Neymar agrees to deal with Facebook Gaming to stream exclusive content

Neymar agrees to deal with Facebook Gaming to stream exclusive content

18/12/2021; 9:39 AM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

The Brazilian will also appear in a documentary billed for January 2022.

Once upon a time, football stars were role models, superheroes that young kids wanted to emulate. Footballers were keen to up their craft. With its popularity, football has changed, with footballers now movie stars.

Away from transfer news and actual football, the focus of footballers has shifted from doing the business on the pitch to matters off the pitch. It is not unusual to see players walk the runway, advertise for brands. Engagements like this have raked in millions of dollars for the players.

Success on the pitch has turned many players into some of the richest men on the planet. It is now a money game, and footballers rank among the most marketable athletes in the world, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in a constant jostle for the most marketable player in the world.

In recent years new names have popped up on the list. Names like Mo Salah, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar are the new kids on the block, challenging the hegemony of Ronaldo and Messi. With millions of dollars at play, and everyone jostling for market share, football will see more showmanship than actual football.

Neymar has just upped his game as he has just signed a contract with Facebook Gaming to stream exclusive content.

Neymar agrees on a deal with Facebook Gaming

Neymar has agreed on a deal with Facebook Gaming to stream live content for the social media blogging site. With Facebook looking to snare a major part of the streaming space, it has engaged Neymar to increase its popularity in that area.

According to the announcement, Neymar plans to stream multiple times a month and with another content creator once per month. The Brazilian has his first live stream with Facebook lined up for 2 p.m ET on Friday.

Speaking on the deal, Neymar expressed his excitement at the partnership. He said he was happy to partner with Facebook Gaming on his live streams. According to the Brazilian superstar, gaming has always been one of his greatest passions after football. He declared that he was ready to hang out and have fun.

Popularity on social media

Undoubtedly Cristiano Ronaldo is the most famous footballer on social media, with over 332 million followers on Instagram alone. Ronaldo’s Instagram popularity puts to shade Neymar’s combined followership on Facebook and Instagram, which stands at 254 million followers. Lionel Messi is second on the list, with over 256 million followers on Instagram.

The social media popularity of these players serves them well in raking in millions of dollars. Their fame is also a tool for Facebook to expand its streaming space in competition with others like Twitch.

Neymar will appear in a Netflix documentary, Neymar: The Perfect Chaos. The documentary is billed for January 2022 and has LeBron James' SpringHill Co as producers.

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