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Social Online Casinos

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Social casinos offer a fantastic gambling experience with a small twist. You don't have to wager real money to play games. Instead, you receive a virtual currency and use it to enjoy the various titles. Social casino sites have a few interesting features and that's what we'll explore here.

Not only will we list the best platforms where you can play social casino games, but we'll also help you pick the right one for you. Then, we'll compare social casinos online with other types of gambling platforms, list their advantages and disadvantages and much more.

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Social Online Casinos 2024

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Table of Contents

    How Do Social Online Casinos Operate and Are They Safe?

    The basis of online social casinos is the same as traditional online casinos. They allow you to play various slots, table games, card games, etc. There's a small twist, though. Instead of offering real money play and real money rewards, social casinos use virtual currencies.

    You don't need to wager real money to play their featured games. That means you won't win cash prizes as well. Usually, the coins that they use are called Gold Coins (GCs). There's one important thing to note here. Often, social casino apps are placed in the same basket as sweepstakes casinos. Although both are based on playing with free coins, there's one major difference between them. Social casinos only use GCs. Sweepstakes casinos have sweepstakes coins (SCs) as well. You can exchange SCs for real cash prizes. Social sites don't have this feature.

    You can obtain GCs at a social online casino in two ways. The first option is to purchase Gold Coins. The second option is to make the best use of ongoing promotions, such as daily login bonuses.

    Of course, one of the biggest questions regarding social online gambling sites is whether are they safe. Social casino gaming sites need to be as secure as possible because, after all, they require private information. Scam sites can misuse this information and put your privacy and financial security in danger. The answer is yes; social casinos are safe. But only if the companies that operate them are legit and if they use the latest SSL encryption software.

    Social Online Casinos Social Online Casinos

    How We Evaluate Social Online Casinos

    We, at Betpack, adhere to the highest industry standards. That's why we always make sure to find and list the best online social casinos. Each site of this type that we test has to pass our criteria, which consists of reviews in the following sections.


    Safety and Security

    First and foremost, all of the best social casino sites must provide you with security. Hence, we do a thorough background check of the casino itself. Then, we look at its security and safety systems, including RG enforcement and the use of RNGs.


    Game Quality

    Even though the games might not give you actual cash prizes, they still ought to be of the highest calibre. We test the games to check their visuals, payouts, in-game features, mobile compatibility and more.


    Social Casino Bonuses

    Social casinos offer various bonuses through which you can earn more GCs. These often include a welcome bonus, promotions via social media accounts, etc. The easier it is to claim them and the more rewarding they are, the better.


    Customer Support

    Finally, we test the customer support team to see the casino's relationship with its customers. We check its friendliness, efficiency and effectiveness. Good customer support is crucial in forming a loyal client base.

    Best Social Online Casinos by Category

    The global social casino market is vast. Countless platforms allow you to play free casino games. However, a handful of them are much better than the rest. We took the liberty to provide you with a list of the best sites where you can play casino style games, based on a few categories.

    Category Social Casino

    Social Casino with Best Bonuses


    Best Social Casino for Mobile


    Best New Social Casino


    Social Casino with Best Design


    How to Pick Top Social Online Casinos

    Choosing a social online gambling site is all about personal preferences. You must take them into consideration if you want to have the best experience. All of the sites that offer free social casino games and are featured on our platform are decent. But here's how you can adjust the search process and make the top pick:

    • Estimated Time Needed: 05:00
    • Tools Needed: PC or Mobile Phone
    • Supplies Needed: Time
    Browse Our List Step 1

    Browse Our List

    First up, check Betpack's list of featured social online gaming sites. Research the process of registration, the overall casino design and first impressions. Make a list of the casinos that you think are better than the others.

    Check the Games and Promotions Step 2

    Check the Games and Promotions

    Open the websites of social casino sites and check their games and promotions. Make sure that the library is diverse and that it features your favourite games. Then, look at the promotions and see if they apply to your preferred games and whether they're rewarding.

    Create a Shortlist Step 3

    Create a Shortlist

    After you complete the second step, create a shortlist of around five online social casinos. Create a few tables with some of their best and worst features. Include their games, promotions, packages for purchasing Gold Coins, etc.

    Compare and Choose Step 4

    Compare and Choose

    The final step of the process is to compare the results. See which social casino online has what it takes to provide you with an immersive gaming experience. Once you make your pick, access its website, register and play.

    Payment Options at Social Casinos

    Social casinos aren't real money casinos. So, what's the purpose of having payment methods? The answer is to purchase GCs. Yes, you can claim GCs by using bonuses, but social casinos also allow you to purchase them.

    Usually, they have several packages. Some of those packages are as low as €1. The higher the purchase, the more GCs you'll be able to claim. For the payment methods themselves, here are some of the most commonly accepted ones:

    • Credit and Debit Cards: These are the most commonly accepted options. You can use VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro to make a purchase. The transactions are secure and each purchase is instant. Once the social casino receives the deposit, it'll instantly transfer the GCs to your account.
    • Bank Transfers: Bank transfers are arguably the most secure option for making purchases at social casinos. That may come at a small cost, though. Their transactions come with a slower processing time. This won't be an issue if you're not in a rush, though.
    • Prepaid Cards: Prepaid cards offer an alternative method for purchasing GCs at social casinos. These cards are available for purchase at various retail outlets and can be used to acquire GC packages.
    • Mobile Payment Apps: Mobile payment apps provide a convenient way to purchase GCs using your smartphone. Popular apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay are often accepted at social casinos, allowing for seamless transactions on the go.

    Pros & Cons of Social Casinos

    The team at Betpack is all about honesty and transparency. As gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we know the importance of knowing both sides of the story. The pros and cons can make a huge difference to your online gambling experience. That's why we feel obliged to share all the advantages and disadvantages of online social casino sites. The good thing here, as you're about to see, is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.



    • Don't require real money wagers
    • Enforce responsible gambling
    • Diverse game libraries
    • Top-level security
    • Free Gold Coins via daily bonuses


    • Some social casinos may require in-app purchases for some features
    • Compared to real money casinos, social casinos are operated in a less regulated environment

    Trusted Social Online Casinos You Can Play

    By trusted, we don't mean just platforms that have top-tier security. We mean sites that have also great offerings and enjoy an outstanding reputation. Here are Betpack's platforms that meet this criteria.

    Social Casinos Licence









    Social Casino Bonus Offers

    Once you register at your preferred social online casino, you'll have the chance to benefit from its promotions. Their terms and conditions are very easy to meet. Thanks to that, you'll have the best experience and you'll always be able to earn some extra virtual currency.

    Unlike playing at real money online casino sites, the bonuses don't come with wagering requirements. The bonuses usually don't have any validity periods or game eligibility. You can play slot games, table games, fishing games or whatever the platform features. With that being said, the most common promotions that you'll come across at social casinos are the following:

    • No-Purchase Welcome Bonus: This is a no deposit promotion. You receive it immediately after you register an account at a social casino site. The amount of virtual currency you'll receive depends on your choice of social casino.
    • First Purchase Bonus: Each social online casino offers several purchase packages. If you're making a purchase for the first time, you'll likely receive a major discount. These discounts can go as high as 50%.
    • Daily Login Bonus: One of the best ways to claim virtual currency to play a social casino game every day is via the daily login bonuses. As the name of the promo itself suggests, you just need to log in every day. When you sign in for the first time that day, the casino will automatically transfer a certain amount of GCs.
    • Subscriptions to Social Media Platforms: Often, social casinos will ask you to follow them on social media channels. They may host various tournaments or questionnaires, which can lead to more rewards. In other cases, all you have to do is follow their Instagram, Google, or Facebook accounts and they will send you virtual currency as an appreciation gift.
    • Refer-a-Friend: The goal of social casinos is to attract as many new customers that will play casino games. To achieve that, they are known to use refer-a-friend promotions. The way these bonuses work is simple. You just need to send an invitation link to a friend. If the friend registers and plays, you receive GCs as a reward.

    Social Casinos vs Real Money Online Casinos

    While discussing the nature of social casinos, we made sure to explain that there's a difference between them and sweepstakes casino sites. But what about real money gambling sites? How well do social casinos rank when they're compared with platforms where you can win real money? Let's find out.

    Social Casinos
    Check icon

    Social casinos games are free-to-play

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    Accessible on various platforms, including social media and mobile apps

    Check icon

    Relatively loose legal restrictions

    Cancel icon

    No real money winnings

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    In-game purchases can become costly

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    Perfect for practising before playing for real money


    Real Money Online Casinos
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    Risk of losing real money

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    May not be easily accessible, depending on the country

    Cancel icon

    Strict legal restrictions

    Check icon

    You can earn real money

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    Most of the real money games do not include in-game purchases

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    The possibility of winning real money is exciting

    Casino Games Available at Social Online Casinos

    Social casinos may not feature as many games as real money online casinos, but that doesn't mean that they aren't diverse. On the contrary, you'll have plenty of titles to choose from here. Most of them are created by reputable providers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Quickspin, etc. As for the available categories, here's what you'll have at your disposal.

    • Social Casino Slots: First, we have online slots, the most popular gambling games in the world. They are simple to play and as dynamic as you can imagine. You may not be able to win real money prizes, but that doesn't mean that you won't have fun in the process. Megaways slots, classic slots, video slots, and slots with progressive jackpots are some of the available variants.
    • Table Games: Social casinos will give you access to various blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat games. Caribbean Stud Poker, American Roulette, European Blackjack, and Texas Hold'em are just a few of the games that you can come across.
    • Crash Games: Crash games are a common feature at crypto casinos where you can win real cash prizes. You may also find their social variants on these types of platforms. Their gameplay is very simple. As soon as the game starts, the multiplier starts to increase. Your goal is to collect a reward before a "crash" occurs.
    • Bingo and Instant Games: Social casinos aren't strangers to bingo and instant games. They might even offer promotions where you can earn free bingo tickets and access to instant games. They are quite a unique feature and are always worth a try.
    • Live Social Casino Games: Although they are a very rare feature, you can also come across live dealer games at social casinos. Live blackjack, live roulette, live poker and game shows may be up for grabs.

    Why You Should Play at Social Online Casinos

    Registering and playing at social casinos comes with quite a few benefits. They're the reason why they managed to become so popular in such a short period of time. These benefits will provide you with a unique experience and introduce you to the online gambling world in the best manner possible.





    Thanks to their nature, social casino games are legal in numerous parts of the world. They're also mobile-friendly. As such, you can access their platforms at any time and place.

    Next, we have free play. The whole point of social gaming is to play games without hurting your real money balance. That's what the social casino world offers.

    Claiming and using bonuses on social casino slots and other casino games is as simple as ABCs. These platforms have little to no terms and that's a huge benefit for players.

    Social casinos offer various unique titles, such as bingo games, lottery games, crash games, etc. Thanks to that, you'll be able to learn something new about casino gaming without damaging your cash balance.

    Responsible Gaming at Social Online Casinos

    Social casino sites may not offer real money gambling, but they offer casino games. That's why they have to enforce responsible gambling policies. All legit platforms of this type have several tools that allow players to maintain healthy and responsible gambling habits. Some of these tools are:

    • Time Limits: These limit the time that you spend playing social casino games. Once you cross the threshold, the casino will notify you and likely log you off. You can log back in the following day to continue playing.
    • Wager Limits: Even though you don't play with real money, you can still set wager limits. These apply to the amount of GCs that you spend while playing in a single session.
    • Self-Exclusion Programs: Self-exclusion programs are the most common responsible gambling tool used by gambling operators. If you notice that you're at risk of developing an addiction, you can enrol in these programs. They allow you to suspend your account for a limited period (a week, a month, six months, a year or indefinitely).


    Social casinos are a great way to enjoy the best casino games without risking any real money funds. They are the epitome of gambling entertainment. Thanks to the fact that most social casino sites use HTML5, you can access them on any device, at any time.

    Furthermore, they are no strangers to featuring quality and diverse titles. Their bonuses and promotions are very easy to claim and use as well. So, if you're looking to get introduced to the world of gambling or if you're looking for unique entertainment, these platforms are the perfect pick.

    Browse our list of best social casino sites, compare the list and pick one that matches your preferences. Registering will only take a minute of your time. Once you complete it, you'll gain access to all of their services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Social Casinos?

    Social casinos are online gaming platforms that allow you to play casino games for free. You don't need to wager real money to enjoy their services. Instead, you use virtual currency.

    Do Social Casinos Feature Sweepstakes Coins?

    No, social casinos don't feature sweepstakes coins. SCs are available in sweepstakes casinos. The only type of virtual currency that you'll come across at online social casinos is GCs.

    Can I Play Social Casino Slots for Real Money?

    No, the whole concept of social casino sites is free play. As such, they don't allow real money gambling. If you want to play for real money, you'll have to register at those types of sites and deposit money.

    How Can I Purchase Gold Coins at Social Casinos?

    To purchase GCs at a social online casino, you must first register/log in. Then, go to the purchase menu. Choose one of the available packages. Then, pick one of the featured payment methods. If this is your first purchase, enter details about the payment method itself. Review the information and confirm the transaction.

    Do I Need to Register to Claim Social Casino Bonuses?

    Yes, social online casino sites require all players to register to gain access to their bonuses. Luckily, the process of signing up is very simple. In most cases, you'll just have to enter your email address and create a password. Accept the T&Cs and finalise the process. Keep in mind that you'll also have to verify the mail before you can claim the welcome bonus.

    Does Every Social Casino Have a Dedicated Mobile app?

    No, not every social casino has a dedicated app. However, a vast majority of them use the latest HTML5 technology. That means that you can access their platform on your Android or iOS device via your mobile browser.

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