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Henry gives an update on Daniel Ek's proposed Arsenal takeover

Henry gives an update on Daniel Ek's proposed Arsenal takeover

28/09/2021; 12:07 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

For Arsenal fans, it was one of the best sights to see their club get the better of cross-town rivals Tottenham in stunning fashion. In what was the Gunners' best performance in a very long time, they dominated Spurs and ran riot against their opponents in a 3-1 victory at the Emirates on Sunday.

All of the above was made even more enjoyable with the fact that club legend Thierry Henry was at the stadium to watch the game while donning a retro jersey. Perhaps more eye-catching was the fact that billionaire Spotify owner, Daniel Ek, was right beside him as the pair watched the game together.

For anyone wondering what any of that means, here's a little perspective to go with. Arsenal came under serious scrutiny and backlash when they announced their intention to join the Super League back in May. It was so much that supporters called for the Kroenkes to let go of the club and sell to a new owner.

Daniel Ek, who supported Arsenal since he was a kid, took the opportunity to test out the waters and try out a bid for the club.

An opening offer, with the amount undisclosed, was put out back in May. The Kroenkes rejected the bid, and it seemed like it was all but over with that chapter. It appears that might be wrong as Daniel Ek remains diligent in his quest to buy the club.

The latest situation and what has been said

It is important to note that Daniel Ek has the support of two of the club's biggest legends in Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp.

However, it remains to be seen if the plans to buy Arsenal will ever come to fruition.

As earlier mentioned, there was no disclosed price for his opening offer, but reports claim it was somewhere in the range of £1.8bn.

Seeing Henry and Daniel Ek at an Arsenal game together, it was definitely bound to spark questions and bring up theories about the takeover once again.

As expected, Henry was asked to give a response about the status of their proposed takeover. He said to SkySports and disclosed that there is little progress being made, given that the Kroenkes were not willing to sell or even consider it.

What next for Daniel Ek and his proposed takeover

Henry also mentioned that Daniel Ek will continue to wait and step up his efforts repeatedly in his plot to buy the club.

It is now in the hands of the Kroenkes, who are proving to be a difficult bunch to deal with. Arsenal fans want their current owners out, but nothing suggests the Americans are willing to step down just yet.

Should Arsenal miss out on European football once again this season, you can expect bookmakers to also back Daniel Ek's takeover happening.

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