Fernandinho exit confirmation surprises Guardiola

Fernandinho exit confirmation surprises Guardiola

15/04/2022; 2:38 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Many say Pep Guardiola is a master tactician and one of the best man managers in the game. Many have picked holes in the assertion of the Spaniard being one of the best man managers in the world. They believe that Guardiola does not have a great relationship with his players. Recent developments have added fodder to the arsenal of this group.

Past players of Guardiola have criticised the Spaniard for not being straightforward and dishonest. Players like Samuel Eto (who played for Guardiola at Barcelona) and Yaya Toure (Barcelona and Manchester City) are known to not be on the best terms with Pep.

Fernandinho dropped a bombshell that left Guardiola stranded. In a press conference ahead of their Champions League tie with Atletico Madrid, the Brazilian announced he was leaving Manchester City at the end of the season.

Asides from Fernandinho, another Brazilian could also be leaving City, with odds from bookmakers hinting at a possible exit for forward Gabriel Jesus.

Fernandinho leaving for Brazil

Fernandinho announced he would leave the Sky Blues at the end of the season, leaving Pep Guardiola bewildered.

It is a testimony of the non-relationship between the Brazilian and the Spaniard. Guardiola claimed to be unaware of the news.

Many believe that Guardiola should have known that one of his generals would quit at the end of the season. He was caught pants down with the announcement by Fernandinho.

At the press conference ahead of the second leg Champions League tie with Atletico Madrid, Fernandinho made his decision known to the world. The Brazilian with an incredible career with Manchester City claims he was going to return to Brazil.

The BBC picked the statement by Fernadinho, who said he decided with his family, which was the most important for him.

Fernandinho surprises Guardiola

Fernandinho is a Manchester City legend and one of the best buys by the Sky Blues. He dines at the same table with Yaya Toure, David Silva and Sergio Aguero. He has been an exemplary professional and a role model for young players.

The highly-rated player was a general in the heart of the City midfield for many years before the arrival of Rodri a few seasons ago. The Brazilian’s unquestioned loyalty has seen him play in defence sometimes.

 Asked about Fernandinho’s imminent departure, the Catalan confessed that it was news to him. The former Barcelona manager was surprised and claimed he was unaware of the Brazilian’s decision to quit.

Guardiola said he didn’t know of Fernandinho’s decision until he announced it at the press conference. He claims Fernandinho is important to him and that he would talk to the midfielder.

Fernandinho (36) has proved to be a model professional and a fantastic acquisition by Manchester City. He has made 373 appearances in all competitions for the Sky Blues, winning the Premier League four times. If Manchester City wins the league this season, it would be a fifth Premier League title for the veteran Brazilian.

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