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Both Team to Score

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If you are looking for a market that lets you enjoy football matches to the fullest, Both Team to Score is the market for you. BTTS bets allow you to cheer for both teams and celebrate whenever they score, regardless of which team scored. Read on to learn more if you are asking "What does BTTS mean in betting?" and get the best BTTS tips.

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    What Does Both Teams to Score Mean in Betting?

    So, what is BTTS in betting? The name says it all. You go for BTTS betting meaning that when you bet on Both Teams to Score predictions, you want one of the following things to happen: both teams to score a goal or both teams not to score. When you choose the first bet type, you go for - BTTS: Yes. Alternatively, you can also bet on both teams not to score. Logically, that means that you want one or both of the teams involved not to score. So, you place a wager saying - BTTS: No.

    Both Teams to Score Examples Both Teams to Score Examples

    Both Teams to Score Examples

    Let's explain how BTTS markets and the best BTTS tips work, and answer the question "What is BTTS in betting?". Let's say Brazil play Italy in their first World Cup game. The match ends 1-1. So, both teams managed to score a goal. That means the winning bet here is BTTS: Yes. So, the bettors who utilised BTTS betting tips win here.

    In Brazil's second World Cup match, the South Americans play Australia. This match ends with Brazil winning 4-0. Even though there are four goals in the game, both teams didn't score, only Brazil did. So, the winning bet here is BTTS: No. If you bet on both team to score tips and say that both teams will not score, you win!

    In their last group game, Brazil played against Nigeria and drew the game 0-0. Once again, both teams didn't score a goal. That means that the winning bet is again BTTS: No.

    As you can see, if you are placing a BTTS: Yes bet, the only way to win is if both teams score at least a goal. Some of the outcomes you want to see happen include 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 4-1, etc. 

    In contrast, if you are betting on the BTTS: No bet, you want at least one of the teams not to score. Winning results include 0-0, but also 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2, 3-0, etc. As long as there's a zero in the score, the winning bet is BTTS: No.

    BTTS Betting Markets

    The great thing about the Both Teams to Score market is the wide range of betting options you can choose and the bet variations available. With these betting options, you also have the chance to bet online with Premier League online betting and Champions League betting. These help you make better score predictions, get higher odds, and pick the BTTS bets that work for you.

    Both Teams to Score - Yes/No

    This is the standard Both Teams to Score market that we already explained. In a nutshell, when you bet on this BTTS bet type by leveraging BTTS tips, you pick one of two options:

    • Both teams to score - BTTS: Yes
    • One or both teams not to score - BTTS: No

    As you can see, for the first type, the BTTS: Yes bet, even a 1-1 score will be enough for you to get a winning wager. As long as both teams score, you win. Basically, if the score is 1-1 after the first five minutes of the game, you don't even have to wait for the game to finish, as you already have a winning bet. That's one of the reasons why punters often bet on these BTTS odds.

    In contrast, when you bet on BTTS: No, you don't want to see goals being scored. The result here is 0-0, but you also win when matches end with only one of the teams scoring (1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2, etc.).

    BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals

    BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals is a very popular market with punters. And it's easy to see why. With this type of bet, you predict that both teams will score a goal and that the football match will end with Over 2.5 goals (three or more goals). 

    That means you get higher odds than the standard BTTS market, and you also want to see more goals being scored. And that's what football betting should be all about - high odds, end-to-end action, and goals galore.

    BTTS & Win

    If you want to bet on the Both Teams to Score market and get the best odds out there, bet on BTTS & Win tips. With these BTTS and win predictions, you back one of the teams to win (or the match to end in a draw) and both teams to score.

    For instance, if you bet on the Arsenal - Leicester match and go with BTTS & Arsenal to Win, you want the Gunners to triumph, but you also need Leicester to score. Some of the results that will work for you include 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2, etc.

    BTTS in First/Second Half

    Another popular variation of the standard BTTS market is to bet on each individual half. Needless to say, the odds for doing this are much better than the odds you get when betting on the standard BTTS market.

    For instance, when you make first half BTTS predictions, you say that both teams will score in the first 45 minutes of the football match (or won't score if you bet on BTTS: No). The same goes if you predict that both teams will score in the second half.

    How to pick a winning BTTS bet?

    Betting on BTTS predictions is a great way to enjoy football matches. However, it is also an excellent method to get decent betting winnings. At Betpack, our goal is to help you with both of those things, particularly the second one. Read our BTTS betting tips and find out how you can improve the success of your wagers.

    Tip 1: Analyse Goals Scored and Conceded

    The best way to win your BTTS bets is to bet on the right football teams. That means finding sides that score a lot of goals but also are not that good at defending and conceding goals often.

    In other words, take the league table and find the teams that score the most. Next, eliminate those that don't concede. Obviously, you don't want to bet on teams that are strong defensively. The teams you are left with are the ones you want to bet on. If they are playing against sides similar to them, that's even better.

    All you need now is for one team to open the scoring. As soon as that happens, the other one will go all out in attack, and a goal and a winning bet will surely follow. This is one of the most basic BTTS tips.

    Tip 2: Look at Previous Matches

    Another tried and tested betting technique when it comes to BTTS predictions is to look at previous matches. Comparing head-to-head records will tell you if both teams scored in their past meetings. If that's the case, history will likely repeat itself and both team to score tips will certainly work for you in this situation.

    Tip 3: Bet on In-Form Teams

    Teams score the most goals when they are in good form. So, it's good to bet on them, especially when you want to see lots of goals. The best thing that you can do is find two teams that are in great form and that are playing against each other. Both sides will be high in morale and confidence, and the match will likely result in lots of goals for both sides. So the BTTS and win tips will be handy for you.

    In contrast, if you are betting on teams that cannot score to save their lives, you will be in trouble. Teams that haven't found the back of the net for several games in a row are the worst picks for BTTS bets. They will focus on not conceding a goal so that they can get a point from the match. That means they won't be able to score and will do their best not to concede. And that's not something you want to see when betting on both teams to score. So the smart move here is to bet on both teams not to score.

    Tip 4: Read BTTS Tips and Predictions

    There are a lot of tipsters with excellent success rates out there. Reading their BTTS football tips can help you find great picks. Of course, if you find reliable tipsters with a proven track record.

    Our advice, though, is to also do your own research. That way, you will be able to compare the BTTS tips with what you have found yourself. You can then draw your own conclusions.

    Tip 5: Use Bonus Funds and Free Bets

    As with all other bets, lucrative top betting promotions can help a lot with BTTS wagers. The goal here is to find exciting football bookmakers that have enticing bonus offers and free bets. As you probably know by now, the bookmakers we feature at Betpack have some of the most lucrative bonuses in the industry, meaning they are all excellent options.

    Once you find a bookmaker with enticing bonuses like free online bets in the UK, you need to put those bonus funds to good use. But how can you do that? Well, it's quite easy. There's this thing called matched betting. With it, you are guaranteed to get winnings from 2-way markets such as Both Teams to Score. However, you must have some bonus funds or free bets that you can use.

    If you do, this is what you should do next. First, you find a BTTS market where the odds for the Yes and No options are pretty similar. Next, you use your own funds to bet on one of the options. You then use your free bet or bonus money to wager on the other option. This is known as back and lay betting. In other words, whatever the outcome, you win.

    Of course, you can only do this when you have free bets or bonus funds at hand. However, with so many betting sites out there, it is easy to join different ones and make the most of the bonuses they give you.

    Tip 6: Find Bookmakers that Give You High BTTS Odds

    Your BTTS winnings can vary a lot at different bookmakers. That's because some betting sites offer much higher BTTS odds than others. These top ten bookmakers work with lower margins and are able to give you much better odds.

    But how can you find these bookmakers? As we already mentioned, you don't have to look far. The betting sites we feature here at Betpack work with minimal edges, meaning they can give you the best BTTS odds in the betting industry.

    That goes double when you join the new UK betting websites we feature. These bookmakers attract new players by offering them enticing bonuses and super-high odds. That means you don't have to resort to 5-leg accumulator bets to get decent odds. You can get them by betting on a single football match. Pretty cool, right?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does Both Teams to Score mean?

    Both Teams to Score means that you want each of the teams to score at least once before the final whistle is blown. Some of the results that will work for you include 1-1, 2-2, 2-1, 3-1, etc.

    How do you win Both Teams to Score?

    By picking teams that score and concede lots of goals. Ideally, you should bet on evenly matched teams that are in good form. They should be good at attacking and bad at defending.

    Which league has the most BTTS games?

    All of Europe's top five leagues are good options for BTTS bets. The German Bundesliga and the English Premier League are two great competitions for BTTS wagers, in particular. They feature quality teams, and almost every side has a proven goal scorer.

    Does BTTS apply to extra time?

    No, it doesn't. When you bet on Both Teams to Score, you only wager on the result at the final whistle of full-time. Extra time and penalties are not covered by the bet.

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