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Dutching CalculatorDutching Calculator

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Dutching allows you to place the correct stake on each horse or team so you can win the same amount of money no matter which selection wins. It involves placing bets on more than one outcome so you can profit from one of the outcomes. You’ll only lose your stake if both outcomes lose. Now, you can capitalise on this betting technique by using our Dutching calculator.

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Table of Contents

    A Dutching calculator is a great tool to use if you wish to boost your winning chances with the popular Dutching strategy. If you are new to ditching, it’s a fairly simple sports betting method mostly used when betting on horse racing or football. There’s no guaranteed profit here, but the probability of winning is better than when gambling without Dutching.

    Types of Dutch Bet

    As said before, thea behind Dutching in betting is to include multiple selections in the same event to get equal profits irrespective of which one of your bets win. Besides knowing that, it’s crucial to understand the different types of Dutch bets. We have explained the three most common Dutching bets below.


    This is the most basic Dutching bet you can place on horse races or other sports. Here, the stake on individual selections remains the same or is lowered depending on the odds to make a profit. 

    Stake Limit

    Stake-limited Dutching entails limiting your total stake instead of targeting a set profit. Your total bet remains the same, so you have to lower your bet on each selection as more bets are added. 

    Set Profit

    This Dutching bet is used when the bettor wants to earn a certain profit. To achieve this, you have to set your preferred profit amount and increase your stake on each selection as you add more bets to the selection. Whether you are betting on two, three or more horses, the profit remains the same.

    Dutching Calculator: How Does it Work? presents a simple bet calculator to help you with Dutching. Our calculator only requires you to provide a few details and automatically calculates your potential profit. Let’s look at the steps you need to start using the calculator.

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    Enter Your Total Stake Step 1

    Enter Your Total Stake

    The first step is to provide your total stake. This is simply the bet amount you are willing to risk. The recommended bets for each selection and your profits will be calculated based on your stake.

    Provide the Back Commission Step 2

    Provide the Back Commission

    This refers to the percentage of your winnings the bookmaker will take. It’s almost zero all the time, but it’s good to check with the selected sports betting site. Keep in mind that your possible profit will be a bit lower if there’s a commission.

    Provide the Betting Odds in Decimal Format Step 3

    Provide the Betting Odds in Decimal Format

    Our calculator uses the decimal odds format to calculate the right stake on each selection. Be sure to input the odds as provided by the bookmaker. Remember, you can use the ‘Add Selection’ button to add more selections depending on how many you want to place bets on.

    Know Your Stakes and the Possible Profit Step 4

    Know Your Stakes and the Possible Profit

    As you enter the above details, the calculator will do the math instantly and display the results. It will tell you the required stake for each selection and the total amount you stand to win as a profit. And that’s all you need to benefit from the Dutching strategy!

    Final Words

    A Dutching calculator is what you need if you want to place multiple bets on a single sporting event to boost your winning chances. You can use it on any sport, but most bookmakers offer Dutching on horse racing and football. It’s up to you to decide which sport you wish to place Dutch bets on. 

    We also have a fantastic matched betting calculator alongside other betting calculators. Our matched betting tool makes it easier for matched bettors to profit from free bets by placing back bets and lay bets at betting exchanges. Use it to turn your free bet offers into significant profits!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Dutching Calculator?

    A Dutch betting calculator is an online tool that allows you to calculate the stake for individual selections and profits when placing multiple bets on sports.

    Why Bet on Sports Using the Dutching Strategy?

    The Dutching method lets you place two or more wagers on the same event so you can get the same amount of profit irrespective of which bet wins.

    Does Dutching Guarantee Profits?

    Dutching bets do not guarantee profits, but they increase your winning odds because of the multiple selections. You only need to get one bet right to win, and you lose if all of your wagers lose.

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