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Football Betting Terms Explained

Steven D. Thompson


Football betting is a great option for many players who want to make money from their favorite sports. All you need is some commitment, analysis skills, and understanding of the game. However, one of the most difficult aspects of football betting for many players is understanding the numerous terms associated with it.This is difficult for some experienced players and can be particularly daunting for new players. If you are in this category, then this guide can help. Here, we will cover the important terms used in football betting and what they mean. Once you fully understand them, you can bet on your favorite sports and make money without any problem.

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Table of Contents

    Popular Betting Terms in Football

    This section will cover all of the terms used in football betting regarding placing bets. These include:

    • Accumulator Bet: This type of wager allows you to combine four or more different selections. However, to win, all your predictions have to be correct.
    • Both Teams to Score: With this type of football bet, you are wagering that both teams will score. If they do, you win.
    • Both Teams to Score and Win: This is an extension of the bet above. Here, you bet that both teams will score and the winning team.
    • Correct Score: This is a popular type of football wager where you bet on the final score of a match in a betting exchange.
    • Double Chance: This wager allows you to cover more than one outcome in one bet. For instance, you can cover both instead of a win or draw.
    • Draw No Bet: This is a bet which means if the match ends in a draw, you get your wager back from the betting exchange.
    • Win/Draw/Win: Here, you make a bet on the final result of an event on a betting exchange. The first win implies that the home team wins, the second means it draws, while the third win implies that an away team wins.
    Goals Markets Goals Markets

    Goals Markets

    The goal markets allow you to bet on outcomes pertaining to goals. These include if both teams will score, who will score first, etc. Below are some common bet terms you will come across here.

    • First Goal Scorer: This is a football bet where you wager on thea player who will score first. You win if your prediction is correct and lose if another player scores first.
    • Team to score: Here, you bet on if you believe a team will score a goal or not. If your prediction is correct, you win.
    • Anytime goalscorer: This is a wager you place on a specific player scoring a goal during the fixture.
    • Scorecast/Wincast: Here, you bet on the first player to score and the match's final result. If you correctly predict the outcome in this wager, you can enjoy amazing payouts.

    Handicap Betting

    This has to do with one football team starting a match with fewer or more points than the opponent. The goal of this is to make both teams more even and ensure bettors have more fun. Handicap bets fall into different categories, which include:

    • Handicap: This is the typical handicap bet where you are offered an image of the results and the handicap attached. You offer a handicap to a team in a game and take out a draw as a result. For instance, if you give PSG a -2 handicap to beat Manchester United, then Manchester United will need three goals or more for your bet to win.
    • Asian Handicap Betting: This is like the normal handicap bet asides from the fact that if the game ends in a draw, you get your bet back.
    • Alternative Asian Handicap: This type of bet consists of all other outcomes that the Asian handicap or Handicap does not cover.


    The over/under bet applies to various forms of bets. These range from the number of corners, goals, or fouls. Let’s look at some of the most common forms of bets in this category.

    • The number of cards: This is a bet you place on the number of cards you believe will be dished out in a match.
    • The number of corners: Here, you wager on the number of cards you believe a match will produce. The margin tends to differ depending on the bookmaker you use, but it is commonly around 0-9, 10-12, and 13+ corners.
    • The number of goals: With this type of wager, you bet on the number of goals you think will be scored in a game. This is usually split into margins of 0.5, 1.5, 5.5, etc. You can wager on if you feel the game will produce over or under 1.5, 5.5, etc.
    • Odd/Even number bet: This is a form of football wager where you bet on if the overall goals a game will produce will be an odd or even number.


    Specials are the unique bets you will find in a bookmaker. They are not the same as the typical bet type on bookmakers and are grouped as separate bets. These consist of markets like clean sheets, anytime own goals, time of the last goal, time interval of the first goal, etc.

    • The types of special bets you will find differ depending on the bookmaker. Therefore, it is important to check out different options for which is available and suits you best. Here's is a list of some common bets in this category.
    • Penalties: Some betting platforms let you bet on if a penalty will be taken in a game or not. Other bookmakers may take things further to wager on the term you believe will get the penalty and if they will score.
    • Winning Margin: With the type of bet, you must determine or guess the winning team and the precise winning margin.
    • Minute Markets: This type of bet allows you to wager on outcomes like the number of fouls, goals, shots, or corners that a game will produce within a specific time period. The time may vary depending on the bookmaker, but it is usually around 10 to 15-minute intervals.
    • Red Card Yes/No: This bet lets you wager on the number of red cards you think will be dished out in a game.
    • Clean sheet Yes/No: Here, you will wager on if the home or away team will complete the 90 minutes match without conceding a goal.

    Outright Bet

    The outright bet is one of the least difficult and easy-to-understand types of bets available. Previously punters had to wager on a tournament and league's result instead of individual matches. Now, things have changed, and bettors can bet on alternative markets. These range from which managers will get sacked, players that will be transferred when the season ends, etc.

    Usually, you will need to place outright bets before the competition or season, but it is possible to place them when the competition hasd. Outright bets tend to offer players who win massive payouts, making it the leading choice for many players. Below are some of the common types of bets in this category:

    • Tournament Winner: This is a bet where you wager on the team to win a competition or tournament.
    • Relegation and Promotion: This is a very straightforward bet where you wager on the team you feel will be relegated or promoted when the season ends.
    • Highest goal scorer: Here, you wager on the player you believe will score the most goals during the season and get the golden boot.
    • Sacked Manager: The frequency at which managers are being sacked from their teams in leading leagues has made this type of bet popular. Now, many betting exchanges will let you bet on the manager that will be booted from their job next.
    • Transfers: This bet lets you wager on the transfers you believe will happen.

    Other Bets Terminology

    Point Spread Betting: Here, the bookmaker allocates a few goals to the underdogs, which is deducted from the favorite. The goals deducted or awarded are categorized as the point spread.

    • Proposition Bets: These bets are those that may notctly relate to the results of a match event. These range from bets on the number of corners, first goalscorer, highest goal scorer, etc.
    • Prop Bets: This is another name bettors refer to proposition bets.
    • Push: This is a term used to refer to a tied bet/wager
    • Ante-Post Betting: This is used in describing wagers made before a competition.
    • Exotic Wagers: This term is used to describe other types of bets like proposition bets.
    • Forecasts: Forecasts are wagers gamblers make on teams they believe will take the first and second positions when a competition ends. Players must make the predictions in the right order.
    • Banker: This is a bet that is deemed a lock.
    • Combination Bet: This term describes bets that consist of more than one selection. Good examples of bets in this category include parlay bets and accumulator bets.
    • Totals: This is also a form of football betting that involves the number of goals scored in a football match. Here, a bettor will need to predict if the result or number of goals will be higher or lower than the number already predetermined.
    • Dime Bet: This is a football bet which has a value of $1,000.
    Sports Betting Odds Terminology Sports Betting Odds Terminology

    Sports Betting Odds Terminology

    This section will cover the various terms that have to do with odds. It is important to understand these terms since odds are used to determine how much you will receive when you make a winning bet. Therefore, it is important to learn all the terms associated with odds and what they mean. Here are a few of the common ones you will find when betting on football.

    • Decimal Odds: This is the display of odds using decimals. For instance, 2.5, 1.5, 1.3, etc.
    • Even Money: This term describes odds that give you an equal opportunity to win or lose. However, you need to note that the earnings you get from winning bets depend on the amount you wager.
    • Evens: This is another term that refers to even money covered above.
    • Fixed Odds: This term is used in describing odds that you agree on when making your wager. This means that they won't change throughout the event.
    • Fractional Odds: This is another format used in displaying odds. Here, odds are written in fractions like 1/3, 2/5, etc.
    • Line: This is used in describing the odds or point spread in which gamblers are offered on a matchup.
    • Moneyline Odds: This refers to odds format that shows your potential earning if you make a $100 wager. It can also show you how much you need to bet if you want to earn $100.
    • Odds: This is used to calculate how much in earnings you will get from a winning wager. Also, you can use the value of odds attached to a wager to determine if it is profitable or not.
    • Odds On: Odds on is when you wager an amount that is more than you are likely to gain when you win. It is used to describe the price of a bet.
    • Odds Against: Here, the amount you wager on an event will be smaller than the amount you are likely to earn. This is a term used to determine the price of a bet.
    • Price: This is another name for odds.

    Punters and Bookmakers Terminology

    If you are looking to get the best out of football betting, it is critical to understand the terms used by gamblers and bookies. Some of these include:

    • Action: This term is used to describe making a wager. This is the case regardless of the type of bet or the amount of cash wagered.
    • Bettor: This is the term used in describing an individual wagering on football or any other sporting event. Football punters is also another term used to describe these individuals.
    • Bookie: This is another term used to refer to betting exchanges or bookmakers.
    • Bookmaker: This is used to describe the company or individual charged with the task of collecting and paying off wagers placed by bettors on football matches or other sports.
    • Get Down: This is another term used to describe making a wager on a football game.
    • Juice: Juice is used to describe the commission charged by a bookmaker.
    • Lay: This is a term used when the bookmaker is collecting bets made by gamblers.
    • Over-round: This is also utilized to describe the profit made by bookmakers
    • Return: This is term bettors use to describe the amount of ash they get once a bet is successful.
    • Stake: Gamblers and bookmakers use this term to describe the amount of cash used to bet on a football event.
    • Underdog: This is a very common term used to represent a team that is meant to lose in a football match. It is also used to describe the weaker team.
    • Favorite: This term is used to describe the team that is meant to win or the stronger team.
    • Bankroll: This is the term used to describe the amount of cash a gambler has allocated for gambling activities.
    • Chalk: This is also used in describing a term that is categorized as the favorite team or the team expected to win.
    • Edge: Edge is used in describing a situation that places a person in a more favorable position.
    • Payout: This is the money a gambler can expect to earn once their stake wins.
    • Void Bets: If a gambler makes a wager and it is deemed void, it means that their wager will be refunded.
    • Tipsters: This is a term used to describe individuals who advise others about the likely results of matchups.
    Popular Betting Terms in Football Popular Betting Terms in Football

    How to Start Football Betting In The Best Bookmaker

    Learning the terminology in football betting is not enough, especially if you are looking to profit. It is still important to learn how to find the right bookmaker and start betting on football. This is because registering on the wrong platform can leave you with losses. Therefore, we have put together this step-by-step guide to help you out.


    Find a Bookmaker

    The first step to betting on football is to find the right bookmaker. There are tons of bookmakers on the market, all with different odds and bonuses. Make sure you compare each of them for the one with the best offer before you choose. Also, you need to ensure that it is licensed by the appropriate body like the UK Gambling Commission.



    Once you have compared the options and settled for the one that suits you best, you will need to register. This is vital if you want to play on a platform for real money. Registration is fast and should not take 5 minutes or less. This will require details like your name, phone number, email address, etc.


    Deposit Some funds

    Playing for real money will require you to deposit real cash. After you register, pick one of the available payment methods and make a deposit. Ensure you make the minimum deposit to claim the free bets offer. With the free bet offer, you can play for free and make larger bets than you originally would have.


    Wager on a football Event

    Finally, choose a football event from the available options and make a wager on your favourite team. If your prediction is right, you win! Make sure you have completed all the wagering requirements attached to the free bets bonus so you can withdraw without hassles.

    Pros and Cons of Football Betting

    Football betting is fun, but it has a few drawbacks too. In addition, football betting may not be right for everyone. For this reason, it is crucial to weigh both the pros and cons to determine if it is right for you. We have compiled both for you below so you can make a calculated decision.



    • You can play from any location
    • There are tons of bonus offers to choose from
    • You can choose from various betting sites
    • You can pick from numerous betting events
    • The top bookmakers offer you numerous betting options


    • It can result in gambling addiction if you don’t play responsibly
    • There are tons of shady online bookmakers out there
    • Betting on football online limits social interaction


    As you can see, football betting terms are not difficult to understand. By now, you already know that understanding these terms is crucial if you are serious about a profitable betting experience. We have covered all the important terms you need to know above, and all that’s left is for you to learn them.

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