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Micro Betting

Steven D. Thompson


Micro betting is an iGaming hybrid strategy that combines two aspects of game betting. It has aspects of prop betting where the betting market is unrelated to the match's final score. On the other hand, it also live and requires real time information like significant moments as the game progresses. Unlike in play betting, micro bets are settled quickly. Punters don't have to wait until a match, half, or quarter ends to determine if their bet won or lost. Micro betting requires analysis and luck since you're wagering on a small aspect of the game. It is also an entertaining endeavour as odds change in seconds, and you must act quickly. 

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Table of Contents

    Micro Betting Explained

    Micro betting is available for every major sport on which users bet. Many bettors prefer wagering on multiple sports depending on the time of the year or calendar season. This interest draws sportsbooks to offer more volume of micro betting options to cover unique aspects of the game.

    For instance, instead of wagering on a live moneyline, total, spread, or player prop, micro betting allows you to go much deeper into the game's details. Depending on the sport or how big the event is, you can wager on the next player to score, which team will score next, which will be the next to get penalised, etc. There are endless possibilities for such gambling markets. 

    Micro Betting Micro Betting

    Popular Micro Betting Markets and Examples

    Unlike traditional online betting, which focuses on the overall outcome of a game, micro betting centers on smaller, more frequent events. Here are some popular types of micro betting markets, each with an example to help you understand better.

    • Point-based Betting: In point-based betting, bets are made on how each point in a game will turn out. This type of micro-betting is especially common in sports such as volleyball and tennis. For example, in a tennis match you can bet on whether Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal will win the next point. You can bet that Djokovic will win the point thanks to his powerful serves.

    • Play-by-play Betting: Play-by-play betting is the practice of betting on the outcomes of individual games in sports such as baseball and American football. As an example, in an American football game you can bet on whether the next play will be a pass or a run. Given the history of the team and the current state of the game (for example, third down and long), you can expect a pass play.

    • Future Event Betting: The ability to accurately predict the next event in a game, such as the next basket in basketball, the next point in soccer or the next goal in football, is known as a next event bet. As an example: You can bet on which team will score the next goal in a soccer match. You can bet that Manchester City will score the next goal if they put too much pressure on their opponent's defense.

    • Betting on Player Performance: The focus of player performance betting is on an athlete's individual performance during a game. The yards gained, assists or points scored by a player are just some of the metrics that punters can bet on. For example, you can bet on how many points LeBron James will score in the first half of a basketball game. If he has started scoring recently, you can bet that he will score more than 15 points in the first two quarters.

    • Minute by Minute Betting: Minute bets are bets on the possible outcomes for a certain number of minutes of play. This type of betting is popular in soccer. Punters can bet on whether a goal will be scored within a certain period of time. For example: If both teams are playing aggressively and pushing for a goal, you can bet on a goal to be scored in the 45th minute, just before halftime during a soccer match.

    • Corner Betting: It is quite popular in soccer, allowing bettors to wager on the number of corner kicks awarded in a game or within a specific time frame. To illustrate, in a soccer match, you could bet on whether there will be more than 10 corner kicks in total. If both teams have strong attacking play but struggle to convert chances into goals, you might expect a high number of corners.

    How to Place Micro Bets

    Placing micro bets requires precision and timely decisions. The matches are ongoing, and wagering delays might lead to missed opportunities. Following up on the game or using simplebet technology like AI/machine learning as a micro bettor is important to have all your facts right before you place numerous bets. The step-by-step guide on how to place micro bets involves:

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Choose a Reputable Betting Platform Step 1

    Choose a Reputable Betting Platform

    Start by choosing a reputable betting platform that offers micro betting options. Look for platforms that are licenced, have good user reviews and offer a wide range of sports and betting markets. Lucky for you, we have many sports betting sites for you to browse.

    Select Your Sport and Event Step 2

    Select Your Sport and Event

    Once you’ve found a solid bookmaker and funded your account, choose the sport and specific event you want to bet on. Micro betting is available for a variety of sports including soccer, tennis, basketball, and more.

    Identify the Micro Betting Market Step 3

    Identify the Micro Betting Market

    Now this is the cruical part you may want to focus on. Browse through the available micro betting markets for your chosen event. These markets include point-by-point betting, next event betting, player performance betting, and more.

    Place Your Bet and Monitor the Game Step 4

    Place Your Bet and Monitor the Game

    Last but not least, place your bet by selecting the market, entering your stake, and confirming the wager. Keep an eye on the game and the live updates provided by the betting platform to see how your bet is performing.

    Pros and Cons of Micro Betting

    When determining whether micro-betting is worth it, consider its advantages and disadvantages. This will give you a clear picture of what to expect and help determine if it fits your gambling style. 



    • Flexibility
    • Reduced risk
    • Entertainment value
    • Speedy settlements for instant gratification
    • Convenience


    • Real time streaming quality
    • Technical complexity
    • Real-time sports betting isn’t easy
    • Limited game betting data providers

    Best Strategies, Hints, and Tips for Micro Betting

    Micro betting requires precision, and you can only succeed with the proper guidance. Various strategies will increase your chances of winning and help you avoid common mistakes that will lead to setbacks.

    • Do Thorough Research and Team Analysis: Research and advanced analytics will help you understand the team and players in action. There is a limited time to make decisions, and information like the teams' niche form and history of similar fixtures will be instrumental in decision-making.

    • Utilise Real-Time Data: Leveraging the live match analysis and game insights will help you maximise your micro-betting success. The rapid decision-making within limited time frames requires rich and reliable details of the unfolding events in the game.

    • Practice Responsible Gambling: Both wins and losses can trigger you to impulse actions in online gambling. You should possess strong bankroll management skills and the discipline to set and stay within limits. Responsible gambling requires players to know when they are experiencing a rapid fire nature and walk away.

    • Familiarise Yourself with the Sportsbooks: Knowledge is vital in micro betting. Check out the best sportsbooks in the market and familiarise yourself with their data provision and interface. It will help you make quick and informed decisions, increasing the odds of making profitable micro bets.


    Micro betting is the fastest growing segment in gaming and requires input in research and analysis but will rip you profits if you do it correctly. It serves a unique role in the online gambling industry as it helps bettors understand various aspects of a match that contribute to the overall outcome. Not only do they learn more about a sport, but they enjoy benefits from winnings if successful.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Micro Bets?

    Micro bets are numerous bets wagered on the outcome of minor aspects of a match, e.g., which team will score next, which player will be penalised next, and which type of score will the next basket be. 

    Which Sports are Best for Micro Betting?

    Micro betting is available in several other sports, including baseball, basketball, American football, soccer, tennis, and golf.

    Which are the Most Popular Micro Sports Bets?

    While it depends on the sport, the most popular micro bet is usually around which player or team will score next.

    How is Micro Betting Different From In Play Betting and Prop Betting?

    Micro betting is similar to in game betting but is settled quickly. As with prop betting, it is more specific, with a particular outcome element in the game.

    Where Can I Find Micro Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks?

    Micro betting markets are usually under the 'In-Game' or 'Live' section on the sportsbook interface. 

    Do All Sportsbook Offer Microbetting?

    Not all sportsbooks offer micro bets. Also, the markets and odds differ from one sportsbook to another depending on their match options.

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