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Major Rugby Events To Bet On

Steven D. Thompson


The game's goal is for a team to score more points than the opponents. Penalties, tries, drop goals, and conversions are ways a team can score points in the game. There are two common names for rugby – the Rugby League and Rugby Union, which you will learn later in this rugby guide by Betpack.

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    What is Rugby?

    Rugby is an excellent sport that involves players showcasing excellent ball-handling skills and fast-paced action. The game of rugby is a brutal sport with players colliding with one another to get a tackle. Although the game is played in many parts of the world, countries such as South Africa, Australia, England, New Zealand, and a few in South Europe enjoy the sport the most.

    Rugby Union Vs Rugby League Rugby Union Vs Rugby League

    Rugby Union Vs Rugby League

    In the world of rugby, you will often encounter the terms Rugby Union and Rugby League. These are two unique bodies under which rugby teams play. The Rugby Union and Rugby League are similar in several aspects, but there are specific differences in the rules of both bodies.

    Rugby Union

    • Fifteen players make up a team in the Rugby Union.
    • A field goal is worth three points.
    • The Rugby Union enacts rucks and mauls after a tackle is made.
    • No limit on the duration a team can hold possession.

    Rugby League

    • A team consist of thirteen players.
    • A field goal is worth one point.
    • There is no mauls or rucks in the Rugby League.
    • The attacking team can only be tackled six times, after which the team loses possession to the opposing team.
    • No line-outs in the Rugby League. There is a scrummage after a ball goes out of play.

    Rugby Events to Bet On

    There are several rugby events available to bet on, and you can find a Rugby Union calendar showing when some of these events will hold on official and unofficial sites. We know you're a huge rugby fan, and betting is one of the best ways to boost the rugby experience. We have put together a list of the major tournaments you can bet on during the year to make things easier.

    Rugby World Cup

    The Rugby World Cup is the top competition in the rugby community. The International Rugby Board organizes the event, and the current World Cup format is a competition involving twenty teams. A group stage and knock-out stage exist in the competition, with countries separated into four unique pools consisting of five national teams each.

    Six Nations Championship

    This is a tournament that involves the top six European rugby sides. It is a Rugby Union tournament that takes place over two months and involves teams such as Wales, England, Scotland, France, Italy, and Ireland.

    World Cup Sevens

    This major event features the Rugby Sevens or seven-a-side rugby format. It features both male and female teams and usually occurs over three days.

    Olympic Games

    In 2016, rugby was added to the Olympic Games following a vote by the IOC in 2009. This is one of the top international competitions that features the Rugby 7s format, and there is a men and women competition during the games.

    Bledisloe Cup

    This is a rugby event between national Rugby Union teams of New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand is currently the dominating side in this event.

    The Rugby Championship

    This is one of the major events that occur after the Super Rugby season, and participants include Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

    International Matches

    One-off matches, series matches, and tournaments are available during the year, and various Rugby Union countries participate in these events. These international games are fun and give you a chance to assess the current form of various teams.

    Super Rugby

    The annual tournament usually takes place from February to August. It is an event that promotes club competition. Clubs from Argentina, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and New Zealand usually participate in the tournament.

    European Rugby Champions Cup

    This is an annual Rugby Union event organized by the European Professional Club Rugby. Clubs from the six countries that made it to the Six Nations Championship are eligible to compete in the Champions Cup.

    Premiership Rugby

    This event features 13 clubs and is officially referred to as the Gallagher Premiership Rugby. This is one of the top-level professional leagues in the Western and Northern Hemispheres and has been a recurring event since 1987.

    RFU Championship

    This championship features 11 clubs consisting of both professional and semi-professional rugby players. It is an English Rugby Union competition that gives teams a chance to get a promotion to the Premiership Rugby, while losers will be relegated to the National League 1.

    Types of Rugby Bets Types of Rugby Bets

    Types of Rugby Bets

    There are several types of bets you can place on rugby games. Some bets are game-specific, and others are tournament bets. This means you have a chance to place short-term or long-term bets on rugby events.

    Like many other sports, rugby betting odds can appear in various formats, such as fractional odds, decimal odds, and moneyline odds. Understanding different betting odds format is crucial for calculating your potential returns – or you can use a betting calculator for this purpose.

    Outright Bet

    This is a type of bet where you select a team that will win or lose a match or simplyntify a game that will end as a draw.

    First Try Scorer

    This bet lets you pick the first player that will score a try at any time during the match. You can select a first try scorer in each half, first try scorer from each team, and so on.

    Handicap Betting

    This type of betting involves assigning points to the favourites and underdogs in a rugby match. The favourites have negative points while the underdogs have positive points in rugby handicap betting. If you place a bet on the underdogs with a handicap of +6, then you win the bet if they don't lose by more than six points.


    The accumulators allow you to bet on rugby by placing several bets on a betting slip. You can have two, three, or more bets in an accumulator. A fivefold is an accumulator with five bets. With the accumulators, it is possible to lose a bet and win overall. Try out our accumulator calculator for more profitable bets.

    Tournament Winner

    Individuals who place these bets pick a team they are sure will win an event. This can be the winner of the Rugby World Cup, Six Nations Cup, Challenge Cup, etc.

    Total Points Betting

    This option lets you bet on the total points both teams will get at the end of the match. The bet can be over-market or under-market. You are betting that the total points will be higher than a particular value in an over-market.

    The under-market is suitable for low-scoring matches in which you expect the total points to be below a particular number.

    There are many more rugby betting types available, so be sure to read about others you can find on your favourite list of UK online bookmakers.

    Rugby Betting Tips Rugby Betting Tips

    Rugby Betting Tips

    Like any other sport, some simple tips can give you an advantage when deciding to place bets on rugby matches. To get youd, here are some of the excellent tips we have for you:

    Pay Attention to Weather

    Changes in the weather can have a considerable influence on a rugby match. The ball can become slippery in rainy weather, which will affect the overall outcome of the game.

    Read the Team News

    The team news will give you information on what players will be available and those out of the game. A team playing without its playmaker or any other key figure may not produce the same performance you would expect if these players are available. Team rotation and changes to the side are factors you need to consider.

    Take Note of Subtle Changes in Rules and Formats of Different Competitions

    Although the fundamentals of the game don't change across various competitions, specific rules are unique to different competitions. There may be a rule to give teams bonus points for a certain number of tries, which can increase the winning margin of the game.

    Who is Playing Home?

    There are many sports in which home-field advantage is a thing. Rugby is one of those sports, so you need to go through a team's home record when placing a bet. Some Rugby Union teams rarely lose when playing on their home ground, such as the New Zealand Super Rugby teams.

    Always Look for the Best Odds

    This isn't new to most bettors. You must place bets on a bookmaker offering you great odds on a match. You can compare the odds from various bookmakers to determine what platform is preferable. However, you also need to consider other factors like bonuses and types of bets each platform offers in addition to the odds.

    How to Pick the Best Online Bookmakers

    When selecting the best online bookmaker for rugby betting, there are certain things you should consider. When making your selection of online bookmakers, these are some of the things we consider:



    The best rugby bookmakers offer competitive odds that favour the bettors. You must assess the odds on the platform to determine if the listed rugby betting odds are also reliable by comparing with odds on other top bookmakers.


    Option to Live Stream

    No one wants to miss out on a rugby match, and seeing the games live is very important for bettors. A feature you should consider when picking an online bookmaker is the availability of live streaming using betting apps. This is readily available on the best rugby betting sites.


    Bonus Offers

    There are many bookmakers out there, and the best bookmakers stand out through their bonus offers. When assessing a bookmaker, the first bonus you should consider is the welcome offer. This offer is available to individuals who set up a new account on the platform. Welcome offers will vary depending on the bookmaker, so you need to compare different offers. Many bookmakers offer match bonuses of a specific amount, and others may provide free bets to players.


    Variety of Sports Markets

    Although your focus will be on the rugby events, many recommended rugby betting sites also provide access to other events. You should have a chance to bet on basketball events, racing events, and more. You should also have access to rugby events from various locations, including events featuring teams from the Northern Rugby Football Union and more.


    In-Play Betting Option

    It is easy to get tied down by other activities in life, causing you to join a game after the kick-off. You can find the in-play betting option on many rugby betting sites to ensure you don't miss out. This option allows you to place bets on matches that have started.


    There is a lot to learn if you want to bet on rugby. In addition to learning the various events, Rugby Union teams, leagues, and more, you should ensure you have a strategy. There are various ways to create a strategy when you decide to bet on rugby, and we have provided a few tips in this article.

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