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Esports Betting Sites 

eSports Betting is gaining popularity nowadays as online sportsbooks seek to reach more bettors with more exciting betting options. If you are not a fan of football, basketball, hockey or other sports but you love video games, now you have an alternative. All you have to do is get familiar with popular eSports like League of Legends, Call of Duty and CS: GO, and Dota 2 to bet online. 

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Author: Alfred Necaisse

Updated: 11/06/2021 1:02 PM

Before you bet, you ought to have a clear understanding of how eSports bookmakers work and where to find the best eSports betting sites in the rapidly growing market. You also need to know how to place eSports bets and how to become a successful bettor. Luckily, you've come to the right place because you are about to learn everything you need to know about eSports betting.

Best Esports Betting Sites 

Betpack.com is the best place to be if you want to know everything about betting on eSports. This site is powered by a team of online betting experts committed to helping bettors find the best betting sites, including top eSports betting sites.

We make it easy for you to find the best eSports betting sites by testing, rating and listing reputable eSports bookmakers. Our listed betting sites will allow you to wager on popular eSports and reward you with amazing bonuses. 

How Do We Review eSports Betting Sites?

The easiest way to find an eSports betting site you can rely on is to read sports betting site reviews. At Betpack, we perform extensive reviews on sportsbooks offering eSports to ensure bettors have the best online betting experience. We pay attention to the essential factors and let you know what to expect from each of the eSports bookmakers listed here. The following are the main steps we following before recommending any eSports betting site to our visitors. 


eSports Bookmaker Background Check

Thorough background checks allow us to select a trustworthy eSports bookmaker. The key factors we consider include a gaming license, good player ratings, numerous eSports markets and reliable payment methods. We also ensure that the sportsbook offers excellent customer service.


Deposit and Claim a Bonus

The second step involves registering with the selected eSports betting site and make a qualifying deposit. Once we try out the available banking options, we claim the sportsbook's welcome bonus. This allows us to know how easy it is to register, deposit and get the bookmaker's bonuses.


Bet on eSports for Real Money

To determine whether an eSports betting site is good or not, we place bets on the available eSports games and markets. The process involves browsing through the betting site, testing the various functions and placing the different bets on eSports.


Rate the eSports Betting Site

The final step is to rate eSports betting sites by giving them a score. Our experts provide ratings to provide you with a general idea of how good the selected sportsbook might be compared to others. But you can rest assured that all of the eSports betting sites recommended here are worth joining.

Popular Types of eSports You Can Wager on Today

We've mentioned eSports many times so far, but what are they? Electronic sports or eSports are terms used when referring to competitive video gaming. Simply put, eSports are video games played by players or teams against each other to complete missions hoping to win in the end. The only way to play video games against real players was to sit next to them in the past. But the internet has made it possible to play against distant real-life players online. 

If you are an eSports fan, you can now bet on your favourite eSports players or teams at online bookmakers and win real money. But you first need to familiarise yourself with eSports games, tournaments, leagues, players and teams. Once you find the perfect choice, you need to sign up for an account with one of our recommended eSports betting sites. 

So, which eSports games can you wager on? Well, eSports bettors have plenty of options when it comes to eSports betting. Some of the best eSports games to bet on include FIFA Football, Overwatch, League of Legends (LOL), Call of Duty, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) and StarCraft II. Let's look at four of these games.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) 

First introduced in 2000, CS: GO is one of the most-played first-person shooter video games. In this game, two teams compete against each other, playing as either a terrorist group or a counter-terrorist group. The first group tries to set up a bomb or capture and hold hostages. And the work of the counter-terrorists is to prevent them from planting the bomb or rescue the hostages. The round ends when one of the team swipes out the other team or completes their given mission.

CS: GO is a pretty exciting game to watch, play or bet on. For those looking to bet on it to study the teams and individual players, you are wagering on or against. Once you find a good team, you can place different bets, as we will learn later in this article.

Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2)

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle where two five-player teams play as powerful heroes to abolish each other's heavily protected structures. The ultimate goal of playing the game is to destroy the enemy's main base, known as an Ancient. There are also other ways to accumulate points even though destroying the Ancient is the main objective. 

Dota 2 has always been a source of attraction for many players around the world. Thus, you are most likely to find it at most eSports betting sites, including those we've listed here. You need to figure out which players have mastered which heroes for you to bet on Dota 2 successfully. 

League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends is another popular game in the eSports gaming world. Just like Dota 2, LOL is a multiplayer online battle arena game. When playing LOL, the main objective is to take down the opponent's main building, the Nexus. The game involves two teams of five players trying to destroy each other's base. The first team to destroy the other team's structure wins the game. 

If LOL is the type of game you wish to bet on, you are lucky because we have listed eSports bookmakers that allow betting on the game. You could bet on the winning team or choose other options depending on the selected eSports betting site. 

Call of Duty 

Call of Duty is also one of the best first-person shooter games that eSports fans can bet on right now. During gameplay, gamers compete against each other, trying to kill their opponents. So, players do everything they can to make sure they stay alive till the end. Again, you need to learn more about the competing teams and players before you start betting on Call of Duty.

Many eSports betting sites are now offering you a chance to place different types on Call of Duty. Although there are several ways to bet on the game, betting on the winner has always been the most popular choice for many players. But you can choose more lucrative bets if you are conversant with the team you've chosen to support. 

Major eSports Events, Tournaments & Leagues

Betting on specific eSports teams and players can be fun and rewarding at the same time. But it's equally important to keep an eye on significant eSports tournaments and leagues. These events are pretty intense and a great opportunity to bet on contests with very attractive eSports odds. The following are some of the most popular tournaments and leagues in the eSports gaming industry.

Types of eSports Bets

The types of bet you can place when wagering on eSports are quite similar to those on regular sports. Here are some popular bets for eSports bettors:

How to Bet on eSports

If you came prepared to try some eSports betting options, the time is now. You can get started once you know how eSports work and identify your favourite market. The following are the major steps you should follow to bet on eSports.

Step 1

Choose a Reliable eSports Betting Site

Search no more because we have already listed some of the best eSports betting sites on this page. Our experts reviewed tons of sportsbooks that offer eSports betting and recommended top eSports betting sites with the best markets and thrilling betting bonuses.

Step 2

Check the Betting Site Terms and Conditions

Before you decide to join any eSports betting site, we advise you to get acquainted with the general terms and conditions. If you are happy with the specified conditions, then you can start registering.

Step 3

Register and Deposit Some Money

Go to the registration page and sign up for your online betting account. Once you enter the necessary details and get verified, go to the 'Cashier' area and choose a payment method. Enter the amount you want to deposit, keeping the min deposit requirement in mind.

Step 4

Claim a Bonus and Bet

To get started with a bigger bankroll, claim the sportsbook sports betting welcome bonus and other promotions. Next, visit the eSports page and choose the game or market you want to bet on. Top eSports betting sites will have lots of games and markets to choose from. Have fun!

Pros & Cons of eSports Betting 

eSports is the betting market of choice for many gamers for various reasons. When you decide to be on eSports, you will benefit in different ways. But we must also acknowledge that eSports betting has its downsides. We've listed the benefits and drawbacks of this form of betting below. 

  • eSports players stand a chance to win real money effortlessly
  • There are no off-seasons in eSports betting, unlike when betting on regular sports
  • Gamers can choose from a wide range of eSports markets nowadays
  • eSports betting is fun and entertaining since bettors can be on live contests
  • eSports betting is still not as popular as regular sports betting
  • Player can't get far without proper knowledge of the various types of eSports

eSports Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Most eSports betting sites double as online sports betting sites where customers can wager various sports using a bonus. The first offer for new customers is commonly known as a welcome bonus or signup offer, which is often the most generous bonus. Welcome offers could take the form of deposit bonuses or no deposit bonuses.

Chances are your welcome bonus will be a first deposit bonus, meaning that you must make the required min deposit to claim it. The min deposit amount will depend on the selected sports betting site. Some eSports betting sites will welcome their customers with a match deposit bonus, with the best one being at least 100% of your deposit amount. 

A free bet is one of the best bonuses you'll find at eSports and sports betting sites. A free bet allows you to wager on sports and eSports with bet credits with or without a min deposit. For instance, you may receive £20 in free bet credits if you deposit £50. Your free bet may come as a risk-free bet, allowing you to get a refund if you lose your first bet. 

As an eSports enthusiast looking to capitalise on the best eSports betting bonuses, you must keep the bonus terms and conditions in mind. By reading the T&Cs for an eSports bonus, you get to know the min deposit required, the qualifying bet, bonus code, bonus time limits, bet limits and wagering requirements. 

Esports Betting Tips 

With the information provided here so far, you should be able tontify your favourite eSports betting options and place bets. However, you can improve your gaming experience with our eSports betting tips. Consider the following factors to become a better eSports bettor.  

  • Shop Around for the Best eSports Odds – Each of the eSports betting sites recommended here has its unique odds. You should compare the available options and choose eSports bookmakers with the most rewarding odds for a chance to win bigger prizes.
  • Identify Your eSports Games and Market/Markets – eSports gamers have several options to choose from when it comes to eSports events, games and markets. Be sure to research the various games and markets and select the ones you think work best for you.
  • Know Your eSports Team and Players – Like sports betting on regular sports, eSports betting requires you to know each player's teams. Some of the renowned teams include Team LiquidNinjas in Pyjamas from Sweden, and Evil Geniuses.
  • Do Your Research – Whether you are wagering on eSports, football, basketball or other sports, thorough research is paramount. The information you should look for includes rosters changes, practice time, characters bans and team composition.


If you are an eSports gamer or just a fan looking to wager on competitive video games, there are many options for you. Whether you are using a desktop, Android or iOS device, you can now bet on the best eSports games and tournaments for real money online. 

To sum it up, you can use the information presented here and then decide for yourself. We have listed online sports betting sites with the most sought-after eSports markets, bonus offers and promotions for eSports and other widely-played sports. Join now to grab your eSports bonuses right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eSports Betting?

eSports betting involves betting on competitive video gaming at online betting sites.

Which eSports Can I Bet on?

You can bet on popular eSports such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, FIFA Football/Soccer, Overwatch, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO), Dota 2 and StarCraft II.

Will I Get eSports Bonus Offers and Promotions?

eSports fans can claim different types of bonus offers and promotions, including welcome bonus offers, deposit bonuses, free bets and wager-free bets.