NHL Betting Trends | The Most Popular Trends to Follow
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NHL Betting Trends

Steven D. Thompson


As one of the biggest sports in North America, the NHL is a league that the fans watch night in and night out. It's also popular at sports most popular betting sites thanks to the variety of matches during the regular season and playoffs. It all culminates with the Stanley Cup, with millions placed in wagers during the final. All bookies have odds on the NHL, where you can also follow certain trends. The Oddsshark computer serves odds on all NHL games every day, and that goes double when the playoffs or Stanley Cup come.

The most popular NHL teams in the USA and Canada are the Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, and many more. Betting on all these teams is possible at most bookies online these days.

Today it's easier than ever to find betting trends for the NHL, regardless of whether it's the regular season or playoffs. You can check out several betting sites to see the general odds, then bet on any team at your favourite bookie. Following betting trends is very important for bettors as they can increase your chances of winning your bets.

In this guide, we'll go straight to the most popular betting trends for the National Hockey League.

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Early Betting Lines Trend Early Betting Lines Trend
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    Early Betting Lines Trend

    Many bettors like to bet on early NHL betting lines, believing they're a lock for profit. You'll see these often featured in a sponsored post, but just because everyone's doing it doesn't mean that early lines are a lock. As many experts say, the only thing certain about the NHL is the uncertainty. The fast-paced action results in numerous unknowns, so no matter how great early lines look, you shouldn't always follow those trends.

    Every season is different in the NHL, and gambling isn't always on-point with predictions. In the biggest ice hockey league in the world, any team can beat a favourite. If you're bent on following early lines, you should do your homework before it. For example, if you're following early trends on favourites, check the percentages of home wins. Currently, home favourites are winning over 60% of their games, and underdogs are over 60% against the spread.

    Keep this in mind when you're betting on trends, and remember that wagering on favourites only won't bring you a profit. Home arenas are an advantage for early lines but not always a lock.

    Popular NHL Bet Trends

    Home Ice

    There's a home-ice trend developing this season that has also been popular in the past. And we get it - if you read Nation Network Inc. predictions, you'll find a developing trend where home ice teams have the advantage. Bettors believe that teams are much more likely to win at home, but that's not always the case.

    Check the percentages from previous seasons, and you'll see that home teams win under 50% of all games regardless of whether there's a crowd or not. While a team may be more likely to win at home in sports betting, you shouldn't stick to this trend as surprises are bound to happen.

    Puck Line

    While not all sportsbooks offer the puck line, it's a trendy bet that many bettors like. Often recommended by nation world HQ bettors or any fansite, the puck line is a great option, but it's best if the new bettors avoid it. The puck line is always -1.5 and +1.5 for the underdog. Those lines are pretty low, but keep in mind that ice hockey is a low-scoring league.

    A wager on this trend can be profitable, but only if you pick the right teams. It's best to visit Betpack for these bets as our main computer serves up daily odds for this betting market. It looks like a handicapping wager, yet it's ice hockey's version of point spread with a few notable differences.

    Almost every fan site you can find online recommend this bet for the week's top games, but not all. It's a trend you should be wary of as it's not profitable all of the time.

    Underdogs Against the Spread

    Underdogs this season may have been going against the spread. Take a look at the analysis on this week's TV shows, and if you find that it's true, this is a trend you should definitely follow. The winning percentage of underdogs ATS is over 60%, making this a lock bet you should definitely consider.

    Avoid Moneyline Underdogs Avoid Moneyline Underdogs

    Avoid Moneyline Underdogs

    The urge to bet on moneyline underdogs is too big to ignore for many hockey fans. It's an interesting thing to explore while taking the advantage of the best betting promos, but when you're paying from your pocket, this is a trend that bears no fruit. The best gambling sites will have these featured on the front page simply because a moneyline underdog is a straight draw.

    The reality is that the winning percentage of underdogs on the road is dismal for players, and it has been so in the past as well. Just stick with another trend and skip the moneyline underdogs for any team.

    As of last words, feel free to use our calculators while filling out your betting slips and as always, don't forget to bet responsibly and only for entertainment purposes. Gambling can be highly addictive; but if you stay on the fun side, it can highly entertaining and profitable as well.

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