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Best Snooker Live Betting Services

Steven D. Thompson


If you're a massive fan of sports, then you are familiar with football, horse racing, rugby, and UFC betting. However, despite being a popular sport offering excellent returns, not everyone knows about snooker betting. To be a part of snooker sports betting, you must learn about the best snooker betting sites. In this Betpack guide, we provide all the information you need to get.

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    The Basics of Snooker

    Snooker is a fun game for many people. It requires two players attempting to pot coloured balls into holes on a unique table. These holes are known as pockets in snooker.

    To pot a coloured ball, players must hit the balls using a white ball known as the cue ball. There is a snooker cue stick that players use in hitting the cue ball in a snooker game. Players will attempt to pot the balls in turns, and a turn will continue if a player pots a ball. If a player fails to pot a ball, the opponent takes the next turn.

    A round in a snooker match is a frame, and each game will have several frames. The tournament rules will determine the number of frames in a game. The match begins with 15 red balls and the following:

    • Red Ball – Numbered 1
    • Yellow Ball – Numbered 2
    • Green Ball – Numbered 3
    • Brown Ball – Numbered 4
    • Blue Ball – Numbered 5
    • Pink Ball – Numbered 6
    • Black Ball – Numbered 7
    The Basics of Snooker The Basics of Snooker

    Major Snooker Tournaments to Bet On

    There are several snooker events available to bet on, and here are some of the popular events you should know:

    World Snooker Championship

    Snooker World Championships have been on since 1927 and features 32 players competing for a prize fund of over £2,000,000. The top 16 from the Snooker World Rankings are among the competing players who make the list.

    Champion of Champions

    Since its return in 2013, the Champion of Champions tournament has become one of the top snooker championships in the world. This is with the exception of the Triple Crown events. This exceptional event consists of competitors with high ranks in the world rankings and World Snooker events winners.

    The Masters

    This is one of the Triple Crown events, and it is a non-ranking snooker event. It takes place in the Alexandra Palace and has a total prize fund of £725,000.

    UK Championship

    The last Triple Crown event, the UK Championship, takes place in York Barbican, England. The Masters, World and UK Championships form the Triple Crown events. The winner of this event receives £200,000, with the event having the second-largest fund.

    Popular Snooker Markets Popular Snooker Markets

    Popular Snooker Markets

    The snooker betting markets refer to the types of bets you can place on a match or tournament. There are various popular snooker betting markets, and these include:

    Frame Betting

    This betting option allows you to pick different frame related options. These include betting on the number of frames that will be played, who will win the most frames and more. If you choose the in-play betting option, you can bet on who will win the next frame.

    Match Bets

    Match bets are a type that let you place a bet on who will win a match. You can bet on player X or Y to win a match, but not a draw. Snooker isn't like other sports, so there is no draw option.

    Outright Bets

    This type of bet lets you pick the player that will win a tournament. There are other ways to place an outright bet, such as:

    • Player to reach the final
    • Player to win the quarter

    Century Break Bet

    Century breaks in snooker refer to a situation where a player scores 100 points or more in a single visit to the table. A player will need to pot at least 25 balls consecutively in most cases.

    You can place a bet on the number of centuries a single player will score or the total breaks for both players.

    Highest Break

    With the highest number of breaks in a match being 147, this bet gives you a chance to pick the highest break a player will get in a match. You can choose a number from 1 to 147.


    Another popular market is the 147-break. This allows you to pick a player who gets 147 breaks in a match. This is an outstanding feat for any player, so it is often difficult to win this bet.

    Handicap Betting

    This is a type of bet in which a bookmaker tries to even the playing field. To do this, they give the favourite player a handicap, which is like a hurdle they must overcome or a condition they must meet during the match.

    In most handicap bets, a player you select will often have to win the match by a specific number of points, number of frames, etc.

    Correct Score

    This type of bet lets you predict and bet on the match's final score. It is a high risk, high reward betting market.

    There are many other snooker betting options, and you should learn about as many as you can to determine the best option for you.

    How Do We Pick the Best Snooker Live Betting Sites

    When picking the best live snooker betting platform, you need to consider several things. This section provides information on some of the most critical factors you must consider while choosing from many top 10 online bookmakers.


    Markets and Tournaments Available

    Earlier in this article, we provided a list of the major snooker tournaments to bet on. These tournaments are always available on most betting sites, so you need to look for something more. The best sites provide access to other tournaments and most snooker markets that you wouldn't see on other regular sites.


    In-Play Betting Option

    This is a feature that lets you place bets during a match. A considerable benefit of the in-play betting option is that it gives you a chance to analyze the form of players, predict the player that will win the next frame, and place a bet on that player.


    Simple Interface

    The betting platform you pick should have a user-friendly and straightforward interface to save you time and ensure you don't miss out on bets.


    Live Snooker Streaming

    An online bookmaker should have a feature that lets you stream and watch snooker matches through mobile betting apps easily. Despite the popularity of snooker, it is often challenging to find televised matches. With the snooker live stream option, you eliminate this challenge.


    Betting Odds

    When picking snooker bookmakers, you must pay close attention to the odds on offer. There can be considerable differences in the snooker odds on various platforms than in many other sports. The best platforms offer competitive snooker betting odds that give you a substantial advantage as a player. Be sure to compare the odds from various sites to ensure you're getting the best snooker odds.

    How to Pick Betting Promotions

    In the betting community, many of the best bookmakers offer bonuses to their members. A snooker bookie will also offer the same to its members. If it is a general bookmaker, be sure to look out for snooker-specific promotions to see if it will be worth registering on the platform. Some snooker betting sites will have free bets credited to your account after your first deposit, with the free bets valid for a period. Nonetheless, there are certain things you need to consider when claiming bonuses from a betting site. These include the following:

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:04
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time
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    Website Credibility

    The first thing every bettor must do when choosing a betting platform is to make sure the bookmaker is a reliable site having the necessary licenses from betting authorities. Additionally, you can read the reviews.

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    Wagering Requirements

    The wagering requirement is a condition that many betting sites and online casinos place on their bonuses. For example, a snooker betting site can avoid giving out free money to bettors through this condition.

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    Available Betting Markets

    Not all betting markets are available to bettors when playing with free bet credits. Go through the tournaments you can bet on to ensure you have a place to use the bonus credits on the platform.

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    Terms and Conditions

    In addition to the wagering requirements, there are other terms and conditions a betting site may place on its bonuses or promotions. Be sure you're okay with the terms and conditions before signing up for the platform.

    Snooker Betting Tips

    To improve your chances when betting on snooker, there are certain things you must consider. These are helpful insights that will help you get better at placing bets in the future, and they include:

    Understand the Game

    This should be the first thing you do before you start betting on snooker matches. There are different rules and regulations across various matches, and you will only know this when you try to understand the game. You should also learn about the formats of each tournament to determine the number of frames and other minor details.

    Read Player Statistics

    Many snooker fans have players they look out for in various matches and events. This is because they know about these players and their statistics. This information often provides an excellent background when placing snooker bets.

    When using player statistics to pick out winners, you can use the form, world rankings, tournament wins, matches played, and more.

    Identify the Value Bets

    The favourites in most bets are the players everyone thinks will win, but they don't always come out as the winners. In many instances, the underdogs looking to make a name for themselves can come out on top. When placing bets in a snooker match or tournament, don't limit yourself to the favourites.

    Most times, the favourites have the worst odds. Find the value bets to get the most returns.

    Take Advantage of Bonuses

    As a bettor, you don't want to miss out on the benefits of bonuses and promotions. Make sure you use these bonuses and promotions anytime they are available to boost your winnings.

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