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Scorecast Betting

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Harness super enticing odds by wagering on the scorecast betting market! Scorecast rolls two wagers into one and allows you to combine the thrill of betting on the correct score outcome and the first goal scorer bet. That way, you can enjoy a game to the fullest and benefit from higher odds than if you wagered on either of the two markets separately.

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    Scorecast Betting Explained

    Scorecasts are two wagers combined in a single bet. When you wager on the scorecast betting market, you predict which player will score first and also bet on the correct score of that game. Particularly popular in football betting, scorecast bets allow you to wager on two of the most prominent football markets and get better odds than if you wagered on each individually.

    Let's say you are betting on the match between Arsenal and Manchester United. Bukayo Saka opens the scoring and the match ends with the Gunners winning 2:1. So, if you were to place a scorecast bet on the EPL derby, backing Saka to score first and Arsenal to win 2:1 would be the winning wager.

    Scorecast Betting Markets

    If you are like most bettors and want to get enticing odds for the wagers you are placing, there are several sports betting markets you can consider. Even though they may appear similar to a betting beginner, these scorecast bets are quite different and learning how they work can improve the success of your wagers.

    Scorecast Bets

    To win a scorecast bet, you must correctly predict the first goalscorer in the match, as well as the correct score of that same game. However, as we already explained, instead of placing two wagers, you bet on only one, combined, first goalscorer/correct score market.

    For instance, if you are placing a scorecast bet on the match between Juventus and Lazio, you need to back one of the players to score first and then predict the final score of the match. If Dusan Vlahovic scores the first goal and the match result is a 2:2 draw, that is the winning scorecast bet.

    If only one of those outcomes comes to fruition, for instance, only Dusan Vlahovic scores first, but the match finishes 1:1, you won't have a winning scorecast bet. You might think that's not fair, but that is exactly why scorecast betting odds are significantly higher than the two individual correct score and first to score bets.

    Anytime Scorecast Bets

    As the name suggests, when you place anytime scorecast wagers, you are betting on the correct score market, just as you would in a regular scorecast bet. However, instead of being restricted to only the first goalscorer, you can win your bet if the player you pick scores at any point during the match. That will invariably result in slightly lower odds than if you wagered on a regular scorecast. The increased chances of winning and staying in the bet for longer are definitely worth it, though.

    Here's an example of how anytime scorecast bets work. Let's say you are betting on the match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Your anytime scorecast bet says that Cole Palmer will score anytime during the match and Chelsea will win 3:2. Chelsea do indeed win with that 3:2 score and Cole Palmer scores the last goal of the match. However, the time of that goal is not an issue for you when betting on an anytime scorecast wager. Even the last of five goals counts. So, an anytime scorecast wager definitely makes sense if you want to boost your chances of winning the scorecast betting market.

    Wincast Bets

    Wincast bets are the easiest variant of the scorecast market. When wagering on a wincast betting market, you need to pick a player that will score at any time during the match and also predict which team will win the match, hence the name wincast. Of course, you can also bet on the draw outcome.

    For instance, if you are thinking about placing a wincast bet on the match between Bayern Munich and Red Bull Leipzig, you need to consider two bets. First, decide which of the two teams will win the match (or if there will be a draw). Then choose a player that will score during the match. The great thing here is that you will actually be betting on the anytime goalscorer market, meaning your bet will be active for as long as the player you backed to score is playing in the match.

    Let's say you pick Harry Kane to score for Bayern Munich and the match to end in a draw. Kane can score at any time during the match and the game can end with any draw outcome. So, even if the English forward scores last, you will win that part of the wager. Similarly, you need any draw outcome, meaning the match can end 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, or 4:4 and you will still win your bet in the wincast betting market.

    How to Place Scorecast Bets

    Scorecast bets are ideal if you are looking to tap into the full potential of online sports betting. However, to make the most of each scorecast bet you place, you must join a reliable sports betting site. Read on to discover how to find top-notch online bookmakers and place your first scorecast bet like a seasoned pro.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Check License Information Step 1

    Check License Information

    Start your scorecast betting journey by zeroing in on reliable sportsbooks, such as those we feature at Betpack. Then check their license information and choose bookies regulated by renowned gambling authorities.

    Examine Scorecast Bet Types Step 2

    Examine Scorecast Bet Types

    Once you find a legitimate sportsbook, go through the list of scorecast betting options. There are various scorecast betting markets and you want to have access to as many different bet types as possible.

    Find the Best Odds Step 3

    Find the Best Odds

    Next, look at the scorecast odds the betting site offers. Compare the odds to those of other bookmakers and only join the sportsbook if it works with a reasonable house edge. Check out our Betpack reviews for a detailed odds analysis of each bookie.  

    Place Your Scorecast Bet Step 4

    Place Your Scorecast Bet

    If the sportsbook you analyze scores highly in all these tests, click on the link we provide and join it. Then fund your sports betting account and select the matches you want to bet on. Lastly, include the scorecast bet on your betting slip and submit your wager.

    Strategies and Tips for Scorecast Betting

    A scorecast betting strategy can be a real game-changer. However, to benefit from a scorecast betting approach, you first need to be sure it works. We can help with that. Read on and discover scorecast betting tips and tricks for your next scorecast or wincast bet.

    Place Wincast Bets on Teams with Prolific Strikers

    Analyze Correct Score Trends

    Pick Teams with Set Piece Specialists

    Find the Best Scorecast Odds

    Consider Placing Three Separate Bets

    If a team has forwards that score goals for fun, that team is a much better option for your scorecast or wincast bets than a side that is short on goals. That’s especially true if you are betting on wincast betting markets. 

    When a team has a prolific striker who can score 30 or 40 goals a season, you can expect that forward to score in the match you are betting on too. So, you will only need to predict the other part of the wincast wager, which team will win to have a winning bet.  

    When you are placing scorecast bets, predicting the correct score of a match is crucial to having a winning wager. So, you want to ensure that your bets are as educated as possible. To do that, you will need to examine previous match results, as well as head-to-head scores.

    If you notice that there is a pattern in recent matches, for instance, a team scores three or four goals and doesn’t concede, that is a good indicator that the next match might end in a 3:0 or 4:0 score. Similarly, if you notice that a team usually plays 1:1 draws when faced against a particular opponent, that might tell you something about the correct score the next time the two teams meet.

    Some players turn most of the set pieces they take into goals, especially when those set pieces are free-kicks close to goal. You might not associate these footballers with scorecast betting success, but there can definitely be a connection.

    For instance, players like James Ward-Prowse and Kevin De Bruyne are deadly when taking free kicks close to the box. So, if you pick them in your scorecast or wincast bets, you automatically increase your chances of winning, as in addition to scoring from open play, they can score through set pieces. The same goes for penalty takers.

    You can use a wide range of betting offers to increase your chances of winning scorecast bets. Enhanced or boosted odds bonuses are arguably the best ones in this regard, as they allow you to get better wins than the ones you would get by betting on regular scorecast odds. Check Betpack’s sportsbook reviews to locate top betting sites with enticing odds boosts.

    There are several perks of placing scorecast bets and one downside - both parts of your wager need to win for you to have a winning bet. However, you can work your way around this with three separate bets, where one selection will be on the correct score market, one on the first goalscorer, and the last will be a scorecast that will combine the two. 

    When you do that, even if one part of the scorecast fails, you will still win one wager. Of course, if the scorecast bet is successful, the other two single bets will win too and produce massive winnings. So, if you have a hunch about a particular scorecast market, but want to hedge your bets, you can go with the three-bet scorecast strategy.


    Scorecast bets are high-risk and high-yield wagers. That is to be expected, as predicting the first goalscorer or the correct score of a match is quite challenging to begin with. So betting on a scorecast market that combines the two is an even harder task. However, the high odds and massive potential payouts make scorecast and wincast betting markets a real hit with sports bettors. 

    One of the most important parts of scorecast betting is the online bookmaker you choose. Only quality sportsbooks with comprehensive scorecast markets, odds, payment methods, and customer support can give you the scorecast betting experience you deserve. Check Betpack’s top-rated and thoroughly-analyzed online bookies and pick your scorecast wagering partner hassle-free!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Scorecast Bet?

    A scorecast bet is particularly popular in football betting and combines two individual wagers - which player will score first and what the final score of the match will be. For instance, if Mbappe scores first and France wins 3:0, the winning scorecast bet is Mbappe to score first and France wins 3:0.

    What Happens If the First Goal is an Own Goal in a Scorecast Bet?

    This depends on the bookmaker you place your bet with. Some bookmakers will not count an own goal and your bet will be settled on the player who scores the next goal and the correct score. On the other hand, some betting sites may recognize the player who scored an own goal as the player who scored the first goal.

    What is the Difference Between Scorecast and Wincast Betting?

    A scorecast bet lets you wager on the first goalscorer and the final match result. The wincast wager is also two bets rolled into one. With it, however, you bet on a player to score anytime and a team to win the match. So, wincast bets are easier to get right.

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