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Hedge Bet CalculatorHedge Bet Calculator

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Hedge betting is a sports betting strategy that punters can use to boost their winning chances. This technique can lower the risk of a wager or even guarantee a profit. That is, you can use it to make profits when the odds are on your side or limit your losses when the odds are against you. Plus, it's suitable for pre-game as well as live or in-play betting.
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Back Bet (Bookmaker)


Lay Bet (Exchange)



At odds 2 you could lay: $0.00
Liability will be: $0.00
Overall profit will be: $0.00


Bookmaker Exchange Total
If Back (Bookmakers) Bet Wins $0.00 $0.00 = $0.00
If Lay (Exchange) Bet Wins $0.00 $0.00 = $0.00

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Table of Contents

    The easiest way to benefit from this method at online sportsbooks is to use a free hedging calculator. All you have to do is enter the required parameters and let the calculator do the math for you. Read on to find out how our simplified hedging calculator works.

    How to use Hedge Calculator on Betpack has created a simple hedging calculator to help you calculate your potential profit and liability when hedging a bet. You can easily secure a guaranteed profit because you will know how much your hedge bet should be. The goal here is to place a second wager against your original bet to lock in a profit. Simply fill in the textboxes with your back stake, back bet decimal odds and lay price to guarantee an equal profit. Follow the detailed steps described below.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:04
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    nothing Step 1

    Enter Your Back Stake or Original Bet Details

    Your back stake is the bet amount you wish to place on a sporting event on the bookmaker's website. Just enter your preferred bet followed by the sportsbook's back commission if there's any. Then, enter the decimal odds as provided by the chosen sports betting site.

    nothing Step 2

    Enter the Lay Bet Details

    You will need to use lay bets at betting exchanges to guarantee yourself a profit using our hedging calculator. Pick a betting exchange of your choice and look for the lay bet odds for the selected sport. Provide the calculator with the lay bet decimal odds as they appear on the betting exchange website.

    nothing Step 3

    Enter the Betting Exchange Lay Commission

    The next step is to enter the lay commission charged by the selected betting exchange. This is simply a small percentage of your potential winnings from lay bets. Just like the back commission, the hedging calculator will need the lay commission to calculate the possible outcome accurately.

    nothing Step 4

    See Your Results

    This hedging calculator tells you the recommended amount to bet (hedge bet) in order to get guaranteed profit. It will show the ideal lay bet amount and your liability or profits, depending on the data. The bottom section displays the results if your back bet wins and if your lay bet wins.

    How to Hedge a Parlay Bet?

    Parlays are among the most common types of bets you can place on different sports at sports betting sites. A parlay bet consists of multiple, single bets that are linked to one another. This boosts the potential winnings for sure, but the downside is all your bets must win if you want to pocket some money. The good news is that you can turn your parlay bets into a guaranteed profit if you use our hedge calculator at the right time.

    The higher the selections when placing parlays, the bigger the potential profits. If you choose to hedge a parlay, it's advisable to hedge high-risk bets with huge rewards. Let's say you are placing a parlay wager with 5 selections. The first 4 have won, so one match is remaining. You can win no matter what by hedging your bet with more than your original bet.

    How to Hedge a Futures Bet?

    Pre-betting on upcoming events is another exciting form of sports betting. This is possible in popular sports like football, American football, and even basketball. Future bets present a great opportunity to maximize your profits, especially when the pre-game odds are in your favour.

    You can wait and hedge your bets when the final event is around the corner by placing your money on the opponent. If your original bet was for the favourite team, this strategy is most likely to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Hedging Calculator?

    A hedging calculator is a simple tool that helps sports punters to place hedge bets to lower their risks and increase the chances of getting a guaranteed profit.

    Can I Use a Hedge Calculator for Any Sports?

    You can use our hedging calculator to calculate your potential loss or profit when betting on the most popular sports such as football and basketball.

    Which are the Best Sports Bets to Hedge?

    The most suitable bets for hedging include parlays, future bets and in-play or live bets.

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