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Head to Head Bets

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If you are a sports enthusiast, you will take to head to head bets like duck to water. Head to head betting markets allow you to predict the winner of a particular match. That makes the betting line one of the easiest to understand and bet on. Feel like you are onto an NFL or NBA head to head winning bet? Check out our top sportsbook picks that offer the market!

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    Head to Head Explained

    It may not seem like that, but the head to head line is one of the most straightforward to understand. Essentially, when you place a head-to-head bet, you predict which of the participants involved in a competition will win. Head-to-head betting a type of sports betting where the sportsbook presents two possible outcomes between teams or opponents in an event.

    For instance, you can predict which of the two teams playing a tennis or basketball match will win. However, what about sports with more than two participants, such as motorsports or golf? Head to head betting also allows you to bet on the winner of other sporting events, such as motor or Formula 1 races, horse racing events, as well as competitions like golf tournaments. In all these contests, you can bet on which one of the competitors involved will win.

    Lastly, head to head sports betting can also refer to betting on particular statistical match-ups between two teams or players, also known as head to head prop betting. For example, you can bet on which of the two soccer teams will take more corner kicks or which tennis player will win more first serves.

    Head to Head Head to Head

    Head to Head Examples

    Let's look at several head-to-head bets, to help you understand the betting line better. Let's say you are betting on the NBA match between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics. With a head to head bet, similar to moneyline betting, you can predict whether the Timberwolves or the Celtics will win.

    Now, let's imagine you are betting on the tennis match between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev, where you need to predict which of the two players will win i.e. choose the winning wager from the two possible outcomes (Alcaraz to Win or Zverev to Win). Similarly, if you are placing a bet on the winner of the Tour De France race, you can select the participant you think will win and back him with a head to head bet.

    Head-to-head bets also allow you to bet on the soccer match between the LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC, for instance, and predict which of the two teams will win more free kicks or have more goal attempts. These are head to head prop bets.

    How to Place Head to Head Bets?

    If you are new to head to head betting, fret not. You will be able to place your first head to head bet instantly even if you have never done that before. These are the steps you need to take.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Choose a Reputable Sports Betting Site Step 1

    Choose a Reputable Sports Betting Site

    Start by browsing our list of top sportsbooks and consider joining the top-rated ones. These betting sites have been checked in detail, have impressed our experts and offer head to head betting lines.

    Register and Make Your First Deposit Step 2

    Register and Make Your First Deposit

    As soon as you pick a reliable betting site, sign up with it. Enter the information the bookmaker requires and verify your betting account once you are done. Lastly, make your deposit using a supported payment method.

    Choose a Sporting Event Step 3

    Choose a Sporting Event

    Next, navigate to the sports betting section of the bookmaker and choose the match, race, or contest you want to bet on. Click on the odds on one of the two outcomes and add the head to head bet to your bet slip.

    Place Your Head to Head Bet Step 4

    Place Your Head to Head Bet

    You are almost done. All you have to do now is check your bet again and make sure you have made the right selection. Lastly, enter your bet stake, see how much you stand to win and submit your head to head bet.

    Strategies and Tips for Head to Head Betting

    A betting strategy can boost the chances of your head to head bets. However, not all betting approaches will do the trick. You need a wagering approach tailored and adapted to your specific wants and needs, such as the sports you are betting on, the payment methods you are using, or the bet sizes you are comfortable with. That said, the strategies and tips below form a good starting point for most bettors to build on.

    Use Free Bets to Your Advantage

    Compare and Find the Best Betting Odds

    Consider the Perks and Pitfalls of Different Head to Head Markets

    The great thing about joining online bookmakers is that you can claim a wide range of betting offers like matched bonuses and free bets. You can actually use the latter to bet on head to head lines and improve your chances of winning. Because most head to head lines produce two outcomes, they are two-way markets.

    And that's where a free bet comes in handy. It allows you to use your own funds to bet on one of those outcomes and back the other with the free bet. That way, you win regardless of the final result. Of course, for this to work, you will need to find online bookmakers that regularly have free bet offers.

    Before you place your head-to-head bet, do some research to find the best odds for the markets you want to bet on. Oftentimes, there will be a small but significant difference between the odds offered by different sportsbooks. Needless to say, the bettors that go with the more competitive odds, will have the best chance of maximizing their profits.

    As we mentioned, when betting on head to head markets, you can choose from a lot of different options. You can decide to back a player or team to win a match or a runner and driver to triumph in a race. You can also place prop bets and back an individual to achieve a particular milestone or bet on a team to have the winning outcome in a given statistical category. Knowing which to choose will greatly determine the success of your head to head bets, as no two H2H bets are the same.


    Head to head bets are super popular with bettors and for good reason. They allow you to wager on a myriad of sports, events and outcomes and the options are as varied as they are enticing. Sports betting enthusiasts who want to predict the winner of a football match, the winning pick in a particular statistical category or the driver who will end the race in the top position, will love head to head bets, particularly when they place them at top-rated Betpack sportsbooks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does H2H Mean in Betting?

    H2H is a betting line where you pick one player, runner or contestant to win a particular match, race or statistical category. Sometimes bettors can pick the winners of a duel between two participants, while other times, i.e. in F1 races, horse racing or golf events, there will be multiple participants.

    What Is the Difference between Head to Head Betting and Moneyline Betting?

    Moneyline betting involves picking the outright winner of a game or match, commonly seen in sports like basketball or football. Head-to-head betting, often used in individual sports or races with multiple competitors, focuses on comparing the performance of two selected participants rather than predicting the overall event winner.

    What Are Head to Head Prop Bets?

    When betting on head to head prop bets, you wager on whether one of the participants in a sporting event will achieve a statistical milestone before the other contestants involved.

    What Is the Head to Head Bet in Horse Racing?

    Bettors who place a head to head horse racing bet predict which runner will finish first.

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