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Patent CalculatorPatent Calculator

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Make the most of your patent bet with our patent bet calculator. With a little info, this calculator helps you easily work out your potential wins when you place a patent bet at any bookmaker.
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Patent Calculator


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Table of Contents

    What Is a Patent Bet?

    A patent bet is a multiple bet type that allows you to place seven bets on three selections. This bet type consists of 1 treble, 3 doubles and 3 singles. It works so that each selection occurs at least once in each bet pattern.

    Furthermore, you can bet a patent on different events, including horse racing, football, and much more. The best thing about this wager is that you don't lose all when you lose some of your selections. 

    This means you will get a return even if only one of your selections wins. However, you may need to win two or more selections to get a hefty profit. That said, the total return you'll get depends on the outcome odds of your selections, and as usual, the more the winning selections, the bigger the money. 

    Moving on, your total stake on a patent bet would be 7 times your individual stake. That is, if you have a unit stake of £3, your total wager would cost £21. This is due to the comprehensive range of seven bets that make up a patent bet.

    What Makes a Patent Bet Attractive?

    Besides the spread of the risks, another thing that makes a patent bet worthwhile is getting a return even if you get only one winning selection. You may not get a big profit with one bet win, but you'll definitely be getting something back.

    This one winner consolation makes it a preferred option compared to a simple accumulator in which all your selections must win to get you a return.

    How to Use the Patent Bet Calculator on Betpack

    Now that you know what a patent bet is, let's walk you through how the patent bet calculator works. You don't need to be an experienced bettor to use this tool. All you need to do is to make three selections and input the odds for each selection, and our patent betting calculator will help you with the maths. Now, let's show you the step by step process of how the patent bet calculator work.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:04
    • Tools Needed: Account
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    nothing Step 1

    Enter the Total Stake Amount

    You have to provide the calculator with the amount you wish to wager in total. When you do this, the calculator will provide you with the stake per bet. You may also choose to input the unit stake while the calculator computes what your total stake will be.

    nothing Step 2

    Enter the Odds in Your Preferred Odds Format

    After inputting your stake amount, you should go ahead to enter the odds for your selection notes. You may choose to check the bookmaker for the odds offered or input arbitrary values to check the variation of the profit/loss.

    nothing Step 3

    Select Potential Outcomes

    Check for your potential winnings on probable outcomes for each of the selections. You can vary the outcome between win, loss or push/void to see how each affects your return. Void bets occur in cases like non-runners, where rule 4 may apply.

    nothing Step 4

    Check Your Total Profit/Loss

    Our patent bet calculator will then compute the money you can win or bet loses based on the info from your bet slip. You'll also get a breakdown of your total outlay and return on each stake type. These values will be updated automatically if you make any changes to the input.

    Why You Should Use Our Patent Bets Calculator 

    Placing a patent bet is an easier strategy to secure a return. However, you could get it all stuck if you don't know how to calculate potential gains. Besides, you need to know how the odds affect your returns.

    These and more are the reasons why you should use our patent bet calculator. Besides, our calculator doesn't just give you the total return; it also provides you with the total outlay and expected for each stake type.

    Patent Calculator Vs Odds Calculator

    You have access to many calculators at to aid your betting adventure. We have discussed how you can make use of the patent betting calculator. We now compare it with one other free bet calculator - the odds calculator.

    Patent Bet Calculator
    Check icon

    Used to calculate winnings on a patent bet

    Check icon

    You have to enter bet details such as total stake and odds per selection

    Check icon

    Displays potential profit/loss and the total outlay for each stake


    Odds Calculator
    Check icon

    Used to calculate potential net returns on bets and can also be used to convert from one odds format to another

    Check icon

    Required data include odds in decimal(Great Britain), fractional, or American format

    Check icon

    Prints out potential winnings


    You can maximize your chances of winning a patent bet when you make use of our patent bet calculator. With this tool, you can know what to expect if your predictions come true or otherwise.

    Besides, this calculator is mobile friendly and also displays excellently on desktop. So you can go ahead to enjoy these great offerings!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Many Bets Is a Patent?

    A patent bet contains seven bets from 3 selections in three patent bet types, including 1 treble, three doubles and 3 singles. The combination of these fold options makes a patent bet type.

    Is There Any Difference Between a Patent Bet and a Trixie?

    Although having the same number of selections, the difference comes in the composition of the bets. While a patent bet features 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble(making 7 bets in total), a trixie only has 3 doubles and 1 treble(making 4 bets).

    Can Dead Heats Affect My Return on a Patent Bet?

    A tied position like dead heat may affect your return on bets saved. In such scenarios, betting show rule 4 may apply to calculate the profit for places paid on the tied position.

    How Do I Choose a Bookmaker to Place a Patent Bet?

    A reliable bookmaker should offer decent bookmaker bonuses and would be a company registered by a reputable gambling commission in your region with an account number. Punters from other jurisdictions should ensure that sports betting is allowed where they stay.

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