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Basics of Live Golf Betting

Steven D. Thompson


Featuring many betting, profitable odds, and exciting events, golf is one of the best sports to bet on. There are different betting options available, and bettors can easily get through because of the simplicity of the game. If you've been looking to place wagers on a sport with ease of play and high odds, you should consider betting on golf. It's quite easy to get a bet on golf. Here, we'll be taking you through the basics every bettor needs to know. We'll also be digging deep into the roots and bringing out all the various types of available golf bets.

Let's cut the delay then and have fun!

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Table of Contents

    Betting Available at Golf Betting Sites

    There are several online sports betting options to choose from at online golf bookies. These options come with different risk levels. Here we'll be giving you detailed info about each of them. 

    Futures Betting

    Golf futures betting is the most common golf betting style. It involves betting on the player you think will win the tournament. You should note that online sportsbooks often class golfers in a tournament as favourites and underdogs.

    The favourites are the players everyone expects to do well in the championship. The underdogs are thect opposite. 

    You'll notice that favourites often have lower odds than the underdogs. In golf majors featuring top favourites, you may find that players like Tiger Woods have a +700 line and underdogs having as high as +2000.

    Sportsbooks place higher odds on underdogs because they think their chances of winning are slim. However, there's a possibility that an underdog will surprise everyone at the championship and win the whole tournament.

    The good thing is that with live golf odds, bettors can place bets as the game is going on. So you can make well-calculated decisions based on the game proceedings. During live games, the odds change constantly depending on the performance of different golfers. 

    Each-Way Betting

    This is a betting style similar to a futures wager. Here, instead of only betting on an outright winner, punters also bet on the possibility that their favourite may not finish top place.

    It involves betting that a golfer could either win the tournament or finish within a top range. If the golfer eventually wins the tournament, you'll win both bets. Also, if the golfer ends up in the range you predicted, you'll get a profit. Though the profit, in this case, will be way smaller. Anyways, an each-way bet is a better strategy to secure a win.

    Live Betting With Top Golf Odds Live Betting With Top Golf Odds

    Match-up Betting

    This is another popular betting style. It's like a face-off between two golfers. Betting sites online display head-to-head matchups for one of the two players to garner lower points than the other at the end of the tournament or a particular round in the tournament.

    Match bets are often between two golfers. Though in a golf tournament where the rounds are played in a group of three, Matchups could also be offered for one of the three players to come out top in their rounds. 

    Here's an example of a matchup bet: if Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will be teeing off together in the same round, a matchup bet could be that Woods will win all the holes in the round with a lower score than Phil. 

    Betting on Hole and Score Results

    Asides from betting on the tournament win, golf bettors can also back players who they think will win the current hole they're playing. This bet type is common at stroke play, and match play events. 

    Remember the Tiger and Phil example we used above? If you think Tiger will have a better ball on par 3's or 5's, you'll find betting lines at sportsbooks to place a bet on Tiger to win the hole. However, if you feel both golfers have equal chances on the holes, there's also an option to place a tie bet.

    That said, bettors can also back their favourite golfer to get certain score results on a hole. Score results are used to describe the number of shots a player makes before winning the hole. There are a bit more complexities, though. But never mind, we'll discuss them later in this post.

    Prop Bets 

    This is a special kind of golf bet that pops up from time to time. It's not like the regular kind of betting on a particular player to win. The bet is more casual and often requires bettors to make more guesses than calculated decisions.

    Prop bets could come in various forms based on the tournament happenings or the performance of players. Examples include: "Will Martin Kaymer have a hole in one in the second round?", "Will there be up to 7 bogeys at the major golf event this year?".

    Final Words Final Words

    Live Betting With Top Golf Odds

    Live betting has made betting more attractive because bettors can now manage their risks appropriately. In-play betting allows bettors to place their bets based on the live performance of players. Top bookies provide golf live streaming so punters can easily follow the event.

    A major golf tournament runs for a few days. Bettors can observe the first-round leader at the opening rounds and place bets accordingly. You're likely to always find a new betting line at online bookies for different outcomes. However, you'll rarely find the latest free bets for golf betting live.

    Live Golf Betting Odds

    One major difference in live games is that the live odds of winning are constantly changing. This could be an advantage and a disadvantage. Whether you're placing tournament matchups or other kinds of golf bets, you should check for the latest golf odds based on current happenings in the game. You'll find that as the final round approaches, the odds will constantly be getting lower for golfers that are likely to be the tournament winner.

    Moving on, you're sure to enjoy amazing odds when you bet on any of the four majors. You should watch out for the Masters, held in April at the same course, Augusta National Golf Club, The US Open Championship in June, the British Open in July, and the PGA Championship in May. These are the major golf tournaments.

    Other top golf events include the PGA Tour events, European Tour championship, Ryder Cup, and so on. You'll find the best odds during these events.

    Live Betting vs Pre-match Betting

    Live betting and pre-tournament wagers are like opposite sides of the same coin. Let's quickly compare both betting so you can easily spot their uniqueness.

    Live Betting
    Check icon

    Bettors place bets while the game proceeds

    Cancel icon

    Odds are constantly changing based on match events

    Check icon

    Bettors can make flexible betting decisions


    Pre-match Betting
    Cancel icon

    Punters place bets based on the expected outcome before the event starts

    Check icon

    The odds are mostly stable before the kickoff

    Cancel icon

    Bettors have to stick to their initial script once the event begins

    Betting Available at Golf Betting Sites Betting Available at Golf Betting Sites

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Betting on Golf

    While live betting heightens the fun of golf tournaments it does have some downsides too. Let's show you the pros and cons of this betting option.



    • Live bets take away the worry of several factors that could invalidate pre-match predictions
    • Bettors can place bets with the latest odds of the game
    • Bookies often add more betting lines as the game proceeds, giving punters more chances of winning


    • The odds for a favorite often go lower when he is dominating the game, cutting short potential gains
    • Newbies and inexperienced bettors may be carried away by the changing odds and make rash decisions

    Final Words

    Golf is one of the most lucrative sports on the betting markets. Aside from having high payouts, it is easy to understand the sport and place bets. Golf sports fans can also choose from various betting options to place their wagers.

    Live betting only made things more interesting. Now you can double the fun as you watch the games and place bets with some of the best odds you'll find at the sports betting market. Therefore, proceed to gamble responsibly on golf at legal sports gambling sites!

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