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Best Volleyball Events To Bet On

Steven D. Thompson


Volleyball is a game of passion and great energy. It's fun watching opposing teams launch the ball back and forth, trying to dominate the gameplay. The game features some varieties with awesome uniqueness. No wonder it is gradually growing in popularity with bettors at many sportsbooks. There are several tournaments and championships for volleyball. Hence, bettors are spoilt for choice as they shuffle the best league to place their bets.

Here, we'll be digging deep into various volleyball events available for betting enthusiasts. We'll go further to highlight the best events you should look forward to for profitable odds. We'll then cap it up with a simple volleyball betting guide to help newbie bettors get.

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Table of Contents

    Top Volleyball Betting Events

    There are several volleyball tournaments that bettors will find very interesting. These events create juicy betting opportunities.

    Let's take a closer look at each of these top events.

    Top Volleyball Betting Events Top Volleyball Betting Events

    Volleyball Olympics Games

    This is by far the biggest volleyball event. Bettors will find some of the best volleyball odds at volleyball betting sites at this time. Although the Summer Olympics only come around once every four years. Nevertheless, it's a great time for smart bettors to land good profits.

    The Summer Olympics games feature top national teams for both men's and women's tournaments. They play both indoor and beach volleyball matches.

    Over the years, several countries have occupied the top spot in both the men's and women's categories. Top countries ruling men's team volleyball at the Olympics include Russia, Brazil, France, and the United States. For the women's tournament, the US, China, Brazil, and Serbia had been calling the shots since 2008.

    Beach volleyball, on the other hand, had the United States dominating the game. The US has had three gold medals in the men's category and four gold from the women's side.

    Bettors at Olympic volleyball games will find several betting options including pre-match and live bets during the event. It's one of the top tournaments to look forward to if you're looking to bet on volleyball.

    FIVB World Cup

    The FIVB, Fédération Internationale de Volleyball, is the global governing body of volleyball. They organize the volleyball world cup that is held every four years. It is a prestigious tournament where twelve teams from the FIVB member-nations compete.

    The cupd with the men's games in 1965 and later incorporated the women's teams in 1973. It was initially held in the year after the Olympics but now it is held in the year preceding the Olympics. Therefore, it serves as a qualifying tournament for the Olympics. 

    Both the men's and women's cups have had several countries emerging as the top, with Russia, Brazil, and the United States dominating the men's event. For the women's, China leads, having won five times. They are closely followed by Cuba, with four titles.

    Bettors can utilize the information of past winners and top contenders to place bets during the coming world cup event. The FIVB world cup offers another great betting opportunity for bettors at volleyball betting sites. 

    FIVB World Championship

    The Volleyball World Championship is another large volleyball event. It is an international tournament for men's and women's volleyball teams. The event is also held once in four years and is contested by 24 national teams.

    Qualification for the championship is held three years before the event. Then the qualifying teams compete in the tournament for one month. The men's event had its first edition in 1949, two years after the FIVB was founded. The women's championship followed suit in 1952. 

    There are several countries to look out for at both the men's and women's events. Brazil, Poland, and Italy have been shuffling the lead at the men's championship since 1990. For the women's event, Russia, the US, and Serbia are the most recent winners of the title.

    The next volleyball world championship is scheduled for this year from 26th August to 11th September. It's another time for bettors to roll up their sleeves and put their best effort into placing profitable bets. 

    FIVB World Grand Championship

    The FIVB World Grand Championship is an entirely different volleyball event held every four years. The event also has in attendance top national men and women teams.

    The World Grand Champions Cupd in 1993 with 6 teams competing for the title. Brazil has been taking the lead in the men's tournament for the past four events. It's been a loggerhead between China, Brazil, and Italy at the women's event.

    Volleyball betting sites put out betting odds for this event. It's such a great event to look forward to. Bettors can choose to make live volleyball betting options or place their volleyball wagers before the match getsd. 

    FIVB Volleyball Nations League

    The FIVB Volleyball Nations League kicked off in 2018, replacing the former FIVB World League for men and the World Grand Prix for women. It is the only annual FIVB volleyball event. It features 16 national teams.

    Alongside the Nations League is the Challenger Cup. It is a competition for national teams that are not participating in the current Nations League. Winners of the Challenger Cup automatically qualify for the next Nations League.

    The men's national professional leagues have been dominated by Russia, two-time champions, and Brazil, who won the previous event. On the other hand, the US has had the spotlight at the women's event, having won all three events since 2018.

    Since the Nations League is an annual event, bettors have a regular opportunity of placing wagers on their favorite teams. Besides, with the annual Nations League and the FIVB World Cup, FIVB World Championships, World Grand Championship, and the Olympics, there are now at least two major volleyball events every year.

    Therefore, punters at top online betting sites are never bored as they enjoy all the events and place bets accordingly. Online bookies are also up to the task as they continuously roll out different betting markets during major events.

    History of Volleyball History of Volleyball

    History of Volleyball

    Now that you're aware of the various top events in the world of volleyball let's walk you down memory lane into how the game itselfd.

    Volleyball is one of those games that has its roots from far back in the 19th century. The game was invented in 1895 and had its official handbook printed in 1897. Since then, volleyball has gradually evolved, gaining wide acceptance among many. 

    There are two major kinds of volleyball play - indoor volleyball matches and beach volleyball. The indoor volleyball involves six players on each team. On the other hand, beach volleyball is played outdoors on sand. Here, each team will have only two players each.

    Volleyball became part of the Olympic schedule in 1964. Several other championships like the Beach Volleyball World Championships have been organized where top teams compete. 

    How Is the Game Played?

    Volleyball involves two teams with players who bat the ball with their hands over a high net. The goal is to ensure that the ball does not touch the ground before batting it to the opposing team. 

    Therefore, players ensure they turn in a good volley in a place the opposing team won't be able to reach. Once the ball gets to a team's side, they have the opportunity of three touches before batting the ball to the other side. 

    If the ball touches the ground or a team isn't able to get the ball through after three touches, they lose the round. This is a basic overview of how the game works.

    How Is Winning Calculated in Volleyball Tournaments?

    Volleyball teams jostle to beat their opponents to reach 25 points. The first team to achieve 25 points with at least two points margin from the opposing team wins the set.

    The game consists of at most five sets. To win the game, a team must win at least three of the five sets. These are the standard rules for team volleyball. 

    The calculations become a little different for beach volleyball games. In beach volleyball, there are only three sets, and the first team to reach 21 points with at least two points margin wins the set.

    Also, the rules may be a bit different for different events. That's why it's pretty important to understand how each tournament works before placing your bet.

    How To Place Volleyball Bets

    Volleyball is such an amazing sport to bet on. Having outlined the major tournaments, we'll be going further to show you how to place bets with a volleyball betting strategy.

    Here's a step by step guide to placing volleyball wagers at gambling sites:


    Create a schedule for top events in the year

    Remember that some events happen quadrennially (every four years) while some occur annually. Therefore it's important that you have the yearly schedule drafted out. This way, you know the games to look forward to.


    Choose a volleyball betting site

    You need to select a bookmaker that offers several types of volleyball bets. Your bookmaker should also offer betting odds for all the top events. So, you should check that the online bookie you're using has the necessary things in place.


    Check out the available odds for the upcoming or current tournament

    Sportsbooks put out odds for upcoming and current events. You'll also find the option of live bets at many online sports betting sites. Although you should note that the live odds change as the gameplay proceed.


    Place bets on your favourite team

    Having confirmed the available odds and the betting markets offered, you can go ahead to place your bets. It's important that you understand the various betting styles available and how they can affect your bets.

    Betting Markets at the Best Volleyball Betting Sites

    Betting in volleyball could be a bit confusing, especially if you're new to betting. That's why we have put together this guide to help newbie bettors understand different betting markets at the best volleyball betting sites.

    You'll find myriads of betting options to choose from when betting on volleyball. Let's show you some of these betting.

    Match and Tournament Bets

    A tournament bet is basically betting on who you think will be the outright winner of the entire tournament. It can be classified as a long-term bet. Bettors have to wait till the event is over to know if their bet wins or not.

    This can be thrilling as volleyball fans watch the game proceedings with a blend of excitement and anxiety. Bettors can also place future bet days before the tournament begins.

    On the other hand, a match bet has a shorter time frame. It involves betting on the outcome of a particular match. Bettors can only bet that a team will either win or lose. There are no ties in volleyball; the game must have a winner.

    Totals Bet

    This is one of the common volleyball bets. It could involve predicting the total amount of points that will be gathered in a game. Recall that in an indoor volleyball match, the first to reach 25 points wins, and there are five sets. All bettors have to do then is predict whether the points scored will be below or above a given number.

    Totals could also involve betting on what the correct score will be at the end of the game. Since there are five sets, punters can bet on whether the outcome will be 3-2 or 3-1, and so on. Remember, there are no draws in volleyball.

    Handicap Bets

    Handicap betting is an interesting bet type. It gives room for wider betting options. This is what we mean: in a handicap bet, bookmakers give a supposed weaker team an imaginary edge. This levels the field, making things more dynamic.

    It's like when two athletes want to run a 100m race, and the stronger is placed at theng line while the supposed weaker one is placed at the 20m mark. This means that the stronger athlete has to cover a 20m deficit to win the race.

    In online volleyball betting, if Russia is going against Switzerland, you may find a handicap of +2.5 for Switzerland. It means Switzerland is given an imaginary 2.5 points already. So, if you bet on Russia to win, they will have to win the game 3-0 for your bet to be successful.

    On the other hand, if Switzerland loses the match but can win at least one set, they'll still win the bet. This is because of the initial advantage given to them.

    Pros and Cons of Volleyball Betting

    Volleyball betting can be very exciting and rewarding. Nevertheless, it does have its fair share of shortcomings. Let's show you some of the pros and cons of betting on volleyball.



    • There are a lot of top events to place bets on
    • Volleyball betting odds are always very attractive and profitable
    • Punters will find several volleyball markets for betting


    • Bettors have to wait for major events to get profitable odds
    • Newbies may find it hard to understand different tournament rules
    • The number of top betting events each year is quite small


    Volleyball betting is increasingly becoming popular at multiple betting sites. The dynamics and peculiarities of the game make it a worthy option for many bettors. Besides, some of the best online bookies offers are for betting in volleyball and new bettors at some betting sites receive free bets credited upon sign up, with free bets valid for a good period. This means that you may basically bet for free.

    That said, bettors will always find top events in the year with competitive odds to place wagers. As long as punters carefully make their analysis and use top volleyball betting tips, it will be easy to place successful wagers on volleyball games.

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