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Best Handball Betting Competitions To Bet On

Steven D. Thompson


Handball games are always filled with much action and great scoring opportunities. It's one of those sports that can land bettors good returns if they know how to place their cards well. Unfortunately, we noticed that many punters are not taking advantage of handball betting opportunities. This is largely because not many people are aware of this sport at betting sites. Perhaps you're a newbie to this sport, and you're wondering how you'll get to know your way around handball betting.

All these are what we'll cover in this post. In this guide by Betpack, we'll be doling out all you need to get with handball betting. You'll get to know about all the top handball competitions to place wagers on. We'll also go further to show you how to place successful bets on these major tournaments.

If that sounds interesting, hang on tight as we get on this journey. Let's get the ball rolling!

Top Handball Betting Competitions Top Handball Betting Competitions
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    Top Handball Betting Competitions 

    There are several competitions with great betting opportunities for handball. These tournaments occur regularly and attract much attention. Bettors that are familiar with games like football will find it easy to relate with these handball competitions. 

    Even if you're not well acquainted with football, you won't be missing out on the fun because we won't be sparing any major details. Quickly, let's walk you through all the top handball events to place bets on.

    EHF Champions League

    The EHF Champions League is the most prestigious handball tournament in Europe. It involves men's handball teams from all the top-ranked European nations. These teams come together to fight for who'll be crowned the best team in all of Europe. That is why the tournament is one to look forward to. 

    The EHF Championship gathers much attention from all of Europe. Bettors that know about football betting can compare the EHF Champions League with the UEFA Champions League. This way, you can understand better how important the tournament is to handball fans.


    The league consists of 16 teams from top nations in Europe. The top 9 nations in the EHF annual ranking automatically qualify for the competition and are represented by the best club team in the nation. The country ranked No. 1 has two slots in the Championship; therefore, they are represented by their best two teams.

    The remaining six slots are filled by teams from other member countries. These countries are allowed to present their best teams. These clubs are then judged based on certain qualities to determine who makes it to the EHF Champions League.

    League Games

    The 16 qualifying teams are split into two groups of eight teams each. They meet each other at home and away matches. Therefore, they play a total of 14 matches in total at the group stage. The top two teams in each group automatically qualify for the quarter-finals - the bottom two teams in each group bid farewell to the tournament at this stage.

    The other teams are drawn for play-offs to determine who joins at the quarter-finals. After the play-offs, four teams join the initial four teams to compete in the quarter-finals. Winners of the quarter-final games become the EHF FINAL4 and proceed to play the Semifinals.

    The EHF FINAL4 then play the semifinals, and the winners play the finals while the other two teams compete for the third-place position.

    The EHF Champions League is a golden opportunity for bettors looking to bet on a handball match. The competition features the best teams in all of Europe; therefore, fans get to see a lot of action and strong rivalry. Bettors can take advantage of this and jump straight to handball betting sites to check for available handball betting markets during this tournament.

    World Men's Handball Championship

    The World Men's Handball Championship, also known as the IHF Men's World Championship, is another prestigious handball tournament. The Championship is organized by the International Handball Federation (IHF), and national teams from member nations compete for the Championship title.


    This handball championship is held every two years and is hosted in different countries. The host teams and the current world champions automatically qualify for the event. Other qualification matches for the tournament are held in the year preceding the event on different continents. Qualifying teams then converge to compete for the Championship title. 

    Tournament Proceedings

    A total of 32 teams emerge from the qualifying rounds and are distributed into eight groups with four teams each. After the first round of matches, the top three teams in each group proceed to the next round while the bottom teams in each group play the President's Cup. 

    The top three teams in each group make 24 teams in total and are distributed into six groups with four teams each. The top two teams in these groups then qualify for the quarter-finals, and the winning teams proceed to the semifinals and the finals.

    Denmark is the reigning world champion, having won the 2021 IHF Men's events. France has the most titles, having won 6 gold medals since the beginning of the world handball championship. The IHF World Handball Championships also feature a women's event. However, the popularity of the women's tournament is not as much as that of the men's. 

    Bettors should keep their eye on the IHF World Championships as it offers yet another great betting opportunity. The event gathers teams from around the world; it's not surprising then that it has wide popularity among handball fans at online sports betting sites.

    Handball at The Summer Olympics

    The Olympic Handball games are one of the biggest handball events ever. Bettors will find several betting markets during the Olympics for betting on handball. The Olympic handball events feature top national teams for both the men's and women's competitions.

    A total of 24 national teams compete at the Handball Summer Olympic Games, with 12 for the men's and women's events, respectively. Qualification matches for the event are held before the Olympics to determine the countries that will march their colours at the event. Though winners of the IHF World Championship, host Olympic nation, and winners from other top handball events automatically qualify for the Olympic games.

    The 12 qualifying men's teams are divided into two groups with six members each, and they play the initial group matches. The top four teams in each group then proceed to the knockout phase. Qualifying teams play the semifinals, and the last two teams stand to play the finals. The first, second and third place then receive the gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively.

    France was a dominating force at both the men's and women's events at the Olympics held in 2021. They were closely followed by Denmark in the men's event and the ROC at the women's.

    The Olympics is by far the most prestigious event for many sports events. Therefore, punters will always find profitable betting opportunities during the handball event. It's one of those events where bettors are spoilt for choice with the several betting options at any handball betting site.

    Professional Handball Leagues

    Asides from the popular handball competitions outlined above, there are other country-specific domestic leagues. These include professional handball leagues held in many European countries. 

    One of these is the Spanish professional handball league, also known as Liga Asobal or Asobal League. It's the topmost professional handball competition in Spain involving top teams like FC Barcelona, Granollers, and Bidasoa.

    Other popular handball leagues include the La Starligue, which is France's professional handball league, and Handball Bundesliga, the professional handball league in Germany.

    These leading professional handball tournaments are all held in European countries. This is because handball has wider popularity in Europe than anywhere else. This does not restrict bettors, though, as they can easily place wagers on any top handball tournament at online bookies.

    However, bettors that are not very familiar with the game must gain a good understanding of the gameplay and develop a solid handball betting strategy to place successful bets. To help with this, we'll be walking you through the several betting markets available at the best handball betting sites.

    Betting Markets At Handball Betting Sites Betting Markets At Handball Betting Sites

    Betting Markets At Handball Betting Sites

    There are several sports markets for handball. The variety of choices has made betting on the game attractive and interesting. Quickly, we'll be showing you all the popular handball betting markets.

    Tournament Winner Bets

    This involves betting on the outcome of a particular tournament or league. For example, if the EHF Champions League is coming up, bettors could place bets on the team they think will lift the trophy. This bet is a long-term bet because bettors will have to wait till the end of the league to know the outcome. 

    That said, bettors may choose to place their bets before the league kicks off or during the tournament proceedings. However, it is better to monitor the league matches for a while before betting on a particular team to lift the trophy. 

    Due to the long-term nature of tournament bets, it can be very profitable if gotten right. However, it carries a lot of risks too. This is because things may not always go the way we want them to be. The anxiety and thrills are what make this bet exciting for many punters.

    Number of Goals Bets

    This is more of a short-term bet. Here, handball bettors place wagers on the possible number of goals that will occur in a match. Handball is one of those sports that feature a lot of goals; therefore, it may be easy to predict the range of goals at the end of the match.

    Bettors don't have to predict the exact number of goals; instead, they bet that the total goals will be between a certain number range. This makes it easier to place this kind of bet. So, if you think that the teams in a coming match each have a certain number of goals they score. You may check for their consistency and place bets accordingly.

    Punters can also place wagers on the margin of the win at the end of each match. This involves betting on the predicted goal difference between the two teams at the end of the match.

    Match Winner Bets

    This handball market involves betting on a team to win a particular match. It's another short-term bet that could be very profitable. Bettors will find attractive handball betting odds during top events, especially during the knockout stages of major tournaments.

    However, newbie bettors shouldn't focus only on the handball betting odds. This is because the underdogs will often have very high odds to win. It's therefore important to have a solid plan to weigh the chances of each team in a match before placing bets.

    Handicap Bets

    Handicaps are imaginary points assigned to teams before the start of a match. Big favourites are often assigned a deficit while the underdogs are given an initial point edge. The goal is to make bets more interesting and level out the field.

    For example, if FC Barcelona will be going against Bidasoa, sportsbooks could offer a handicap of +8 to Bidasoa to win. This implies that Bidasoa is going into the match with an initial 8-point advantage. Therefore, even if they lose the match with a margin of 7 points, bets on them will still win. This is an overview of how handicap betting works in handball.

    Prop Bets

    Prop bets are the short form of proposition bets. This bet type does not have a fixed style because it could come in different forms. Here, bookies offer bettors the chance to place wagers on several outcomes. 

    For example, bettors may be able to place bets on who will score the highest number of goals in a particular team. Different proposition bets could spring up in between match play or before kickoff.

    Tournament Winner Bets vs Match Winner Bets

    Betting on a tournament winner and match-winner are the most common bet types in handball. These two bets are very easy to place. Newbie bettors would find it easy to getd with these two. 

    But which of them should you focus on? Quickly, we'll be contrasting these two betting options to help you make a good decision.

    Tournament Winner Bets
    Check icon

    It's a long term bet that involves betting on the overall winner of a particular competition

    Check icon

    It features very profitable handball odds, therefore has potential for bigger returns

    Cancel icon

    Several things affect the performance of a team; therefore, making correct handball betting predictions may be a tough row to hoe


    Match Winner Bets
    Check icon

    This is a short-term bet to predict winners of a particular match

    Cancel icon

    It may be easier to win because of its short-term range. Though it may have lower odds compared to tournament winner bets

    Check icon

    Incorporated bets like handicaps make match-winner bets more fun and easier to predict

    Pros and Cons of Handball Betting 

    Before going ahead to place a sports bet on handball matches, you should be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of betting on the sport. 

    Let's see some of them:



    • Handball feature many goals making it fun to place bets on
    • Newbie bettors at various bookmakers often receive bonuses including free bets credited after qualifying bet settlement
    • Bettors can choose from different handball markets to place bets


    • Handball seems to be more concentrated in Europe, making it obscure to bettors from other regions
    • Winning a handball bet may require solid experience in the game. This could be a downside for newbie bettors

    As a final note, don't forget to meet the terms and conditions to use your free bet offers and other bonuses.


    Handball betting is gradually gaining popularity at sports betting sites. Some sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses like free bet stakes, free bets paid upon qualifying deposit, and other incentives to new bettors. It's such a good time for bettors to enjoy all the fun as they place bets on the best handball betting competitions using all the above handball betting tips.

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