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Betpack specializes in assisting users with issues related to the bookmakers we review. Our complaint page is a crucial element of our customer support system, enabling customers to express their concerns or problems directly on our platform. If a representative from the involved bookmaker is registered with us, they can directly address and resolve these issues. This feature exemplifies our commitment to fostering transparency and effective communication between bookmakers and our valued users.

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ID verification takes a long time

Against: Chilli Reels
Disputed Amount: 15 EUR
Date 30d 13h Passed
Added: 25/01/2024
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I had to go through a long process to verify my ID, and because it took so long, my winnings expired. This is disappointing. I did everything asked of me, but the verification just dragged on.

Bonus wasn't activated

Against: BetSofa
Disputed Amount: 5 USD
Date 31d 17h Passed
Added: 24/01/2024
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Even I was fulfilling requirements, I didn't received the bonus somehow.

Didnt get my payment

Against: BetSofa
Disputed Amount: 1 EUR
Date 36d 19h Passed
Added: 19/01/2024
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Did not get my payment and bonus

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