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UEFA against FIFA's proposed biennial World Cup plans

UEFA against FIFA's proposed biennial World Cup plans

23/09/2021; 1:41 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

The European body believes it doesn't bode well for football in its entirety.

Once upon a time, football was all about passion and love for the beautiful game. We had heroes, and we wanted to be like them. Kids across the world would watch their heroes and try to emulate what they did on the pitch.

That was when football was still in its pure state until some genius saw the financial rewards that could accrue from it. Men in suits have taken over the game. They have no understanding of the passion behind the greatest sport known to man.

They formulated rules that have softened the game but made it financially attractive. The soul of football is dead and buried in the vast economic climate that has engineered the lining of the pockets of the bureaucrats that run the game.

Money now rules the game, and perhaps that is the motivating factor behind the two-year World Cup plan by the eggheads at FIFA.

UEFA worried about FIFA plans

When a few clubs came up with the ingeniousa to form the Super League, they made it about saving the game when we all knew it was about protecting their pockets. The exclusivity of the party means there will be people who object to it.

FIFA seems to be losing out in the economics of world football with its tournament coming up every four years and has mooted a World Cup that will occur every two years. In recent months, this plan has gained momentum. Just like the Super League, UEFA is worried.

Arsene Wenger, FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development, pushed the debate publicly. With public outcry against thea, as it affects other tournaments and the players, UEFA has outlined its fears about how it would affect football in general.

What does UEFA fear?

Okay, FIFA wants a larger share of the pie, but that might dig into other people's stake, especially UEFA, and they have gone full-blown gangster on thea. A media release by UEFA highlighted its disappointment at the methods adopted. UEFA is not in approval of FIFA locking out stakeholders from participating in the formulation of thea.

In a statement released on their website, UEFA states the dangers that come with this ambitious plan.

They claim that a two-year World Cup demystifies the event that generations grew up knowing. Other issues raised are the weaker teams will have reduced opportunities, it puts players at risk, and jeopardizes the future of women's tournaments.

While UEFA opposes the plan, two football federations welcome thea. The confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) are open to discussions on thea.

Meanwhile, UEFA and its 55 member associations are yet to receive a reply from FIFA on its request to hold a special meeting. The odds are now against a biennial World Cup happening as bookmakers are hinting that those plans could be scrapped.

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