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    About Us

    Betpack is the nexus between the world of sports, the best bookmakers, and you, the punter. We help you locate your ideal sportsbook by objectively ranking and reviewing reliable bookies. Whether you are a new bettor or a seasoned betting veteran, at Betpack, you will find the betting tips you need, the tried-and-tested strategies you crave, and the enticing promos you deserve.

    What We Do

    Our team of experts analyses and tests trustworthy sportsbooks with zero favouritism or bias. When done, we assign a grade to each betting site, thus helping you find the top bookies in a heartbeat. Betpack also delivers in-depth betting guides, well-researched tips, and proven strategies.

    Why We Do It

    Honest and accurate information is often in short supply in the betting industry. We want to change that. Driven by a desire to provide bettors with unbiased reviews and advice, Betpack leads the transformation of the betting industry and helps you make the right bookmaker choice.

    How We Do It

    At Betpack, we take no shortcuts. Before writing our independent and impartial reviews, we join sportsbooks. We also place bets, contact support, and claim bonuses. Unlike other sites, we never resort to AI-generated predictions. Expert human bettors are in charge of providing you with well-researched betting tips 100 per cent of the time.

    Who We Are

    The Betpack team consists of sports lovers and betting enthusiasts. We know what bettors want, and we do our best to provide them with the information and wagering tools they need. Here is what each member of the Betpack team brings to the table.

    James Barker - Editor-in-Chief

    James, the man at the helm, makes sure that all Betpack visitors get objective and accurate information about the betting sites we review, the promos we analyse, and the tips we provide.

    Oscar Walton - Editor

    Our in-house Hemingway, Oscar, eats, lives, and breathes sports and betting. A perfectionist by nature, he is happiest when he creates engaging and accurate content that helps bettors find the bookie they need while enjoying the process at the same time.

    Megan Hunter - Editor

    With an eye for detail and a fondness for fact-checking, Megan is our go-to girl when verifying sportsbook facts and numbers. Although kind at heart, factual errors get under her skin.

    Connor Burke - Betting Tips Editor

    A sports betting aficionado for as long as he can remember, Connor is the ultimate tipster. Delivering value to bettors is what he is all about, and nothing makes him happier than a long winning streak.

    Lauren Cooke - Graphic Designer

    Lauren converts the Betpack concept and the idea of a one-stop sports betting resource into visual imagery that communicates to punters. A sports lover herself, she knows how to inform and inspire bettors.

    Jake Patel - Sales & Marketing

    With a "never say no" attitude, Jake creates marketing strategies that keep Betpack ahead of the game. He is always up to speed with the latest developments in the industry, and his market development numbers are second to none.

    Sophie Barret - Customer Support

    Ready to assist Betpack visitors with any problem or query, Sophie is always there, regardless of the issue. Drop her a line, and she will get back to you in no time.

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