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Ronaldo makes big claim on his return to Manchester United

Ronaldo makes big claim on his return to Manchester United

10/09/2021; 1:02 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Cristiano Ronaldo has declared that he has not come back to England to enjoy the sights or walk his dog along the banks of the River Thames. He says he is here to win things.

Football with its quirks is what makes it perhaps the most exciting game in the world. It is hard to turn a team from a losing one to a title-winning one.

The difference between knocking on Championship doors and breaking down the door could be a player. A clear case in point was the arrival of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea in 2004.

That Chelsea team had quality players but struggled to compete with the game’s elite. Mourinho, who dubbed himself the special one, came around and changed the mentality at Stamford Bridge. The rest is history.

While many might deny this, Manchester United have by their very own standards failed. Since Mourinho delivered the UEFA Europa League and the EFL Cup in 2017, the club has not had a sniff at a title.

The closest they have come is the Europa League final loss to Villarreal in 2021, which itself is an aberration. If they had done remotely well in the Champions League, they wouldn’t have been in the Europa League in the first place. However, one single transfer might potentially change their fortunes.

Ronaldo is a serial winner

Wherever he goes, he’s always doing good, and titles have trailed him. He is a serial winner and has declared that he has arrived at Manchester United to win things.

He won’t be the first serial winner the world has seen, and we’ve seen them arrive at Old Trafford and wilted under the summer glare.

The Portuguese is, however, adamant that he can still “smash it.” He wants to win things this season, and he might be the catalyst the Red Devils needed to propel them to the next level.

At 36, Ronaldo isn’t quite the teenager that arrived at Old Trafford in 2009. Yet, his thirst for titles and more records remains unabated.

At United, he meets a decent cast and should challenge for titles with quality management.

Record-breaker, bold assertions

Ronaldo, who is a five-time Ballon d’Or winner, has been speaking and has made bold assertions. According to The Telegraph, he has not returned to England for “vacation.” In the interview, he said he wants to show that he is still able to smash it.

Ronaldo has left several records in his wake, the last being the international goal-scoring record held by Iran’s Ali Daei.

Ronaldo is insatiable, and he wants more. He is here to win, and age is no barrier for him as he is different from other people, he said.

In a confident tone, he said he knows he will do good with his teammates.

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