Abramovich to receive offers this week over the sale of Chelsea

Abramovich to receive offers this week over the sale of Chelsea

02/03/2022; 2:16 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Opportunists are already circling with the belief the Russian billionaire could sell due to the Russia/Ukraine imbroglio.

The net is closing in on Roman Abramovich as the British people are baring their fangs and perhaps hypocrisy towards him. The Russian oligarch took a punt on Chelsea, paid a premium and took the Pensioners from the doldrums of English and European football to the pinnacle of world football.

Chelsea have won all the trophies they could win and are now regarded as an elite club. Roman has cooked a good meal, and it’s perhaps time for him to relinquish the kitchen. The Russian billionaire has seen his friendship with Vladimir Putin put him in a position where he could possibly lose his prized toy.

Perhaps, this is a message to future owners to stay clear of political leaders, as their position tomorrow could determine whether a hammer could fall on them.

There seems to be a line drawn over what constitutes righteousness in England. Newcastle United are under the ownership of a Saudi prince accused of masterminding the killing of journalist Khashoggi, yet no ire amongst the people. Roman Abramovich is where they draw the line. Anyway, the Russian might consider selling Chelsea FC as bids are expected to come in this week.

Bids for Chelsea are expected this week

The cries for further sanctions in the UK have grown louder, and Abramovich is the fall guy for Vladimir Putin’s decision to send his army into Ukraine. War is no good and must receive condemnation anytime it rears its ugly head, but the rage shouldn’t be selective.

Roman Abramovich may eventually let go of Chelsea. Last week, the Chelsea owner stepped back from the day-to-day management of the club’s affairs, handing it to the Chelsea Foundation.

Reports are rife of offers that will be arriving for the sale of the club this week. The reports suggest the interest of three parties in buying the Premier League club. They remain optimistic that he will consider the bids. Under his watch, Chelsea have become the most successful club in England since 2000.

Interested parties circling

The future of Chelsea looks unsure as interested parties are looking to wrest ownership of the club from Abramovich. The Russian billionaire is under pressure to sell. The Daily Telegraph reports that the vultures are circling with three parties preparing humongous offers for Abramovich.

Abramovich is unwilling to sell and has given operations of the club to trustees of Chelsea’s charitable foundation. Chelsea FC have declared that the club is not for sale, but the Russia/Ukraine situation may soften their stance.

On Tuesday, Labor MP Chris Bryant claimed Abramovich was preparing to sell his Kensington mansion because of sanctions. The Russian billionaire previously turned down offers of over £2 billion for Chelsea.

Chelsea fans are worried that if Abramovich sells the club, they could end up like Manchester United. It is hard to find an owner with the passion Abramovich has for Chelsea. Many have declared him the best club owner the world has ever seen.

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