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If you want to stay on top of the latest online wagering developments, you simply have to learn more about Dogecoin bookmakers. Plus, betting with Dogecoin comes with unique perks. The altcoin allows you to bet on your favourite sports while at the same time enjoying the anonymity and security that cryptocurrency betting brings. Read on to learn more about Doge betting and how you can find the best Dogecoin bookmakers. Let's start!
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  • Instant deposits and high transaction speeds in general
  • Withdrawals take a few minutes
  • Bet on sports anonymously
  • Dogecoin transaction fees are lower than Bitcoin charges


  • There are fewer Dogecoin bookmakers compared to FIAT currency or Bitcoin sportsbooks
  • Not ideal for high-rollers due to the low value of the coin
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Betting Sites that Accept Dogecoin 2023

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    Bookmakers that Accept Dogecoin

    In the past, it was difficult to find bookmakers that accepted Dogecoin. Even worse, the Dogecoin gambling sites that you joined back then were nowhere near as reliable as they should be. Fortunately, things are different these days. Today, the number of reliable Dogecoin bookmakers far exceeds the number of fraudulent ones. In other words, finding a reputable Dogecoin gambling site is easier now than it was several years ago. That goes double if you join the Dogecoin bookmakers we list on our website.

    The cryptocurrency betting sites you can find here come with our experts' approval. Our crypto betting professionals know what Dogecoin gambling sites must have to give you the betting experience you want. As a result, they are better placed to judge the quality of a Dogecoin bookmaker than the average punter and only shortlist gambling sites that meet their high standards. So, if you want to play at a top-tier Dogecoin bookmaker, go with the Doge sportsbooks our experts have approved. You won't make a mistake.

    Pros & Cons of Using Dogecoin at Betting Sites

    Dogecoin is a lighting-fast cryptocurrency that lets you place anonymous bets and comes with the added advantage of allowing you to withdraw your winnings in Dogecoins. However, as with all other banking options, Dogecoin has a couple of drawbacks too. So we suggest you take a look at our pros&cons table above. 

    Dogecoin vs FIAT Betting Sites

    Punters often wonder which sportsbooks are better, crypto or FIAT ones. Well, the answer to that depends on what you are looking for from a betting site. If you want to find your gambling platform instantly, FIAT betting sites are the clear winners as they are widely available. However, if you are looking to place anonymous bets, Dogecoin wagering providers are much better options. So, let's compare Dogecoin and FIAT betting sites to see which type of sports wagering site is better for you.

    Dogecoin Betting Sites
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    Deposit instantly without the red tape of conventional payment methods

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    Withdraw your winnings within minutes

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    Place bets anonymously without revealing sensitive banking data

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    Dogecoin bookmakers have all the sports betting options that FIAT sportsbooks boast and enable betting on a wide range of sports, games, and events

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    You can get some excellent bonuses at Dogecoin gambling providers (e.g. welcome bonus offers, reload deposit bonuses, free bets. etc.)

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    Sportsbooks are not as easy to find as FIAT betting providers


    FIAT Betting Sites
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    Most FIAT deposit methods are instant, but some, like bank transfers, can take days to go through

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    Not all FIAT payment methods allow you to withdraw your winnings - For example, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Pay By Phone can only be used as deposit options

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    You have to enter your financial information when betting with conventional payment options

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    FIAT wagering providers usually have a decent range of betting markets

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    FIAT currency betting operators also have enticing bonuses (e.g. first deposit bonus offers, promotions for special sports events, risk-free bets, etc.)

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    FIAT wagering operators are widely available and are easy to find


    Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that started as an Internet meme. The meme of a Shiba Inu dog that became known as Doge was all about light-hearted fun initially but soon turned into much more than that. Dogecoin slowly became one of the most frequently traded cryptocurrencies due to features like anonymous money transfer, instant transactions, and stability that many say is superior to BTC. It also became a cryptocurrency that you can use at betting and gambling sites.

    These days, there are tons of Dogecoin operators out there. They have all the sports, games, and wagering markets you see at FIAT currency sportsbooks. However, they also have much more, especially the best bookmakers. Top Dogecoin sportsbooks boast enticing deposit bonus offers, odds with almost no house edge, and lucrative free bets.

    The best Dogecoin betting providers even have Doge casinos containing provably fair games, free spins, VIP prizes, Doge dice titles, slot games, and tons of other casino games and bonuses. Dogecoin gambling operators have everything your heart desires.

    So, now that you know the perks of playing at Dogecoin bookmakers why not try Doge betting yourself. It's easy to be a winner when you are playing with the right cryptocurrency. So, pick your Dogecoin bookmaker today and start winning digital coins now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I bet using Dogecoin?

    Yes, you can. There are a lot of betting sites that accept Dogecoin as a payment option. To see whether a bookmaker accepts Dogecoin, go to its Payments section and see if you can locate Dogecoin there.

    What is the best Dogecoin betting site?

    The best Dogecoin betting provider has lots of wagering options and bonuses. It also has a license and uses top-notch security technology.

    Where can I buy Dogecoin?

    You can buy Dogecoins from crypto exchanges. You can also mine for coins, trade with them, or exchange them for goods and services.

    How Dogecoin betting works?

    To bet using Dogecoin, you need to find a Doge wallet and fund it. Next, register at a Dogecoin bookmaker and make a deposit using the cryptocurrency. Lastly, choose your betting propositions and place your bets.

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