Philippe Coutinho in demand - but where to go next?
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Is Philippe Coutinho’s next step is going back to the Premier League?

Is Philippe Coutinho’s next step is going back to the Premier League?

21/06/2021; 9:12 AM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Philippe Coutinho has been linked to several different clubs this summer, including a possible return to his former club Liverpool, according to reports. However, according to, the Brazilian star might be on his way to the King Power Stadium as Leicester City has entered the race to sign him.

Leicester City is the usual suspect of the story

The manager of Leicester City, Brendon Rodgers, is well acquainted with Coutinho, having worked with him during their time together at Liverpool, when the Brazilian perhaps had his finest ever performance. It could be defined as the beginning of the surge towards the Premier League title, which was eventually overseen by Jurgen Klopp.

Rodgers and Coutinho have previously collaborated successfully, and although this would not be a typical Leicester City signing, it would demonstrate the club's goals moving ahead and might prove to be the missing piece in their bid to qualify for the Champions League this season.

A return to the Premier League is expected to be welcomed by Coutinho, and a transfer to Leicester City may be theal match. Coutinho was a star for Liverpool, but he was treated as a mere squad player by his former club, Barcelona. A transfer to Leicester City would allow the Brazilian to feel like a valuable part of the team once again, which might help him resurrect his career in the Premier League.

With Leicester being the current holders of the FA Cup, as well as finishing fifth in the Premier League narrowly missing out on Champions League qualification, this could be the midfield dynamo that Brendan Rogers could require to mould that midfield into an even better unit. Of course, because of the stellar season that Leicester City had last season, their players are also in demand. And Youri Tielemans is one such player, being ironically linked to a move to Liverpool to potentially replace Georginio Wijnaldum.


Philippe Coutinho is undisputedly one of the best midfielders in the world. He proved that at Liverpool, then received his big move to Barcelona, where he did not perform the stellar performances he had in the Premier League. However, this move to Leicester City could see the twenty-nine-year-old regain those performances which we know he can produce. His reunion with Brendan Rogers could just be the catalyst he required to step up his game and produce those match-winning performances again.

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