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Teaser Bet

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Want to modify the point spread to increase your chances of winning? With a teaser bet, you can do exactly that. Teaser bets allow you to adjust point spreads and Over/Under totals on all selections in your combo bet in your favour. The odds will be lower, but the probability of having a winning bet is significantly higher. Want to build a winning NFL teaser bet? Check out Tiger Gaming's competitive NFL point spread odds!

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    Teaser Bet Explained

    A teaser bet is a combo wager in which you adjust point spreads of two or more games. Popular in sports such as American football and basketball, teaser betting allows you to modify point spreads and totals so that it is easier for you to win your bet. The change is applied to all selections in your teaser bet.

    Let's explain this. Let's say you are thinking about placing a double bet backing the Kansas City Chiefs (-9.5) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5) at odds of 1.90 for each selection. However, you want to boost your chances of winning, so you decide to place a teaser bet.

    In the teaser bet, you decide to change the point spread in your favour and place the following bet:

    • Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+8.5) at total odds of 1.90.

    As you can see, it will now be much easier for the Chiefs to cover the spread, as they will need to win by four points and not by ten, as in the regular parlay. Similarly, the Buccaneers can now afford to lose by eight points compared to the previous two. So, the wager is much more likely to produce winnings.

    However, you probably noticed that the odds are lower too. In the original parlay bet, each team had odds of 1.90. In the teaser bet, though, the total odds are 1.90, so your winnings will be lower. That's the trade-off for making the bet more likely to result in winnings.

    Teaser Bet Teaser Bet

    Teaser Bet Markets

    Most of the teaser bets you will be placing will be on the basketball betting options and American football games. However, you will have a limited selection of markets that you can tease. Below, we look at the two most popular types of teaser bets.

    Point Spread Teaser Bets

    With a point spread teaser bet, you customize the spread of matches and make it more likely that the teams you backed will win in the point spread market. For instance, if you place basketball teasers, you will start with the original point spread the sports betting site has set and start teasing from there.

    Let's say you pick two NBA teams and include them in your combo double - the Indiana Pacers (+5.5) at odds of 1.90 and the Sacramento Kings (-5) at odds of 2.00. You then adjust the point spread to make it a teaser bet, so the wager is as follows:

    • Indiana Pacers (+9.5) / Sacramento Kings (-1) at total odds of 1.95.

    It is evident that by adjusting the point spread, you have made it much easier for the Pacers and Kings to be the winning bets. Indiana can now afford to lose by nine points, while the Kings will need to only win by a two-point margin for you to have a winning wager.

    As you might have also noticed, the Pacers point spread is expressed as a half-point teaser, while the Kings have a whole-number point spread. That means that if the Kings win by exactly two points, the Sacramento part of the wager will be a teaser bet tie and will result in a push, meaning the payout will be adjusted. Of course, that can't happen with the Pacers due to the half-point spread. If all selections in your teaser bet push, your bet stake will be refunded.

    Total Number of Points Teasers

    You can also bet on Over/Under totals when placing teaser wagers. Let's say you are betting Over on the NFL games between the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets (total of 48.5) and the LA Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars (total of 54.5). You add each football game to your bet slip and tease the totals as follows:

    • Bengals vs Jets teased from 48.5 to 42 (Over)
    • Rams vs Jaguars teased from 54.5 to 48 (Over)

    As you can see, you have reduced the number of points the teams need to score. It is now quite easier to have a winning bet albeit at lower teaser odds. It is also worth mentioning that if the total is exactly 42 points in the first NFL game and exactly 48 points in the second, the teaser bet will result in a push and your bet stake will be returned. If only one of the bets pushes, the odds and winnings will be adjusted to a lower amount than one you would originally win.

    How to Place Teaser Bets

    Teaser bets tilt the scales in your favour, so it is smart to learn how to place them. At Betpack, we want our readers to get the best sports betting experience possible, so we created a short and to-the-point teaser betting guide. Here's what you need to do to place teaser bets.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 10:00
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Find a Bookie with Teaser Bets Step 1

    Find a Bookie with Teaser Bets

    Not all sports betting sites have teaser bets. So, to place teasers, you first need to join an online bookie that actually offers the option. At Betpack, we review trustworthy sportsbooks, and in each review, we tell you what betting options they offer, including teasers. Starting your teaser betting adventure with a Betpack bookie is the fastest way to place teasers.

    Register and Claim the Welcome Bonus Step 2

    Register and Claim the Welcome Bonus

    As soon as you zero in on a top-quality sportsbook, sign up with it. To do this, click on the Register button in the top right corner and start the registration process. During registration, you will be prompted to enter your personal information and verify your account. After you create a betting account, make sure to trigger the welcome bonus.

    Select Sports Betting Events Step 3

    Select Sports Betting Events

    Your account should be activated by now so it is time to include your teaser bet selections. Go to the sport you want to bet on and click on the competitions you will be wagering on. There should be no shortage of options as top bookies offer NBA and NFL teasers, as well as college football teaser options. Select which games you want to include in your bet slip.

    Adjust Your Teaser Bet Step 4

    Adjust Your Teaser Bet

    Now that you have added all the picks to your bet slip, it is time to tease them. Tease the selections to a point spread or total that you think will improve your chances of winning. Once you are happy with the legs in your teaser bet, check the adjusted odds and see if they work for you too. If everything checks out, you can enter your bet stake and submit your teaser wager.

    Strategies and Tips for Teaser Betting

    Whether you are leveraging betting offers or looking for the best odds, if you are trying to improve the success of your wagers, you are not alone. That applies to teaser bets too. Read our teaser wager strategies and tips to learn how you can make teaser bets work for you.

    Bet Teasers on Smaller Point Spreads

    Tease Within Key Number Ranges

    Go for Two-Team Teaser Bets

    Analyze Form and Head-to-Head Results

    Bet on Over/Under Teasers

    Big teases can be a problem because the larger the tease, the greater the risk of getting it wrong becomes. Sure, bookmakers possess vast amounts of stats and data and usually assign point spreads that are realistic. However, from time to time, bookies get it horribly wrong. In these situations, it is best advised to stick to smaller teases, as that will, in theory, reduce the probability of losing.

    For sports such as basketball and American football, there are key numbers that are more likely to intersect with the final result. For instance, because a field goal is worth 3 points and a touchdown, plus the extra point, is worth 7, three and seven are key numbers in American football. For basketball, the key numbers are 5 and 7.

    So, you want to have these covered with your bet. In other words, if you are betting on an NFL or college football favourite, try to bring the point spread down to -6.5, as a single successful attack will turn the bet in your favour.

    Teaser wagers, like parlay bets, will lose even when only one leg lets you down. So, it is smart not to go with teasers where there are multiple games. That doesn't mean that a four-team teaser bet will automatically lose or that three-team teaser wagers are worse than two-team teasers. However, it is an undeniable fact that tying multiple bets has its risks. As with parlay betting, the more picks you include in your teasers, the bigger those risks become.

    Sports betting is all about the time you are willing to invest in analyzing things like previous results, head-to-head meetings and injuries to influential players. Also, you must have access to reliable sources of sports data and betting strategies that have worked for other bettors. If you don't shy away from doing sports betting research and have already located proven teaser line authorities like Betpack, there's no reason why you shouldn't be successful with your basketball or football teasers.

    Many bettors think that point spread lines are the only bet types that can be teased not knowing that total bets can also be adjusted. And that's a pity, as Over/Under bets may offer an even easier pathway to winning than teased point spreads. That's because, with point totals, it is often easier to make an educated prediction, especially in the case of low-scoring matches or games you think will result in tons of points.

    When that's the case, a teased total bet becomes even easier to get right. For example, if you are sure the Cincinnati Bengals will score over 27.5 points, imagine how much more relaxed you will feel by shaving off seven points of that total.

    Of course, after applying the teaser, the original Over/Under wager will come with lower odds. However, the peace of mind you will get from that easy-to-clear 20.5 threshold is something that shouldn't be underestimated, especially if you are looking for a long-term teaser betting success and not an instant win that may or may not come.


    Teaser bets allow you to maximize your chances of winning when betting on the point spread or total markets. This is achieved by modifying point spreads or point totals so they work for you. Your potential winnings will be lower if you wagered on the original point spread, sure. However, the improved probability of winning is definitely worth it.

    As attractive as teaser bets are, you need to find a top-notch online sportsbook to enjoy all the perks this bet type offers. The problem is that locating a good betting site involves checking various factors and parameters, and not every bettor has the time to do that.

    And that's where Betpack comes in. We examine the best sports betting sites for teaser betting and rate them from best to worst. We don't just look at markets and betting options. We analyze everything from bonuses and payment methods to the quality of the customer support service. So, if you are looking to start your teaser betting adventure instantly, picking a Betpack-rated bookie is the way to go.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does a Teaser Bet Work?

    A teaser bet works by allowing you to adjust the point spread or points total of an existing betting market so that it is more favourable for you. Teaser bets consist of multiple bets (at least two teams need to be selected), and the odds are lower than what you got for the original, unteased, bet.

    What is the Best Teaser Betting Strategy?

    There is not one strategy but rather a combination of approaches that you can use to improve the prospects of your teaser bets. For example, avoiding bigger point spreads to tease is a good strategy, as larger spreads are arguably harder to predict. Backing underdogs is something many sports bettors do, while experienced punters also advise betting on only two selections in order to increase your chances of winning.

    What Does a Six-Point Teaser Mean?

    A six-point teaser means that selections in your bet will be adjusted by six points. For instance, if you are betting on a six-point football teaser, the six-point adjustment is created to benefit you, the bettor. So, instead of backing Team A to cover a -8.5 point spread and Team B to cover a -10.5 spread, with the two-team six-point teaser, you will be betting on Team A overcoming a -2.5 deficit and Team B covering a -4.5 spread.

    Are Teaser Bets Worth It?

    Yes, they are. When you place teaser bets, you change the spread or total so that it works better for you. In doing so, your bets suddenly become much easier to get right. And while there's no denying that teased odds are lower than the original prices for regular parlay bets, the benefit of a bettor-friendly spread is an enticing proposition.

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