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How To Develop A Betting Strategy For Boxing

Steven D. Thompson


Sharp bettors are always excited about amazing returns on boxing bets. It's not surprising as these kinds of bets feature profitable odds. That's why boxing punters are always looking for opportunities to place their wagers. However, we noticed that many sports bettors don't have a boxing betting strategy for their bets. They place unplanned bets and end up in huge losses. Here in this Betpack guide, we will be giving a helping hand to all bettors seeking to make the most of their boxing wagers. We will show you how to make solid and profitable betting strategies in boxing.

Since you're pumped up for this already, we won't be hesitating either. Let's get the ball rolling already!

Table of Contents

    What is a Boxing Betting Strategy?

    In simple terms, boxing betting strategies are your game plans to help you make wise betting decisions during any boxing match. The good thing about the boxing betting tips we will be sharing is that they are easy to understand and implement. They involve a careful analysis of the boxers and other things that could affect their performance.

    The goal is to be able to easily predict the outcome of a match or specific round using basic information. With such prediction, bettors will place wagers with a better degree of accuracy and win more money on boxing betting.

    What is a Boxing Betting Strategy? What is a Boxing Betting Strategy?

    How to Create the Best Boxing Betting Strategies

    Certain factors contribute to a boxer's performance in a boxing bout. They include the following:

    • Personal Qualities
    • Boxer's Drive
    • Coaching and Training Camp

    We will be going deep into how these factors could affect a boxer and how you can utilize the info to choose from available betting options.

    Personal Qualities

    A fighter's personal qualities are one of the biggest determinants of his performance. Personal qualities such as endurance level, strength, power, speed, and accuracy are crucial factors to consider.

    Before placing an outright winner bet in boxing, it's important to go through the boxer's records carefully. The records should give you a hint of the fighter's qualities, especially with respect to another boxer. That would also display how his performance has changed over the years. 

    While you can't base all of your judgment on a boxer's previous boxing matches, it can give you ana of what to expect and prepare you for further research. Besides, you can easily compare the boxer's former performance against his opponent's performance. By doing this, you can figure out whether they are knockout artists or just regular fighters. As we mentioned, this is a good beginning point for further analysis.

    Depending on the kind of bet you are looking to place, past boxing history would highlight a boxer's fighting style. Is he usually more aggressive, or is he always playing safe? Does he deliver knockouts on a specific round of the game? Comparing these with the track record of the opponent would go a long way in helping you bet wisely.

    Remember, not all boxing games end with a knockout. The judge's scores could determine the game. Therefore, understanding the boxers' stamina, endurance, and punch delivery is key in placing successful bets at sports online betting websites.

    Boxer's Drive

    Aside from personal qualities and skills, the player's motivation plays a huge role in how he performs. Upcoming boxers know that they have to build their careers, so they train on a strict schedule and give their best at every appearance. 

    The effect of a match on a fighter's career is another thing that drives motivation. What does the boxer stand to gain? How much will be taken home if he wins the bout? All these could boost the morale of the boxer ahead of an upcoming fight.

    You should note that in the face of a stronger opponent, motivation may not help much. However, if both opponents have similar physical skills, the difference in their motivation for the game would indeed influence the outcome.

    You can see this perfectly when the unbeatable Mike Tyson had his first defeat from James Douglas. There were reports of personal issues about Iron Mike, especially concerning his divorce and separation from his longtime trainer. Fight fans could have easily predicted his eventual defeat.

    Another factor is carefully observing what happened at the boxer's most recent appearances. If he has had a winning streak at previous boxing fixtures, we can expect that he is training harder to sustain his success. Or, his success at major fights made him so relaxed that he isn't training as much as he should.

    On the other hand, if he was humiliated at his previous fights, he will likely want to redeem his image in the coming face-off. After Mike Tyson's loss to Douglas, we saw how he bounced back in consecutive matches. However, he had suffered from a severe injury in his previous game, which had an impact on his future performance. 

    Consequently, you should highlight motivation triggers or dampeners of the boxer and see how it can play out in the coming match. This way, you can understand the boxing strategy of players and make wiser options of who to bet on at top betting sites.

    Coaching and Training

    The quality of a boxer's training can give you a hint of how he will perform during a match. If he is going against a tough opponent, we expect him to work with an experienced trainer in professional boxing. Otherwise, that could be a good reason not to place bets on him. 

    Although a boxer may have good trainers, he doesn't sometimes have enough time to train. This also impacts his performance negatively. You can easily find out who the trainer is, but you may not be able to know how often and well he trains with the trainer. 

    An excellent way to go around this is to track the boxer's social life and free-time activities. We know that boxers have to live extremely disciplined when they have a big fight night coming up. Therefore, if a boxer is getting too relaxed, it could reduce his training time. 

    In addition, you should be wary at the same time. It could be bait from the boxer's camp to lure his opponent into thinking like he is not training as hard as he should. You can imagine the outcome if the opponent lets down his guard because of such bait.

    Putting It All Together

    It all falls back to a combination of skill and training. Before selecting who to place bets on, it's important to carefully study their personal skills, fighting techniques, motivation, and much more. Comparing both fighters' records should give you ana of how the game will go.

    It's going to take you some time and energy to gather this info, but it will pay off in the end. If you're able to carefully follow each boxer's info before the big fights, you will be making a better decision than the vast majority for sure.

    How to Understand Boxing Scores How to Understand Boxing Scores

    How to Understand Boxing Scores

    You should keep in mind that not all fights end up with a decisive knockout. There are many cases where there's no obvious winner after the scheduled rounds. This is where the concept of boxing scores comes into play. Depending on the type of boxing bet you're looking to place, you have to understand how these scores are calculated. 

    The judges of the bout assign boxing scores. There are often three judges in a fight. They observe the fight, the quality of punches, the defensive abilities of the players, and knockdowns. These are what they use to award points to each boxer.

    The points are awarded on a 10-point scale for each boxer. This is how it works:

    • For a round where one fighter dominates and is able to knock down the opponent, it is always scored as 10-8. 10 points for the dominating boxer and 8 points for the weaker one.
    • If a boxer dominates the round with quality punches and effective aggression but suddenly gets knocked down by the opponent, the score is usually 9-9. It's a draw.  
    • A judge can award a 10-9 if the two fighters knock themselves down, but one of the fighters had a greater influence during the round. They may as well award 10-10 to each boxer if they can't find any significant difference in the boxing round.
    • If a boxer was all around, landing hard, clean blows, and correctly dodging his opponent's attack all through the round, a judge could choose to award a 10-8 in favour of the dominating boxer.

    All these are the basic scoring patterns in boxing. However, judges could reduce a fighter's points because of a foul or a violation based on the game rules. 

    At the end of the fight, the points of each judge are calculated. If a fighter has higher points from two judges, he will be pronounced the winner.

    The match could also end up in a draw if all three judges scored a unanimous draw or when one judge has a win, the second scores a loss while the third scores them even.

    Pros and Cons of Betting on Boxing

    Sharp boxing bettors may get to win money betting on their favourite sport with some of the best betting strategies for betting on boxing. But still, there are often certain shortcomings with the sport that could affect your bets. Let's find out!



    • Boxing features profitable odds when the right betting strategies are implemented.
    • Bettors can bet across different boxing betting lines during a fight.
    • With careful analysis, it's easy to land a win via boxing betting.


    • Judges are sometimes biased in awarding points. This could negatively impact your bet.
    • Poor refereeing is an issue, especially for rivalries.
    • It may take some time to come up with a proper boxing betting strategy.

    Final Words

    We've gone on and on to help you to make a profit on sports betting, especially betting on boxing. Even though it takes some time to create the right strategy, the profitable boxing odds always pay out in the long run.

    New bettors may even be lucky to find free bet offers in the UK at gambling sites and place free bet stakes or bet credits stake using the welcome bonuses.

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