Journalist makes claim on Nuno Santos' future at Tottenham

Journalist makes claim on Nuno Santos' future at Tottenham

30/09/2021; 11:40 AM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

When Daniel Levy signed Jose Mourinho (a serial winner) on board to lead the team, he was making a big statement regarding thection the team was going. Well, we thought Levy was interested in finally winning things. It turned out we were wrong. Mourinho was fired a week after the Carabao Cup final.

Whining fans who have never seen Spurs win a tinpot heaped the blame on Mourinho. With Mourinho out, there is no target to shoot at for the current imbroglio the team finds itself in.

Michael Bridges makes his verdict

Tottenhamd the season like a locomotive on fire. It stormed to a three-game win that included a 1-0 win over defending champions Manchester City. It seemed Levy's decision to fire Jose Mourinho was right.

Gradually the wheelsd to come off, and the truth about the team began to unravel. Harry Kane's reasons for wanting out of the club became apparent. This team is not built to win things, as shown by the three-game losing run. The losing streak includes a 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace, followed by a thrashing of the same margin at the hands of Chelsea before Arsenal nailed it with a 3-1 win.

Sky Sports reporter Michael Bridge believes a loss to Aston Villa on Sunday may lead to a sack.

Bridge's opinion on Santo

Bridge spoke to GIVEMESPORT and was open in his opinion of Santo's fate. According to him, a Santo sack will not surprise him. He believes that a loss to Aston Villa could trigger that action. He also said that what irks the most is not the defeat but how they have come.

He reiterated his stance on the team, claiming that even while they were winning, he was not convinced of their performance. He was particularly disappointed with the game against Watford, where Spurs showed no creativity.

Is it fair to sack Nuno?

After the hullabaloo that followed Mourinho's sacking, the same problems are evident in the team. Nuno has tried to create a defensive solidity at the detriment of creativity. To say the plan has failed is putting it mildly.

The team has conceded nine goals and scored four. It begs the question of whether the players are applying themselves enough?

Bridge believes that Santo should be given time to steer the ship back on course. He also said to buy time, sins of improvement must be evident quickly, or Levy will have to pull the plug on him. The Sunday game against Aston Villa seems to hold the key to Santo's future.

A loss to Villa will give Santo the unwanted record of losing four Premier League games on the bounce since November 2004 under Martin Jol.

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