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Non Sticky Casino Bonus Overview

Steven D. Thompson


Non-sticky casino bonuses are ideal if you want to withdraw winnings at will and not lock your funds with steep wagering requirements. Non-sticky casino bonuses are often considered the best promos casino players can get, and here we explain why that's the case and list online casinos with the best non-sticky bonuses.

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Best Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses 2024

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Table of Contents

    What Is a Non-Sticky Casino Bonus?

    A non-sticky casino bonus is a promotion in which the bonus is kept separate from the funds you deposit. They are never mixed or bundled together. For example, if you claim a 100% up to €100 non-sticky bonus by depositing €100, you will get €100 in bonus money.

    Unlike sticky bonuses, the €100 deposit funds and the €100 bonus money will be kept separate. That allows you to play with your funds first (the €100 you deposited) and withdraw any winnings you obtain, should you choose to. However, in that case, you might forfeit the bonus, depending on the terms of the promo. That's why non-sticky bonuses are often referred to as parachute or forfeitable bonuses.

    Now, if you continue playing and happen to lose the €100 you deposited, the €100 in bonus money will kick in. You will be able to use these bonus funds on games listed in the bonus terms and conditions, but you will also have to meet the wagering requirements of the bonus to be able to withdraw your bonus winnings.

    It is easy to see how non sticky or parachute bonus offers give casino players more flexibility, particularly when it comes to withdrawing their winnings. That's why some regulators, such as the UK Gambling Commission, encourage that all bonuses should be of the non-sticky kind, as they create a healthy environment that facilitates responsible gambling.

    Non-Sticky Casino Bonus Non-Sticky Casino Bonus

    Key Facts about Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses

    Non-sticky bonuses can be incredibly valuable if you know how to use them properly. Considered more favourable to players than their sticky counterparts, non-sticky bonuses are easy to understand and even easier to benefit from. Our key facts about non-sticky casino bonuses will help too.

    • Known as parachute or forfeitable bonuses, non-sticky promos keep your real money deposit and the bonus money separate.

    • Any winnings you obtain while wagering with your own money can be instantly withdrawn.

    • You play using the real money deposit first and use the casino's bonus after you have spent your own funds.

    • To withdraw your non sticky bonus winnings, you must first meet the wagering requirements.

    • Non-sticky bonuses can come in the form of deposit bonuses, free spins promos, or both.

    • There are no limitations when you play using your own money; restrictions only kick in when you start gambling with the bonus.

    • Like all other casino promotions, non-sticky bonuses will expire after some time if unused.

    How to Get a Non-Sticky Casino Bonus

    Non-sticky bonuses are straightforward to claim and activate, particularly if you do it with our non-sticky bonus guide. Here's how you can unlock non-sticky bonuses in four easy steps.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Read Casino Reviews and Find a Generous Gambling Site Step 1

    Read Casino Reviews and Find a Generous Gambling Site

    To feel the full range of benefits associated with non-sticky bonus offers, you need to find licenced and regulated online casinos, such as the ones we feature at Betpack. The casinos you consider should be generous too, as that is often a prerequisite to claiming a good non-sticky bonus. Reading our casino reviews can go a long way here.

    Use Your First Deposit to Claim the Bonus Step 2

    Use Your First Deposit to Claim the Bonus

    You now want to join the casino site that impressed you the most. To do this, click on the "Sign Up" button and follow the instructions to register a new casino account and verify it. Next, trigger the non-sticky bonus. Use some of the payment methods eligible for the promo and meet the minimum deposit amount.

    Decide If You Will Withdraw Winnings Step 3

    Decide If You Will Withdraw Winnings

    With your non-sticky welcome bonus activated, you can start playing online casino games. The great thing about non-sticky bonuses is that should you win, you will be able to withdraw any winnings you obtained while playing with your real money deposit.

    Use the Bonus Money and Meet Wagering Requirements Step 4

    Use the Bonus Money and Meet Wagering Requirements

    If you lose the real money deposit while playing with it, fret not, because, at that point, you will start using the bonus funds provided by the casino. Please note that to withdraw your bonus winnings, you will need to meet the wagering requirements. As soon as you do, your entire bonus balance will be eligible for a withdrawal.

    Non-Sticky Casino Bonus Pros & Cons

    There's no doubt non-sticky bonuses are the preferred option for most casino enthusiasts, especially when compared to sticky bonuses. However, casino sites often try to balance the positives and negatives so that both sticky and non-sticky promos are enticing. That means non sticky bonuses may have a couple of drawbacks you should know about in addition to the advantages the offer.



    • The real money deposit is kept separate from the bonus balance
    • Play with the bonus amount after you lose your deposi
    • Withdraw your winnings before bonus wagering requirements kick in
    • More flexible and player-friendly bonus terms
    • There's a lower chance of tricky bonus conditions


    • You must meet wagering requirements to withdraw bonus winnings
    • Usually not as enticing as sticky bonuses
    • Non-sticky bonus funds and free spins will expire after some time
    • An early withdrawal might forfeit the bonus in some cases

    Common Misconceptions About Non Sticky Casino Bonus Offers

    Non-sticky bonus offers are enticing because they are easy to claim and provide casino enthusiasts with greater freedom, particularly when it comes to withdrawals. However, they still come with terms and conditions, so players should inform themselves before claiming these promos. These are some of the more common misconceptions related to non sticky bonus offers:

    • Early withdrawals won't forfeit the bonus: It depends. In some non-sticky bonuses, withdrawing your real money winnings won't affect the bonus. In others, doing the same will forfeit the bonus.

    • You can withdraw your bonus funds without playing with them: This is also not true. You can only withdraw your bonus winnings (after meeting wagering requirements) and not your bonus funds.

    • Non-sticky bonuses don't expire: Like most other promos, non-sticky bonuses will actually expire after the validity period has ended.

    • Non-sticky bonuses are more lucrative than sticky promos: Most of the time, sticky bonuses will actually offer more bonus money and free spins to compensate for the more restrictive bonus terms than non sticky offers.

    The Psychology Behind Non-Sticky Casino Bonus Attraction

    Gamblers looking for bonuses that facilitate a safe and responsible gambling environment will enjoy non-sticky bonuses. They allow them to have more control over their gambling experience and withdraw their winnings whenever they feel like it, without being limited by restrictive wagering requirements. That is the biggest advantage non sticky bonuses hold over sticky promos, such as free spins and reload bonuses, and is the main motivator behind why many players choose these offers.

    How Do We Know If a Non-Sticky Casino Bonus Is Real or Just Marketing?

    Just because a bonus is non-sticky, it doesn't automatically mean you should go for it. But how can you know if a non-sticky bonus is worth it? That's where we come in. At Betpack, we analyse non-sticky promos and look at all the crucial factors that make a good bonus what it is. Here's a glimpse into our assessment process.


    Check the Reliability of the Casino Offering the Bonus

    As a rule of thumb, only licenced and regulated online casinos offer non-sticky bonuses worth claiming. The reason is simple. Only a reputable online casino you can trust will create a bonus that will come with favourable terms and conditions.


    Analyse the Terms and Conditions of the Promo

    After we shortlist non-sticky bonus casinos that can be trusted, we start focusing on the bonus in question. More specifically, we read the terms and conditions of the promo in detail to determine if they are fair and to eliminate promos with vague and unclear requirements.


    Claim and Play with the Non-Sticky Bonus

    Next, we join the casino and activate the non-sticky bonus. We use it to play online casino games included in the promo and check if the bonus works as described in the terms and conditions. Any discrepancies that don't favour the player are reason enough for the bonus to be discarded.


    Withdraw Bonus Winnings and Rate the Offer

    Before we recommend a welcome bonus, free spins promo or a non-sticky reload offer, we try to withdraw our bonus winnings. If all goes smoothly, we rate and approve the promo. All top-rated casinos featured on our website have passed the non sticky bonus test with flying colours.

    Benefits of Using Non Sticky Bonuses

    Most casino promotions are beneficial to players, but non-sticky casino bonuses are particularly enticing. Whether you claim a lucrative welcome package or a reload deposit bonus, these are the perks you get when using non sticky bonuses.





    The great thing about non-sticky bonuses is that you can withdraw your winnings instantly, provided you won playing with the money you deposited and not the bonus funds. In contrast, when you claim sticky bonuses, the casino site will bundle together your deposit and bonus funds. When that happens, you will only be able to withdraw your winnings after you have met the wagering requirements of the bonus. So, it is easy to see why experienced players prefer to claim non sticky casino offers.

    Non-sticky casino bonuses allow you to trigger enticing promos, play your favourite games, and then, when you choose to, either withdraw your winnings or play with your bonus funds and free spins. That flexibility is unique to the top non-sticky bonuses and is something that other types of promos just cannot give you. And the greater the room for manoeuvre, the bigger the chances that you will have a profitable adventure where you will be in full control.

    When you activate a deposit bonus, you make a financial commitment. Whether you deposit €10 or €100, the money you transfer to your casino account is money that you can count on for your next bet. However, if the bonus you claim locks that money until you meet steep wagering requirements, your funds are as good as gone. Fortunately, that's not the case with non sticky bonuses. Parachute bonuses allow you to put all your money to good use and gamble without restrictions that limit your wagers.

    With non-sticky bonuses, playing your favourite slots and table games is a breeze. The selection of games is particularly impressive when you play with your own money, as there are no restrictions on the games you can choose. Admittedly, once you start using the bonus funds, those options become smaller, as the casino only allows you to play the games listed in the promo. However, the best non sticky bonuses usually boast a decent selection of games, so that's rarely a problem.

    How to Find the Best Non-Sticky Bonuses

    If you are looking for a top non-sticky bonus casino, you have two options. You can go through the bonus options of each casino site yourself and analyse bonuses one by one. Needless to say, that is time- and energy-consuming. Your second option is to go with online casinos recommended by our experts. These non-sticky casino sites have been tested inside out and are proven to offer competitive bonuses with reasonable conditions.

    Top 5 Casinos with Non Sticky Bonuses

    Non-sticky bonuses are enticing, but only if you can find the best ones. Fortunately, at Betpack, we do all the difficult work of researching bonuses for you. These are our top online casinos with non sticky bonus offers.

    What to Look for When Claiming Non Sticky Casino Bonuses?

    Finding top non-sticky bonuses can be tricky, but you can increase your chances of claiming an enticing promo if you determine whether it comes with reasonable terms and conditions. So, before you claim non-sticky promotions, read the terms and conditions. Pay particular attention to conditions relating to wagering, bonus validity periods, excluded payment methods, and game contribution to wagering.

    Red Flags to Watch Out for in Casino Non-Sticky Bonuses

    Once you start playing with non-sticky bonuses, you come to recognise what makes a good bonus. But what if you are new to casino bonuses? If that's the case, these are some red flags to look out for, as they will tell you if a promo is worth triggering or not:

    • Avoid unreasonable wagering requirements.

    • Short validity periods may turn even the best bonuses into money traps.

    • Misleading terms and conditions can cause a myriad of problems later on.

    • Too many excluded payment methods can limit who can claim a non sticky bonus.

    Non-Sticky Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions Explained

    As with all bonuses, non-sticky casino promos are as good as the terms and conditions they come with. The more reasonable and flexible the conditions, the better your chances of benefiting from the bonus. Here's a short overview of the key non sticky casino bonus terms and conditions:

    • Wagering Requirements: The rollover you need to complete to withdraw your bonus winnings.

    • Payment Method Exclusions: Which deposit options will activate a bonus (e.g. NETELLER deposits are often excluded).

    • Bonus Expiration: How much time you have to use the bonus and meet wagering.

    • Game Contribution: The contribution of each game towards meeting wagering conditions.

    Non-Sticky Bonuses vs Sticky Bonuses

    Non-sticky and sticky bonuses appeal to different types of players. But which one is right for you? Let's find out. Let's compare the two types of bonuses and determine which one works better for you.

    Non-Sticky Bonuses
    Check icon

    Deposit and bonus funds are kept separate.

    Check icon

    Wagering only applies to the bonus amount.

    Check icon

    You can withdraw your real money deposit winnings early.

    Check icon

    Easier to claim and benefit from due to reasonable bonus terms.

    Cancel icon

    Not as competitive as sticky bonuses.


    Sticky Bonuses
    Cancel icon

    Deposit and bonus money are bundled together.

    Cancel icon

    Wagering applies to the deposit and bonus amount.

    Cancel icon

    You cannot ask for a withdrawal before you complete the wagering requirements.

    Cancel icon

    Terms and conditions are more complicated.

    Check icon

    More lucrative than non-sticky promos.

    Strategies to Maximise Your Casino Non Sticky Bonus Benefits

    Bonus cash and free spins can expand your gambling options and potentially increase your winning avenues, particularly if you use some of the following strategies:

    • Have a clear withdrawal approach: Non-sticky bonuses allow you to withdraw your winnings early, so make sure you know exactly when you need to ask for a payout.

    • Read the terms and conditions: This one applies to all casino bonuses, but is especially important for no-sticky promos. Non-sticky bonuses should, in reality, be easier to claim. However, you can only know that if you read the terms of the bonus.

    • Don't lose sight of your goals: Is your goal to use the bonus or withdraw your winnings, even if that means foregoing the bonus? Know what you want from a non sticky bonus to maximise your profits.

    Impact of Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses on Gambling Behaviour

    Non-sticky bonuses require players to think ahead and plan their wagers, as well as to have a clear idea when they are going to withdraw their winnings. All of those things contribute to and encourage responsible gambling behaviour. So, it is not surprising that renowned regulators, such as the UK Gambling Commission encourage the use of these bonuses at UK casinos.

    Conclusion: The Future of Non-Sticky Casino Bonus Offers

    Because non-sticky bonuses come with more favourable requirements than sticky promos, they are always in high demand, particularly when they offer a lot of free spins or bonus funds. So, if you are someone who likes to claim these types of bonuses, you won't be short of options any time soon. Casinos want to make players happy and non sticky promotions are one of the ways to do that.

    Check out the best non sticky bonus casinos featured at Betpack to experience the fun first-hand!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do Non-Sticky Bonuses Work?

    Non-sticky bonuses are pretty straightforward. To claim one, you need to opt in and make a qualifying deposit. The casino site will then match your deposit in bonus funds, but keep them separate from your deposit.

    What Are Sticky Bonuses at Online Casinos?

    Non-sticky bonuses are casino promotions that allow you to withdraw any winnings you obtain from your real money deposit and only start using the bonus once you lose your own money.

    Why Can't I Withdraw a Casino Bonus?

    Check whether you have completed the wagering requirements. You won't be able to withdraw your bonus winnings if you haven't met the playthrough conditions. If you did but still can't withdraw your bonus windfall, contact customer support.

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