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Klopp reveals the one thing he'll change in football

Klopp reveals the one thing he'll change in football

07/10/2021; 12:33 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Football has come a long way to what it is presently. There have been many rule changes that range from the offside rule, tackling from behind, handball rule, goal-line technology to VAR. All these rule changes and amendments were all designed to make the game more exciting and less controversial.

One can't say the project has been entirely successful, and as the game grows, more amendments will be made.

Several eggheads have all come up at different times withas that can improve the game. Some of thoseas have been worth a second look, while others have been outright ludicrous. Still, it is what it is. The controversies and the human element of the game make it the most popular sport in the world.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has had a thing or two to say about the current state of the game. If he had his way, there is one thing he would like to change.

Klopp desires one rule change

Perhaps, the most controversial of all the additions to the game is the Video Assistant Referee (VAR). The technology was implemented to aid the referees to make better decisions, but it has courted more controversy over the years. If Jurgen Klopp had his way, it is one area that needs improvement.

The deployment of VAR has not been as successful as that of the goal-line technology. Goal-line technology has been a massive success, perhaps because of the simplicity of the technology. Goal-line technology embodies what football is all about - simplicity.

Klopp said that VAR is what he would like to change the most in football. He believes it has to be improved because the technology is currently hurting the game.

The deployment of VAR has not been seamless as the delays and room it has opened for controversies remain unbridged.

Klopp's take

Klopp has condemned the way VAR is being used. When interviewed by This is Anfield, he asked what a clear and obvious error is?

Saying that was the one thing he would like to change in football, he also condemned how it is used. He said in a situation where there's a foul, but the referee says play on when the whole world can see that it was a foul.

He wants the VAR to take more responsibility. He said the game is so quick, and the referee can miss a trick or two, but the guy in the office sees it better and needs to intervene. He bemoaned the situations where the VAR refuses to overrule the referee.

For him, it's about the right decision and no more. Klopp marks his 20th year as a coach since his first job at Mainz.

Speaking of right decisions, Klopp will also be hoping Mohamed Salah decides to stay at Liverpool amid recent interest from PSG.

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