claim on Sterling's future at Manchester City

City striker Raheem Sterling is interested in leaving the Etihad. However, A change of fortunes at the club may force him to change his mind.

01/11/2021; 05:42 PM

Czech billionaire ‘in talks’ to buy stake at West Ham

Daniel Křetínský is preparing to grab a stake in West Ham United, with reports suggesting that they are in discussions.

30/10/2021; 06:25 AM

Agent confirms Man City tried to sign Lukaku before Chelsea move

Manchester City indicated an interest in Lukaku last year, according to the player’s agent.

30/10/2021; 06:18 AM

Barcelona sack Ronald Koeman after Rayo Vallecano defeat

Barcelona eventually parted ways with Ronald Koeman following Vallecano defeat.

28/10/2021; 01:52 PM

Chelsea considering moves for Jules Kounde and Matthijs de Ligt

Reports have linked Chelsea with interest in bringing Kounde and De Ligt to Stamford Bridge.

28/10/2021; 01:48 PM

Dortmund slap huge price tag on Liverpool target Jude Bellingham

Jurgen Klopp is interested in bringing Jude Bellingham to Liverpool. But Dortmund play nasty, slapping a huge price tag on the Englishman.

27/10/2021; 02:34 PM

Newcastle urged to appoint Steven Gerrard as manager

Ryan Taylor advocates for Gerrard to take over the vacant coaching job at Newcastle.

27/10/2021; 02:26 PM

Antonio Conte considering taking Man United job

Talks with the representatives of Antonio Conte indicate that the Italian is willing to discuss with United about taking over from Ole.

26/10/2021; 02:51 PM

Newcastle make contact with Ousmane Dembele's agent

Newcastle wants to make an audacious move for Ousmane Dembele as they try to build an all-star squad.

26/10/2021; 02:47 PM

Arsenal finally make transfer decision on Mavropanos and Guendouzi

Arsenal are ready to sever ties with two of their promising young talents next summer.

25/10/2021; 11:17 AM

Solskjaer comments on his United future after Liverpool thrashing

Solskjaer has confessed that the Liverpool hammering was the darkest day in his career.

25/10/2021; 11:12 AM

Erling Haaland could demand £30m-a-year to join new club

Haaland is ready to demand £30 million-per-annum from interested clubs.

22/10/2021; 12:07 PM

Liverpool to hold player talks ahead of Africa Cup of Nations

Liverpool will lose key trio to the January continental tournament.

22/10/2021; 11:57 AM

Official: Steve Bruce steps down from role as Newcastle boss

Newcastle have announced that Steve Bruce has left the club.

22/10/2021; 11:46 AM

Official: Ansu Fati signs new long-term contract with Barcelona

Ansu Fati follows Pedri’s footsteps and extends his stay at Camp Nou.

22/10/2021; 11:20 AM

Super League project not dead - changes afoot

Leaks have revealed that the European Super League project is still alive. Sources reveal that changes have been made to the initial idea.

20/10/2021; 02:49 PM

UEFA could lose £2.6 billion to biennial World Cups

UEFA is set to lose £2.6 billion if FIFA goes ahead with its plan of a two year World Cup.

20/10/2021; 11:50 AM

Ole Solskjaer retains the full faith of Manchester United board

Solskjaer has received board backing despite the spate of poor results. There have been calls for the manager to be sacked.

19/10/2021; 11:08 AM

Sir Ferguson explains why Ronaldo should win Ballon d'Or over Messi

Sir Alex Ferguson has thrown his weight behind Cristiano Ronaldo instead of Messi for the Ballon d'Or.

19/10/2021; 10:52 AM

Salah's agent reportedly in talks with Liverpool over new contract

Mo Salah's agent is currently in discussions with Liverpool for a bumper new contract. He is holding out for £500,000 a week to become Liverpool's top earner.

18/10/2021; 01:11 PM

Jadon Sancho's transfer scrutinized by Manchester United teammates

Teammates are questioning the rationale behind Sancho's arrival at Old Trafford following his poor performances.

18/10/2021; 12:56 PM

Official: Pedri commits long-term future to Barcelona

With a rising stock, Barcelona has tied Pedri to a new long-term deal till 2026.

15/10/2021; 03:23 PM

Sterling open to Manchester City departure

Sterling is mulling over his long-term stay at Man City after falling down the pecking order at the club.

15/10/2021; 03:17 PM

Manchester City set to extend Phil Foden's contract

Manchester City have offered Phil Foden a six-year deal that will keep him at the club till 2027.

14/10/2021; 11:07 AM

Timo Werner clears the air over Chelsea future

Timo is on the radar of new moneybags, Chelsea. The German wants to gauge his position at Chelsea before making a decision.

14/10/2021; 10:49 AM

Ex-Chelsea coach explains why the club sold Salah and De Bruyne

Mo Salah and De Bruyne have been a constant topic of debate at Stamford Bridge over their departure from the club.

13/10/2021; 12:14 PM

Simeone confesses Atletico interest in Messi

Atletico boss Diego Simeone entertained the thought of signing Lionel Messi. He asked Suarez to sample the players' opinion on an Atleti move.

13/10/2021; 12:02 PM

Newcastle make plans to appoint new director of football

Newcastle make contact with a potential director of football as new owners get with the grind, meaning Steve Bruce will soon be out of work.

12/10/2021; 10:59 AM

Germany become the first team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup

Germany put North Macedonia to the sword to book a place in next year’s FIFA World Cup.

12/10/2021; 10:44 AM

Lionel Messi opens up on joining PSG from Barcelona

Leo Messi has revealed his reason for joining PSG. The Argentine also named a top English club that was in heavy contention for his signature.

11/10/2021; 01:59 PM

Blow for Manchester United as Raphael Varane suffers injury on international duty

Varane’s injury against Spain leaves Ole Solskjaer a worried man ahead of the upcoming fixtures.

11/10/2021; 01:36 PM

Brighton boss Graham Potter now favourite to replace Steve Bruce at Newcastle

Following the club’s recent takeover, Newcastle are beginning to prepare for a massive clearout.

11/10/2021; 01:17 PM

France win UEFA Nations League after Mbappe's controversial goal

Controversy dogs France 2-1 win over Spain in the UEFA Nations League final.

11/10/2021; 01:02 PM

FIFA could postpone Club World Cup until 2022

Japan has pulled out of hosting the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup. The competition is currently without a host as FIFA shops for a new host.

08/10/2021; 01:11 PM

Paul Onuachu regrets not making a move from Genk in the summer

Paul Onuachu still holds an interest in joining the Gunners. The forward is still in hot form with nine goals in eight league appearances.

08/10/2021; 01:06 PM

Newcastle takeover completed: Saudi-led consortium take over the Magpies

After a long time, the sale of Newcastle United has been concluded. The sale sees Mike Ashley hand over the keys to Saudi investment group PIF.

08/10/2021; 01:01 PM

Ramsey hits out at Juventus management after lack of game time

Aaron Ramsey has found game time hard to come by at Juventus and has taken a swipe at the club’s management.

08/10/2021; 12:55 PM

PSG open talks with Mbappe over new contract

Kylian Mbappe has entered talks with PSG to extend his contract. Real Madrid waits keenly on the sidelines as they try to snare the player for free.

07/10/2021; 12:48 PM

PSG register interest in Mohamed Salah

Despite all the stars on their books, PSG are still eager to bring in more quality in their ranks.

07/10/2021; 12:39 PM

Klopp reveals the one thing he'll change in football

Jurgen Klopp wants one rule in football amended to make its administration easier and better.

07/10/2021; 12:33 PM

Manchester United urged to sell Van de Beek

Donny van de Beek continues to struggle for game time at Manchester United.

07/10/2021; 12:22 PM

Arsenal make Saliba decision ahead of next season

Arsenal are reportedly ready to bring William Saliba into first-team action after spending several seasons on loan away from the club.

06/10/2021; 12:42 PM

Latest update on Sterling's future at Manchester City

Sterling's future is up in the air at Manchester City as he has dropped down the pecking order at the club.

06/10/2021; 12:24 PM

Manchester United make decision on Ole amid sack rumours

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has come under a lot of pressure recently for the dismal displays by the Red Devils.

06/10/2021; 12:15 PM

Arsenal legend names' perfect' destination for Declan Rice

Manchester United and Chelsea have shown an interest in the England international.

06/10/2021; 12:02 PM

Donnarumma denies rumours of a rift with Keylor Navas

Amid failure to nail down a number one spot at PSG, Donnarumma has claimed all is well with fellow goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

05/10/2021; 11:47 AM

Salah: Liverpool have all it takes to win the Premier League

After the 2-2 draw with Manchester City, Salah believes Liverpool have the means to win the league.

05/10/2021; 11:35 AM

Chelsea eye two alternatives as Declan Rice pursuit stalls

With West Ham insisting on £100 million for Declan Rice, Chelsea have started looking at other options.

05/10/2021; 11:24 AM

Official: Watford appoint Claudio Ranieri as new manager

Upon Xisco Munoz’s sack, Claudio Ranieri takes over the role of managing Watford from the Spaniard after signing a two-year contract.

05/10/2021; 11:02 AM

Van de Beek could be on his way out of Manchester United in January

With the continued lack of game time for the Dutchman, the player’s agent has stepped up efforts in search of a new club.

04/10/2021; 12:04 PM

Latest update on Tottenham's interest in Ollie Watkins

Spurs have been linked with Aston Villa's Ollie Watkins, with Kane's future uncertain.

04/10/2021; 11:52 AM

James Rodriguez' departure creates room for new January signing at Everton

The departure of James Rodriguez to Qatari side Al Rayyan leaves the door open for a January signing.

04/10/2021; 11:26 AM

Cristiano Ronaldo furious after being left on the bench against Everton

Ronaldo showed his frustrations at being benched after the Everton game, storming down the tunnel angrily.

04/10/2021; 11:13 AM

Kalvin Phillips' agent drops an update on the player's future

Kalvin Phillips has attracted attention from Manchester United, who need a top midfielder.

01/10/2021; 11:33 AM

Emerson reveals what Tottenham did to land his signature in the summer

After a couple of seasons spent on loan at Real Betis, Emerson has found a new home at Spurs. The defender explained what Spurs did to convince him to join them.

01/10/2021; 11:17 AM

Man United urged to sign Verratti as Pogba replacement

Manchester United urged to get Verratti as Pogba replacement. The Red Devils also need a quality signing in midfield to cover for their flaws in that area.

01/10/2021; 11:07 AM

Timo Werner to consider his Chelsea future amid links to Bayern

Reports from the English media claims that Timo Werner could be considering an exit from Chelsea.

01/10/2021; 10:56 AM

Bernd Leno ready to consider Arsenal exit in January

After dropping down the pecking order at Arsenal, Bernd Leno is ready to take a second look at his future at the club.

30/09/2021; 11:50 AM

Journalist makes claim on Nuno Santos' future at Tottenham

Nuno Santo faces an uncertain future at Spurs as the team are on a three-game losing streak.

30/09/2021; 11:40 AM

Koeman's future at Barca in further doubt after humiliating loss to Benfica

Benfica bring Barca down to earth with a 3-0 hammering. Koeman is unsure what the defeat portends for his immediate future at the club.

30/09/2021; 11:35 AM

Declan Rice happy at West Ham despite Chelsea and Manchester United links

Declan Rice has long been a target for Chelsea, Manchester United, with Manchester City also showing interest.

30/09/2021; 11:29 AM

Jorginho backed to win Ballon d'Or by Italy teammate Chiellini

Italian defender and EURO 2020 winner Giorgio Chiellini has lauded teammate Jorginho and stands behind him to win the Ballon d'Or.

29/09/2021; 11:25 AM

Chelsea and Liverpool interested in Saint-Maximin

Allan Saint-Maximin is a person of interest for Chelsea and Liverpool, who look to bolster their attacking ranks.

29/09/2021; 11:16 AM

Real Madrid eye free transfer for ex-Spurs man Serge Aurier

Serge Aurier is seen by Ancelotti as a player capable of filling the place of Daniel Carvajal, who is falling to another injury.

29/09/2021; 11:06 AM

Willian makes honest admission on struggles during his time at Arsenal

Brazilian forward Willian has shed more light on the reason he decided to join Arsenal

29/09/2021; 10:57 AM

Richarlison remains coy on his future at Everton

At the height of the Kylian Mbappe speculation, the Brazilian striker was heavily linked to PSG.

28/09/2021; 01:08 PM

UEFA drops legal action against Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid

UEFA backtracks on legal proceedings against Super League trio. The European body was seeking punishments against Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus.

28/09/2021; 12:51 PM

Man United set their sights on Leeds' Kalvin Phillips

The defensive midfield quest of Manchester United has seen them switch their focus to Leeds Kalvin Phillips.

28/09/2021; 12:39 PM

Henry gives an update on Daniel Ek's proposed Arsenal takeover

Spotify founder Daniel Ek remains fixated on buying Arsenal despite a rejected opening offer, says Thierry Henry.

28/09/2021; 12:07 PM

Timo Werner could have moved to Manchester United instead of Chelsea

Chelsea was not Timo Werner's first choice, with the forward preferring Manchester United.

27/09/2021; 03:01 PM

Manchester United blasted over treatment of Jadon Sancho

Borussia Dortmund chief Hans-Joachin Watzke has blasted United for the way they have treated Jadon Sancho.

27/09/2021; 02:49 PM

Manchester City should have signed Ings as Kane alternative

Manchester City had the opportunity to sign Danny Ings after failing to capture Harry Kane but neglected it.

27/09/2021; 02:34 PM

Bayern Munich director Salihamidzic denies club’s interest in Rudiger

Rudiger could be available on the market next summer, but it appears Bayern Munich have no interest in the defender.

27/09/2021; 02:22 PM

Arsenal urged to sign Brighton star Yves Bissouma

Ray Parlour wants his former side, Arsenal, to make a move for Malian midfielder Yves Bissouma.

24/09/2021; 12:07 PM

Barcelona join Atletico in race to sign Alexandre Lacazette

Arsenal look set to part ways with Lacazette in January and will do business at a reduced price.

24/09/2021; 11:47 AM

Antonio Conte not interested in potential Barcelona job

With Barcelona and Arsenal underperforming, reports link Antonio Conte with the job at both clubs.

24/09/2021; 11:35 AM

Liverpool join race to sign Erling Haaland

Liverpool are the latest side to show interest in the Norwegian forward. However, they must ward off interest from some of Europe’s heavyweights.

24/09/2021; 11:28 AM

Mourinho remains coy on links with Manchester United raid

Mourinho has remained coy in discussing Roma’s January transfer plans.

23/09/2021; 01:47 PM

UEFA against FIFA's proposed biennial World Cup plans

UEFA have expressed their worry about FIFA's plan to host the World Cup every two years.

23/09/2021; 01:41 PM

Chelsea eager to agree new deals for Mount, Jorginho and Kante

Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen remain top of Chelsea’s priority for new contracts.

23/09/2021; 01:20 PM

Koeman names the one thing that will make him consider leaving Barcelona

Amid talks of a possible sack, Ronald Koeman retains his stance but names one thing that could see him back down on it.

23/09/2021; 01:10 PM

Manchester United reportedly put Anthony Martial up for sale

Following multiple arrivals and the player’s poor form, Anthony Martial is reportedly up for sale at Manchester United

22/09/2021; 11:51 AM

Chelsea told what to do to seal Declan Rice transfer

Chelsea have been long term admirers of Declan Rice and are still keen to bring him to Stamford Bridge.

22/09/2021; 11:43 AM

Arsenal to make transfer decision on Bernd Leno

Arsenal Chief is implementing a three-part plan that will bring the Gunners to a position of strength.

22/09/2021; 11:35 AM

Barcelona reportedly want Roberto Martinez as Koeman's successor

The hangman's noose hangs above Koeman, with the Dutchman given four games to turn things around.

22/09/2021; 11:13 AM

Yves Bissouma names his ideal destination amid transfer speculation

Arsenal remain interested in the services of Yves Bissouma but face a steep climb to bring the player to the Emirates.

21/09/2021; 12:25 PM

Ronald Koeman's contract clause revealed amid sack speculations

Joan Laporta is keen to replace Ronald Koeman as the manager at Camp Nou.

21/09/2021; 12:15 PM

Ferdinand urges Liverpool to re-sign Raheem Sterling

Ferdinand is miffed at the current situation that Sterling finds himself at Manchester City and has asked Liverpool to make a move for their former player.

21/09/2021; 11:57 AM

Chelsea put on red alert after details emerge on De Ligt’s contract

Chelsea remain in the hunt for a central defender and the latest update gives them a chance at Juventus centre-back Matthijs De Ligt.

21/09/2021; 11:39 AM

Arsenal suffer blow in pursuit of Lautaro Martinez

Arsenal’s hopes of signing Lautaro Martinez might have hit a major dent after the latest update emerged on the Inter forward’s future.

20/09/2021; 12:34 PM

How Cavani feels about Ronaldo's return to Manchester United

Cavani is set to play a bit-part role this season with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

20/09/2021; 12:12 PM

Barcelona plot move for Raheem Sterling in January

Man City expect Barcelona to turn on the heat in January to bring Sterling to Camp Nou.

20/09/2021; 11:53 AM

Solskjaer mocks sack rumours after West Ham win

Manchester United were back to winning ways with a 2-1 win over West Ham, and Solskjaer scoffed at sack rumours making the rounds.

20/09/2021; 11:42 AM

Solskjaer hints that United will try to keep Lingard

Manchester United are keen to extend Jesse Lingard’s contract after his recent resurgence.

17/09/2021; 02:25 PM

Feyenoord boss drops hints on Reiss Nelson's future at Arsenal

Feyenoord manager Arne Slot states that Reiss Nelson has no future at Arsenal.

17/09/2021; 02:11 PM

Ronald Koeman's future at Barcelona reportedly in doubt

The future of Ronald Koeman at Barcelona is in doubt as pressure mounts on Laporta to fire the coach.

17/09/2021; 02:01 PM

Jude Bellingham to be subject of three-way interest from Premier League sides

The young midfielder continues to impress and is now attracting interest from three of England’s top sides.

17/09/2021; 01:37 PM

Richarlison fuels rumours linking him with a move to PSG

Although it wasn't in the spotlights as much, Richarlison was wanted by PSG whilst the Mbappe to Real Madrid transfer saga raged on.

16/09/2021; 12:21 PM

Liverpool target Karim Adeyemi reveals his ideal dream move

Liverpool have had their eyes on Karim Adeyemi for a while, but the player has, however, declared that the Reds are not his preferred destination.

16/09/2021; 12:02 PM

Rumours emerge about Conte's next potential destination

Antonio Conte would be willing to take the Manchester United job as he feels it is a winning project.

16/09/2021; 11:30 AM

New contract for Jack Wilshere at Arsenal ruled out by insider

Jack Wilshere is back training at Arsenal, but it is not for the reason many people have speculated.

16/09/2021; 11:06 AM

Dybala gives timeline for new contract discussions with Juventus

Paulo Dybala’s contract situation at Juventus remains unsorted but the player has cleared the air on his future at the club.

15/09/2021; 01:45 PM

Leonardo makes claim on Mbappe's future at PSG

PSG still hold out hope that Kylian Mbappe will stay at the French capital beyond the season.

15/09/2021; 01:32 PM

Barcelona still maintain interest in Tottenham's Romero

Barcelona retains an interest in Romero and may make a move next summer for the twenty-three-year-old.

15/09/2021; 01:18 PM

Wijnaldum explains the reason why he left Liverpool

Wijnaldum has denied he left Liverpool for money, citing emotional feelings as reasons behind his departure.

15/09/2021; 12:57 PM

Ole hints United stars could convince Pogba to stay

Paul Pogba is in the final year on his contract and is yet to accede to a new contract at Old Trafford.

14/09/2021; 01:16 PM

Goretzka reportedly agrees new deal with Bayern Munich

Leon Goretzka had a contract that would expire next year, attracting attention from top clubs in Europe.

14/09/2021; 12:57 PM

Azpilicueta makes claim on his future at Chelsea

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta is coming to the end of his contract that expires at the end of the current campaign.

14/09/2021; 12:39 PM

Lacazette stopped Arsenal from signing Abraham in the summer window

Arsenal were strongly interested in Tammy Abraham over the summer, but the presence of Alexandre Lacazette made sure that interest never materialized.

14/09/2021; 12:07 PM

David Luiz departs Arsenal and signs for Flamengo

After leaving Arsenal as a free agent, David Luiz returned to his country to join native side Flamengo.

13/09/2021; 10:47 AM

Kante could leave Chelsea next summer

Kante is entering the twilight of his career, and the rumours have started swirling about his immediate future.

13/09/2021; 10:33 AM

Thomas Tuchel explains decision to keep Hudson-Odoi at Chelsea

Callum Hudson-Odoi has been the subject of interest from various clubs, but Chelsea refused to do business.

13/09/2021; 10:10 AM

The reason Everton failed to sell James Rodriguez during the transfer window

Everton were unable to move James Rodriguez on during the transfer window despite his talent.

13/09/2021; 09:48 AM

Brentford sign Mathias Jorgensen on a free transfer

After a year on loan at Danish Superliga side FC Copenhagen, Danish centre-back Jorgensen joins the English side on a free transfer.

10/09/2021; 01:18 PM

Ronaldo makes big claim on his return to Manchester United

The record-breaking forward who joined Real Madrid in 2009 for a world-record fee of £80 million hopes to continue breaking records at Old Trafford.

10/09/2021; 01:02 PM

Pogba's future at Man United could depend on one thing

Paul Pogba is in the final year of his contract and has yet to renew his contract with the Old Trafford side. He will become a free agent in January.

10/09/2021; 12:23 PM

Lionel Messi breaks Pele's international goal record after brilliant hat-trick

A sublime hat-trick against Bolivia saw Messi edge Pele to become the top goal-scorer in South American international football.

10/09/2021; 11:18 AM

Report claims Griezmann wanted more 'responsibility' at Barcelona

Griezmann had hoped that following the departure of Lionel Messi, the cloak of leadership would fall to him.

09/09/2021; 01:46 PM

The reason West Ham failed to sign Nikola Milenkovic

West Ham were close to signing 23-year-old Serbian defender Nikola Milenkovic but opted out in the final stage.

09/09/2021; 01:44 PM

Latest update on Arsenal's reported interest in Antonio Conte

Arsenal are reportedly ready to cut ties with Mikel Arteta following the Gunners' poor start to the 2021/22 season.

09/09/2021; 12:56 PM

Camavinga reveals why he snubbed Man United for Real Madrid

Manchester United were reportedly in the running to sign the Frenchman but it appears there was no chance of that happening.

09/09/2021; 12:30 PM

PSG plot new strategy to keep Mbappe at the club

With the Frenchman’s future at PSG now uncertain, the French giants are ready to pull all in their Arsenal to keep him from leaving.

08/09/2021; 11:22 AM

Ronald Koeman makes admission on his future as Barcelona boss

Ronald Koeman hopes to be the manager at the Catalan club for many years to come.

08/09/2021; 11:15 AM

Gareth Southgate puts contract talks with England on hold

Gareth Southgate wants talks over a new contract delayed till after the World Cup qualifiers in November.

08/09/2021; 11:04 AM

Inter CEO gives an update on Lautaro Martinez contract situation

Inter Milan are upbeat about extending the current contracts of some of their key players.

08/09/2021; 10:54 AM

Ronaldo's full debut for Manchester United could be delayed

Cristiano Ronaldo is not yet at 100% fitness and it is unlikely he would be able to start against Newcastle at the weekend.

07/09/2021; 01:23 PM

Christensen clears the air on his contract situation at Chelsea

Andreas Christensen has confirmed that he is in talks with Chelsea to renew his contract at the club.

Steven D. Thompson