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NodaPay Betting Sites

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If you have a bank account and want to deposit at sportsbooks without fees, you will love NodaPay betting sites. Noda Pay is an intermediary payment service. It allows you to fund your betting account directly from your bank account or credit/debit card if your bank is part of the NodaPay network. Read on to learn how NodaPay gambling works and find the best betting sites that accept NodaPay.
Payment types


  • Deposit and withdraw with the same payment method.
  • Safe and secure direct bank payments.
  • Allows you to trigger bonuses.
  • No fees.


  • NodaPay betting sites can be hard to find.
  • Withdrawals can be faster.
  • You have to enter bank details to deposit.
  • NodaPay's online services could cover more countries.
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Best Betting Sites that Accept NodaPay 2024

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Table of Contents

    What Is NodaPay and How Does It Work?

    Noda Pay is a payment service developed by NAUDAPAY LIMITED, a company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Servicesctive. The open banking solution allows you to makect online payments from your bank account or credit/debit cards issued by a member bank. Banks that are part of the Noda network include Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank, etc.

    Noda Pay is an intermediary between banks and online merchants - betting sites that accept Noda Pay, in our case. A Nodact payment is initiated by clicking on the Noda logo. Users are not required to have a Noda Pay account to make online purchases. They only enter their online bank account or credit/debit card information. Since both the bank and the merchant/sportsbook are part of the same network, the transaction is instant and fee-free.

    How Do We Find the Best NodaPay Bookmakers?

    The best NodaPay betting sites have all the wagering options you need. However, the trick is to find them. At Betpack, we do everything to locate those top-notch bookmakers and betting apps that accept NodaPay. Here's how we do it:


    Deposits, Withdrawal Limits and Speed

    Noda allows you to make deposits and withdrawals at online betting sites. It facilitates instant deposits and relatively fast withdrawals. So, this is the first test for NodaPay betting sites. Only bookmakers with bettor-friendly transaction limits and speeds are featured on our website.


    Eligibility for the Bonuses

    The great thing about Noda is that it helps you claim sports betting bonuses and promotions without a problem. So, we look for generous NodaPay gambling sites. The more bonuses you can claim with your Noda payments, the better.


    Transaction Fees

    Noda is perfect for bettors because it comes with no fees. If the bookie accepts payments made with Noda, it must be part of the NodaPay network. That means no fees for you. However, betting sites often charge fees. If the fees are unreasonable, we don't list those bookies.

    Facts About NodaPay Betting

    Facts About NodaPay Betting Facts About NodaPay Betting

    Betting with NodaPay

    You can both deposit and withdraw with NodaPay. Deposits are instant, while withdrawals take a couple of days to complete. Bonuses are also available, as Noda deposits trigger most sportsbook promos. There are no fees when you use NodaPay.

    How to Register at NodaPay Betting Sites

    There's nothing easier than signing up with the right NodaPay betting sites if you do it with Betpack's help. These are the factors you need to check before opening a betting account with sportsbooks or betting apps that accept NodaPay.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:06
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Check License Info Step 1

    Scrutinize License Info

    First, see if the bookmaker has a valid licence from a regulator you can trust. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find licencing info. If it does, compare that information with the information listed on the regulator's site.

    Check Bonuses Step 2

    Check Bonuses

    Next, analyse the bonuses the bookie offers. See if there is an enticing welcome bonus that you can trigger with your first Noda deposit. Also, check if there are bonuses for existing customers, such as reload bonuses, free bets, and cashback promos.

    Analyze Sports Markets Step 3

    Analyze Sports Markets

    Now, go through the betting markets on offer. The bookie must give you a large collection of sports, from football and tennis to horse racing and volleyball. Scan the pre-match and in-play betting options and see if they are up to your liking too.

    Open a Betting Account Step 4

    Open a Betting Account

    The NodaPay gambling site that passes all your tests is a good option for your next betting adventure. To open an account with it, click on the Sign-Up button and follow the prompts.

    How to Make NodaPay Deposits

    Noda deposits are easy and instant. All you need to do is find betting sites that accept NodaPay. From then on, you just need to follow these five simple steps:

    • Step 1: Open your betting account and go to Cashier/Deposit.

    • Step 2: Select NodaPay from the list of other accepted payment methods.

    • Step 3: Enter the amount you want to deposit.

    • Step 4: Type in your bank details.

    • Step 5: Confirm the deposit.

    How to Make NodaPay Withdrawals

    You can also use NodaPay as a withdrawal method. Collecting your sportsbook winnings with Noda is as easy as depositing. Here's how you can do it:

    • Step 1: Open your betting account.

    • Step 2: Check withdrawal limits and maybe contact the customer support team if needed.

    • Step 3: Choose NodaPay as a withdrawal option.

    • Step 4: Enter how much you want to withdraw.

    • Step 5: Confirm your withdrawal request.

    NodaPay vs LuxonPay Sportsbooks

    At Betpack, we analyse a wide range of payment methods and sportsbooks, meaning you are never out of options. Noda and LuxonPay are two of the most popular ones. Let's compare Luxon and NodaPay betting sites and see which is better for you.

    NodaPay Sportsbooks
    Check icon

    NodaPay facilitates deposits and withdrawals.

    Cancel icon

    NodaPay withdrawals are completed within a few days.

    Check icon

    You can claim a wide range of bonuses with Noda.

    Check icon

    There are no fees.


    LuxonPay Sportsbooks
    Check icon

    You can deposit and withdraw using the LuxonPay eWallet.

    Check icon

    LuxonPay facilitates same-day payouts.

    Check icon

    LuxonPay triggers most sportsbook promotions.

    Check icon

    Even though LuxonPay has currency conversion fees, you don't incur costs when you deposit and withdraw at sportsbooks.

    NodaPay Experiences

    Harry: "NodaPay isal for me as it allows me to deposit and withdraw when betting online. Sure, withdrawals may not be the fastest, but they are comparable to bank transfer payouts. However, peace of mind is something money can't buy, and NodaPay gives me that in spades."

    Mathias: "The hardest thing about NodaPay betting sites is finding them. Locating sportsbooks that accept payments made with Noda is time-consuming. Other than that, the payment method works great."

    Alternatives to NodaPay Bookmakers

    NodaPay may be a top-notch payment option to use at online bookmakers. However, sportsbooks work with a myriad of other payment methods that might be better suited to your betting style. Here we present five decent NodaPay alternatives you can check out:

    NodaPay Betting Summary

    NodaPay is the go-to payment method for bettors looking to pay zero fees. The open banking solution facilitates instant deposits and allows you to activate most bonuses. You can also use it as a withdrawal option, and a really safe one at that.

    So, now you know why so many punters do everything to find reliable NodaPay betting sites. At Betpack, we help you find the best bookmakers. Pick an expertly vetted NodaPay gambling site and enjoy fee-free wagering!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it easy to use NodaPay at bookmakers?

    Yes, it is. In fact, you don't even need to open a NodaPay account. If your bank works with NodaPay, you can use the payment method to bet online with no problems.

    How long do NodaPay withdrawals take?

    NodaPay withdrawals usually take between one and three days to complete.

    Is NodaPay safe for betting?

    Given that the FCA has fully regulated NodaPay, it is undoubtedly one of the safest payment options available.

    Are there any hidden NodaPay fees?

    No, and that's the great thing about NodaPay, there are absolutely no fees.

    Can I get bonuses if I deposit with NodaPay at bookmakers?

    Yes, you can. NodaPay deposits will activate most sportsbook bonuses.

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