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Cristiano Ronaldo sets brilliant international goal record

Cristiano Ronaldo sets brilliant international goal record

02/09/2021; 12:33 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Cristiano Ronaldo had equalled Ali Daei's international goal record of 109 at Euro 2020, where he scored five goals. However, he has now made the record his own.

Cristiano Ronaldo has beaten the international goals record held by Iranian Ali Daei. He wrote a new chapter in international football with a late brace against Rep. of Ireland on Wednesday. Ronaldo had missed a penalty before scoring against Rep. of Ireland in the FIFA World Cup qualifying match on Wednesday night.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not a stranger to anyone who can string one or two football sentences together. It is easy to say he is the most famous footballer in the world. He is the epitome of football, and wherever he goes, records fall.

Many have described Ronaldo as the world's most complete footballer. Ronaldo will swing either his left or right leg, head or belly, with consummate ease, in the quest for a goal.

At 36, Ronaldo is still firing and is not easing up as he goes into old territories uncharted. It's hard to keep up with his record-breaking pace, and it begs the question; are there any records yet to be broken? If there are, call Ronaldo. He's the superman of football.

Cristiano breaks yet another record

Ali Daei's record of 109 international goals stood like a behemoth. Intimidating and stared down upon the international football scene as Mount Olympus looks upon ancient Greece.

The Iranian must have been a proud man to own such a record.

Daei sat upon the record like Cronus, but like Zeus, Daei was overthrown. It is Cristiano Ronaldo, who now sits on the throne with a new tally that eclipsed the former record.

The Portuguese scored a late brace against Rep. Of Ireland on Wednesday to erase the former record. In a FIFA World Cup qualifying match, Ronaldo missed a penalty before nicking the two goals to seal victory for Portugal.

Proud of his record

Ronaldo recently returned to Manchester United amid fanfare and is proud of his latest achievement.

The Portuguese' missed penalty in the game just added sheen to a glorious evening.

Immediately after the game, Ronaldo took to his Instagram account to laud his achievement.

He said among all the records he'd broken that this one is very special for him and is on the shelf as one that makes him really proud.

To him, representing his country is a special moment, and national team competitions have a strong impact on him as he grew up watching hisls playing for their flags.

Finally, scoring 111 goals for Portugal meant he had created 111 moments of worldwide union and happiness for millions.

Ronaldo congratulated Ali Daei for holding the record for a long time and lauded the standards he has set. While praising Daei, he said at some point he thought he might never catch the Iranian's record.

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