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Betpack specializes in assisting users with issues related to the bookmakers we review. Our complaint page is a crucial element of our customer support system, enabling customers to express their concerns or problems directly on our platform. If a representative from the involved bookmaker is registered with us, they can directly address and resolve these issues. This feature exemplifies our commitment to fostering transparency and effective communication between bookmakers and our valued users.

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Bet on Sports cancelled for no logical reason

Disputed Amount: 50 USD
Date 31d 1h Passed
Added: 16/05/2024
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Hello dear Betpack
I recently registered an account at and deposited 0.664 LTC into my account.I placed all my funds on a tennis match ( Khachanov vs Shevchenko) which resulted in 6-4 6-4( 20 games).My bet was under 21.5 games therefore i expected my bet to be won. Surprisingly the bet was settled as cancelled and winning amount (0.644 LTC) was not credited to my account and only my bet the amount was refunded.I contacted support and they told me my bet was cancelled due to "dishonest use of risk-free promo".I have even used the bonus option and i placed my only bet in this sportsbook with my actual funds.Therefore i am asking you to help me out.I am ready to go under KYC procedure or provide additional information regarding this matter. Thank you in advance. gone to scam

Closed / Solved
Against: Crypto-Games
Disputed Amount: 3,100 USD
Added: 02/05/2024
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This not a casino, it's a proven scam project, DO NOT DEPOSIT
Any winnings over 2-3k$ they just will not withdraw, support is rude and will insult you.
It sounds weird, but it's true, you can check AskGamblers and complaints of this scam website.

This "casino" stopped answering and they do not resolve complaints, they are not answering in complaints as soon as AskGamblers or admins are asking them proofs of their lies.

Do not deposit you will just lose your money, I will get their license suspended, I'm collecting proofs from different people if you have similar situation contact me fuskeawgle"a"

ID verification takes a long time

Closed / Solved
Against: Chilli Reels
Disputed Amount: 15 EUR
Added: 25/01/2024
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I had to go through a long process to verify my ID, and because it took so long, my winnings expired. This is disappointing. I did everything asked of me, but the verification just dragged on.

Bonus wasn't activated

Closed / Solved
Against: BetSofa
Disputed Amount: 5 USD
Added: 24/01/2024
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Even I was fulfilling requirements, I didn't received the bonus somehow.

Didnt get my payment

Closed / Solved
Against: BetSofa
Disputed Amount: 1 EUR
Added: 19/01/2024
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Did not get my payment and bonus

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