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Mancini clears the air on his future with Italy

Mancini clears the air on his future with Italy

29/03/2022; 1:12 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Stranger things have happened in football, and any new occurrence would be another anecdote in the sands of time. What makes the beautiful game is the intrigues, the twists and turns it serves. The sport has delivered scenes only a brilliant scriptwriter can conjure.

How does one explain Lionel Messi and his Barca side falling from their Olympian height and throwing away a 3-0 first-leg win to Liverpool? How does one explain Paris Saint-Germain constantly losing first leg home leads in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League? It is what football is and what makes it the greatest sport.

Italy served yet another intrigue, throwing up more questions than, heads should be rolling, but everyone seems calm. Italy fell from European champions to not qualifying for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year. Against minnows North Macedonia, the Azzurri failed to set up a date with Portugal in the playoffs.

The question is, should Roberto Mancini be fired?

Mancini still safe in his job

Following the defeat of Italy at the hands of minnows North Macedonia, many expected heads to roll. It has, however, been deathly silent as all parties try to assimilate the shock of the loss. The Italian manager Roberto Mancini is bullish about his position.

The former Manchester City manager has vowed to continue as the gaffer for the Azzurri. Mancini told reporters he wanted to win the World Cup, despite their failure to qualify for the most glamorous football event for the second time in a row.

There has been silence over the position of Mancini, with the former Inter Milan manager seemingly safe at the moment. Reports suggest the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) president Gabriele Gravina backs him to continue as manager.

Ahead of Italy’s friendly tie away to Turkey, Mancini said he spoke with the (FIGC) president as quoted by GOAL, claiming they are on the same page. Mancini claims that talks will continue in the next few days. Mancini said the focus now is on the game against Turkey. After the game, discussions would be about future improvements.

Desire to win a World Cup

Roberto Mancini is disappointed at not making it to Qatar. He had hoped to parade his European champions in Qatar. Roberto Mancini said he feels like staying on because he is still young. He said he desired to win one European championship and one World Cup. Following the defeat to North Macedonia, the wait for a World Cup continues.

Mancini said it was up to Gravina to decide if he needed to go. Mancini claims Italy were planning to call up a new generation of players. The 57-year-old was sure of thection the team was going. According to the Italian gaffer, younger players would be added to the team and hope they can have important experiences at their clubs.

In the last Euros, England were already singing the trophy was going home, but Italy had the final say making sure it went to Rome instead. Italy under Mancini won the Euros with a world record 37-match unbeaten streak stretching back to September 2018.

At the moment, 20 sides have already booked their spots in Qatar, with Germany being the first to do so.

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