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    Privacy Policy

    This Policy explains how Betpack, hereafter referred to as the Site, uses your personal information. The Privacy Policy notice hereafter referred to as the Policy will be updated regularly, and such updates will be noted down this page. 

    Please remember to visit the page regularly for updated information with regards to the Policy. The Policy and the Terms and Conditions (the Terms) are to be taken into consideration together. If you disagree with either, we kindly ask you to discontinue your use of the Site.

    Data Collection and Usage

    The Site will collect personal information from you when you visit the domain, i.e., or any other channels associated with the Site, including but not limited to mobile apps, should one be available.

    What Type of Information Do We Collect?

    As we enhance our website with more functionalities, the nature of the data we collect from you may change. We will update this Privacy Policy accordingly to reflect any new data collection practices. Currently, collects the following information:

    • Name and Surname
    • Email Address
    • Password
    • Phone Number
    • IP Address
    • Country
    • Bookmaker Preferences may also claim ownership of any materials you submit for publication on the website, such as reviews or comments. We welcome contributions that add value to our readers. If you volunteer any additional information to the website, we retain the rights over the ownership of these materials.

    How Do We Use Your Information?

    The information collected by is utilized in various ways to enhance your experience on our site. Our primary uses of this data include:

    • Improving User Experience: We use the data to tailor and improve the overall user experience on our platform.
    • Analyzing Browsing Behavior: Understanding how you interact with our site helps us comprehend consumer needs and preferences.
    • Enhancing Website Functionality: The information aids in the development and improvement of our website's features and services.
    • Content Development: We leverage user data to develop and refine the content we offer, ensuring it aligns with your interests and needs.
    • Security Measures: Data analysis helps in safeguarding our assets and monitoring activities to identify and mitigate potential threats.
    • Email Marketing: If you have opted in, we use your email address to send you marketing communications. These may include updates about new bonuses, bookmakers, and other relevant offers that may interest you.

    Why Do We Need Your Data?

    The Site has a genuine interest in collecting your browsing and Internet data as it allows us to improve our offer across the board. When we obtain your information, we will leverage it in various ways and as allowed by data-protection laws so that we may:

    • Achieve a better understanding of the readers and visitors of the Site
    • Understand what specific services we may not have yet added or what existing products need to be improved upon
    • Boosting the overall security of our website and analyzing potential threats to the Site and our readers
    • Prevent fraud and other illicit activities that we may suspect someone is trying to commit 

    Do We Share Your Information?

    Betpack only shares information with third parties when this is necessary to improve our business model and create a more advanced version of the browsing experience. 

    Improving the Overall Experience

    We share such data with third-party website tool providers, such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google, and other technology companies that allow us to deliver a much better overall service. All of the information the Site shares is Aggregated Data. 

    The Site values your anonymity, and nontifying data about you is being shared with anyone. You have the right to request that your browsing information is removed from the Site. 

    As per current data laws, you can contact the Site and explicitly request a confirmation of what data we have obtained from your browsing session and ask us to delete it, which shall happen within the legally allocated time-frame. 

    Legal Reasons for Sharing Information

    Sometimes the Site may find itself legally obliged to share your information. Such cases involve when the government subpoenas the Site concerning the ongoing investigation. We may be legally obliged to provide private information about you as part of this investigation, and we have no obligation to inform you if this happens.

    What Rights You Have Over Your Information

    While we collect information per each browsing session, this does not mean that we are its exclusive owners. Under current data laws and international data protection laws, we ensure that you remain in control of how your details are handled. This means that you have and can exercise at least several rights:

    • Access: You can petition us via email to reveal the extent of private information we hold.
    • Correction: You may request that we correct your information if you establish a mismatch.
    • Transfer: You may ask us to transfer your information to another party, and the Site will comply.
    • Erasure: Should you want to erase your information from the Site, you are entitled to do so. The cases where we may deny your request pertain to the legal reasons described above.
    • Objection: You are entitled to object to the use of your personal information. We may still turn your objection down if we have legal reasons to do so.

    Cookies and Why We Use Them

    Cookies ultimately help us and benefit the overall browsing experience when a session with the Site. Cookies allow readers to browse through the Site and have access to its full functionality.

    For our part, we use cookies to gather information about browsing behaviour and patterns. Should you wish to discontinue using cookies, you may do so. Please note that not accepting cookies may lead to difficulties in experiencing the Site and flawless browsing experience.

    Links to Third Parties 

    The website may link to third-parties to cite sources, provide additional information, and help deliver a point. In terms of data protection and privacy, the Site has no obligation to observe whether privacy and data protection laws at any of the third parties are kept. It's the sole responsibility of readers and visitors to ensure that. The Site shall not be held liable for any breaches of data that occur outside the Site.

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