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Best Betting Sites in GhanaBest Betting Sites in Ghana

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Ghana, like many West African countries, has legalised all forms of gambling. As a result, players can join their preferred betting sites in Ghana and take advantage of placing bets online. The country has a growing network of top betting sites that serve players incredible experiences. Choose from the different betting companies in Ghana. Join the Ghanaian betting market and take advantage of competitive odds and other exciting bonuses these betting sites offer.

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    Sports Betting Regulation in Ghana

    Sports betting and all other forms of gambling are regulated in the country. Ghana is open to the best betting companies, and once they meet the set requirements, these sites can provide betting opportunities to players in the country. The country's betting market is regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana under the Ministry of Interior. Local and international betting sites can only operate in the country if they have a common seal established under the 2006 Gaming Act.

    The Gaming Act 2006

    The Gaming Act 2006 is the established framework in Ghana that regulates, monitors, controls, and supervises all forms of gambling activities. The 2006 Act has different objectives and scope, including the creation of the Gaming Commission of Ghana.

    The Act covers the following scope:

      • Casinos
      • Sports betting shops
      • Bingo halls
      • Gaming machines
      • Other activities, including online casino sites and sports betting apps

      The Gaming Commission of Ghana

      The establishment of the Gaming Act 2006 saw the introduction of the Gaming Commission of Ghana. The Commission is responsible for controlling, regulating, supervising, and monitoring gambling operations, excluding lotteries. Therefore, online betting sites in the country must adhere to the regulations set by the Commission. So, if you want to join the best betting site, you must confirm that it is regulated by the Commission before proceeding to create a betting account.

      The Commission has different objectives and functions. Below are some of the key parts of the Commission of Ghana.


        • The Commission promotes and ensures responsible development of the gambling industry in the country.
        • It helps protect players' and the public interests
        • It detects and prevents corruption and crime in the industry
        • It helps to generate revenue for the government through taxes and licensing fees


          • The Commission issues licenses to gambling operators
          • Performs inspection tasks on licensed premises to ensure law and regulations compliance
          • It investigates players' complaints in the betting markets and other gambling sectors
          • It develops regulations for the industry and enforces them

          Any online betting site that wants to provide gambling services, including mobile betting, must follow the regulations set by the Commission.

          Key Facts & Stats About Betting in Ghana

          Annual Growth Rate

          Industry Growth

          Betting Frequency

          Monthly Spending

          Purpose of Betting

          Popular Sports

          According a research published by 6Wresearch, the compound annual growth rate of the Ghanian betting market is 10.5% between 2020 and 2026.

          According to a research by TGM Research, the industry saw a significant growth rate between 2020 and 2022. The industry saw a >5% growth with over 41% of the population involved in betting.

          Although there are no concrete data regarding the betting frequency, but based on data from the Commission and third-party research, most bettors are causal bettors. It is speculated at about 60-70% bet once to three times a week.

          It is speculated that an average bettor in Ghana spends about $20-$50 monthly on sports betting. For high rollers, the monthly spend can go as high as $100-$1000.

          Most bettors in Ghana, between 70-80% bet for entertainment purposes, while only handful bet for business purposes.

          Football is the most popular sport in Ghana. It is estimated to take about 80% of the market share, and others like Basketball, Tennis, and Boxing are also popular.

          How to Pick the Best Ghanaian Bookmaker

          If you want to enjoy your betting experience, you need to find a suitable site to pick from. There are a few things to consider when you want to select a betting site to join. We've highlighted these factors below. Check them out before getting started.

          • Estimated Time Needed: 05:00
          • Tools Needed: PC or Mobile Phone
          • Supplies Needed: Time
          Security and License Step 1

          Security and License

          One of the first things you should pay attention to whenever you want to pick a Ghanaian bookmaker is security. Check the security and safety measures available before proceeding. It also helps to confirm if the site has a license from the Gaming Commission of Ghana.

          Betting Features and Market Coverage Step 2

          Betting Features and Market Coverage

          If you want to join the league of Ghanaian bettors enjoying competitive betting odds, you should consider the site's betting features. Check if they offer live betting and other useful features. You should also evaluate the market coverage.

          Bonus Offers and Promotions Step 3

          Bonus Offers and Promotions

          You should also check what bonuses are available. Look at the bonus page to see what you can expect when you create an account and make your first deposit. Check out the welcome bonus offer and other exciting promotions available.

          Payment and Terms Step 4

          Payment and Terms

          You should also consider the payment methods available. Look at the payment terms and conditions before proceeding to determine the minimum and maximum limits they hold. That way, you know if it is a great betting site to join.

          Free Bets & Betting Offers in Ghana

          Betting sites in Ghana roll out the red carpet with exciting perks like free bets and dazzling promotions to show some love to their regulars and woo new faces! These sweet deals let punters dive into the action without dipping into their own pockets, and they might even bag some extra bonuses on top of their stash. From welcome bonuses to boosts on deposits, freebie bets, cashback surprises, and enhanced odds, there's a whole carnival of freebies waiting for you! Come on over and take a spin with the bookmakers we've handpicked just for you.

          Betting Sites Free Bets/Betting Offers


          200% up to $300


          100% up to €100


          100% up to €20

          How We Compare and Rank Betting Sites in Ghana



          We take the time to check the site's security measures. We want to ensure that players get the best experience once they join. So when you pick from our site, you can rest assured that you'll be safe as you try football betting and other aspects of the site.


          Welcome Offer

          We also check the welcome bonus offer. We want to know if the site has a suitable offer for newbies. Welcome bonuses are a great way to start your betting journey. So, we pay attention to them and see if they are worthwhile.


          Promotions & Free Bets

          Another aspect of the site we compare is the promotions page. We want to rank based on the site with quality promotions and free bets. That way, only the sites with quality offers get ranked high, and when you pick one, you can expect to enjoy exciting offers.


          Odds & Value

          The site's odds are part of the factors we consider. We ensure that Ghanaian punters have access to competitive odds that can make their betting experience worthwhile. We also measure the value you get when you join the site, including features like bet builders, odds boosters, and others.

          Top Ghanaian Betting Sites by Category

          Highlight of the Site Betting Sites

          Best for Language Option

          Best for Crypto


          Best for Mobile


          Best for Welcome Bonus


          Popular Payment Methods for Ghanaian Betting Sites

          When you join Ghanaian betting sites, you'll be able to place bets on the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Ghanaian Premier League, Champions League, and other sports. But before you can get started, you need to deposit money. These sites have different payment methods that you can use. We've highlighted some popular payment methods below.

          Mobile Payment Methods

          At most betting sites in Ghana, you can use mobile money services to deposit and withdraw. A good example is the MTN mobile money service that allows you to use the popular network provider to complete transactions. Players can also use Vodafone cash to complete transactions if they are on the network. There are other mobile payment options you can use to fund your betting accounts at online bookmakers.


          Many Ghana betting sites now allow players to use crypto to fund their accounts. The deposit methods you'll find at these sites include crypto betting options like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, and others. Take advantage of the security and ease that comes with using this payment method to deposit and withdraw money at betting sites. You just have to understand how the crypto industry works so you don't make mistakes.

          E-Wallet Options

          E-wallet services are also available to Ghanaian bettors who want to place bets on the numerous betting markets. You can choose from different e-wallet payment options and use them to fund your account and claim deposit bonus offers. These sites also allow you to use e-wallet options to withdraw money when you win a substantial payout. Most e-wallet payment methods are compatible with mobile devices and are safe to use.

          Bank-Based Methods

          Whether you're using mobile apps or visiting sites to bet on popular sports in Ghana, bank transfers and other popular bank-based methods are almost always available. If you don't want to use third party services, you can complete transactions using your bank account or bank cards, depending on the most convenient option when you want to transact. Ensure the football betting site you pick allows you to use your bank card to deposit and withdraw before proceeding to create an account.

          Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Ghana

          Football (Soccer): Football remains the main sport in Ghana. Every sports fan follows football and most bettors bet on football games. The sport takes most of the market share when it comes to the betting market in Ghana.

          Basketball: Basketball is a fast-rising sport, gaining massive popularity, especially among the younger demographics. Most bettors focus on the NBA, but there are also other leagues and competitions gaining popularity.

          Tennis: With many top events happening throughout the year, Tennis is also gaining massive popularity in Ghana. Many bettors are switching interest to Tennis and it is becoming more popular in the country.

          Best Ghanaian Betting Sites for Sports

          Betting Site Sports


          Best for Football


          Best for Tennis


          Best for Basketball

          Most Trusted Betting Sites in Ghana

          Betting Sites Licence

          Nine Casino



          Mega Dice


          Ghana has many trustworthy platforms you can join. There are also scam sites that might pose as the real deal. So, before you get started, you must be careful with choosing a betting platform. To help you, we've taken the time to find some top-notch betting sites in Ghana that you can consider. Check the table above to pick the one that fits your preference. Some of these sites let you play casino games and bet on virtual sports. So, pick one, create an account, deposit money, claim a nice welcome bonus, and start playing for real money.


          Get started at top-notch online betting sites in Ghana and enjoy the exciting experience that comes with playing at these platforms. With gambling legal in the country, players can check out local and international bookies with live streaming, exciting betting promotions, and other incentives. You can pick from the vast range of betting platforms with a gambling license from the Commission and National Lottery Authority. Join Ghanaian players who enjoy playing at these betting websites and take advantage of expert sports betting tips to increase your winning chances. Once you find top-notch betting sites to join, you're good to go.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What are the Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Ghana?

          The most popular sport to bet on in Ghana is football. Other popular sports you can bet on in the country are Basketball, Boxing, and Tennis.

          Which Sports Can I bet on in Ghana?

          You can bet on almost every professional sport in the world at betting sites in Ghana. Whether it is football, basketball, hockey, tennis, cricket, etc. Some of them are also online casinos for those who want to explore casino gaming experiences online.

          Can I Claim Promotions on Ghanaian Betting Sites?

          It is possible to claim promotions on various betting sites that you can use to bet online. These sites offer welcome bonuses and additional incentives if you want to get started with your sports gambling journey.

          Are There Any Taxes for Ghanaian Bettors on Betting Winnings?

          Yes, Ghanaian bettors are taxed on betting winnings. As it stands, there is a withholding tax rate of 10%, which is applied to gross winnings.

          How Do You Claim a Free Bet from a Ghanaian Bookmaker?

          To claim a free bet at any Ghanaian bookie, you must first create an account. Then, you need to meet other requirements, including minimum deposit amount, bonus code, etc.

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