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Christian Eriksen works towards Denmark return before Qatar 2022

Christian Eriksen works towards Denmark return before Qatar 2022

05/01/2022; 3:58 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Eriksen is determined to be back in shape despite not playing football for a while.

Not many players return to football after recovering from heart problems. Many retire as they would be unable to cope with the rigours of professional football.

Recently, Kun Sergio Aguero had to retire from football due to heart problems. While Aguero was unlucky with his professional career coming to an abrupt end, Kanu Nwankwo survived a heart issue that forced him out of Inter Milan.

Away from transfer news, one of the most talked about footballers in 2021 has shared an interview that many have long waited for.

During Euro 2020, Inter Milan midfielder Christian Eriksen had to quit the tournament when he suffered a cardiac arrest. The incident came in the game against Finland.

Eriksen wants to continue playing football

During Euro 2020, Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest that ended his competition abruptly. The 29-year-old survived the traumatising ordeal after receiving life-saving treatment on the pitch. He had an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) device fitted into him.

Since the incident, Eriksen has not played football but has been ramping up individual training as he looks to return to football again.

The attacking midfielder saw his contract rescinded at Inter Milan as Serie A rules leave no opening for a player to play with an ICD implanted in him. Despite his condition, Eriksen is determined to play for his country again.

Gratitude to be alive, hopeful to play again

In a recent interview quoted by The Athletic, Eriksen spoke of his desire to play again. He said his goal is to play in the World Cup in Qatar. According to him, his mindset has remained resolute on thea of playing for his country again. Eriksen, however, admitted that despite that being his goal and dream, it was not in his hands as it fell on the team selectors to decide if he was good enough to represent Denmark at the World Cup.

Eriksen revealed that physically he was OK. He claims he is back in top shape. He said he would continue to play football and prove that he is back at the same level.

Eriksen was also full of gratitude to all who worked for his survival. He was thankful to the doctors, teammates and well-wishers for their roles in ensuring that he survived. According to him, he died for five minutes on the pitch.

Eriksen said the flowers and letters that he received were amazing. He said it was weird as he didn’t expect people to send flowers. Eriksen found it extraordinary and nice of everyone. It was a big help to him to receive those wishes.

Eriksen joined Inter Milan in 2020 for a fee of around £17million. The move came after spending six-and-a-half seasons at Tottenham.

Martin Schoots, Eriksen’s agent, told the Daily Mail that everything is going well for Eriksen, and he should be involved in group training later in January.

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