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Wijnaldum explains the reason why he left Liverpool

Wijnaldum explains the reason why he left Liverpool

15/09/2021; 12:57 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

When a player leaves a club after many years of meritorious service, it is usually attributed to the desire for a new challenge, more money or moving to a club of their dreams.

Many players need the warmth of the fans, their support and praise to function maximally. For others, the backing of the management and the manager is such a big deal. It is perhaps why some players depart a club in dissatisfaction, even though they have been a key component of the team’s success.

A few examples come to mind. In 2018, Ronaldo announced his willingness to depart Real Madrid while still holding aloft the UEFA Champions League trophy they’d just won. Ronaldo seemed to have gotten tired of the boo-boys who heckled him whenever he was less than their desire. For him, it was a lack of love and respect. Similar could be said about Romelu Lukaku after his recent move to Chelsea.

Georgino Wijnaldum has decided it is time to correct the notion bandied around why he left Liverpool.

The reason Wijnaldum left Liverpool

After five years at Liverpool, Wijnaldum had an opportunity to extend his contract. The club wanted him, the fans wanted him, but the Dutchman decided to look for pastures anew. He ended up at Paris St Germain for free, a move that has irked many Liverpool fans.

Joining the oil-rich club turned him into a money-hungry player before the fans who once adored him. According to those fans, he jumped ship because he wanted more money.

Wijnaldum has, however, denied that the motivation behind his leaving Anfield was money. He claims that money was not even a factor in his decision to leave.

Speaking in a recent interview as quoted by Goal, he hinted at the reason for leaving. He felt that he had become an unwanted entity at Liverpool. To him, the club was not keen to keep him. He said he made it clear to the club that he wanted to stay, but they seemed to have other designs for him.

Months ago, he declared that you follow your feelings, and he didn’t get the sense Liverpool wanted to keep him, so he had to move forward.

Gini at Liverpool

In 2016, Liverpool prized Wijnaldum away from Newcastle for a fee of £24 million. At Liverpool, he played in midfield with Jordan Henderson and Fabinho. Together they formed a terrific midfield partnership which was instrumental to the many successes at Anfield.

At Newcastle, Gini played higher up the pitch, but Jurgen Klopp deployed the player closer to the defence.

The 30-year-old helped Liverpool win the English Premiership for the first time and helped win the UEFA Champions League. His brace against Barcelona in 2019 as they came from a 3-0 first-leg defeat to triumph 4-3 on aggregate is still remembered fondly at Anfield.

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