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Tennis Betting Guide

Steven D. Thompson


Want to learn how to bet on tennis like a pro? We can help. Discover proven tennis betting strategies and get the best tennis tips all in one place. Read our comprehensive tennis betting guide to find out which tennis markets and tournaments are best for you and improve the success of your tennis bets now!

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    Understanding Tennis Betting Odds

    Before reading the best tennis tips and strategies, first, make sure you understand how tennis betting odds work. Tennis odds tell you which outcome is more likely to happen and which tennis player is the favourite to win.

    If you are an avid tennis fan, you probably know that Novak Djokovic is the favourite to win in a match against Sebastian Baez. However, even if you don't watch tennis events regularly, you can immediately tell who the favourite is just by looking at the tennis betting odds. Let's explain how.

    How Can You Tell a Favourite by Looking at Tennis Betting Odds?

    Let's say Djokovic is playing against Baez in the Australian Open. Djokovic will likely have Australian Open tennis odds of around 1.20 (1/5), whereas Baez will come with 4.75 (7/2) odds to win the match.

    So, how do these Australian Open tennis odds tell us that Djokovic is the favourite and Baez the underdog? Well, you only need to multiply your bet stake with the decimal odds of players to see which one will result in more modest winnings and which player will give you much higher profits.

    If you stake £10 on Djokovic to win, you will win £12 in total and have a tiny profit of only £2 (£12 total winnings - £10 bet stake). In contrast, if you stake the same £10 on Baez, and the Argentinean wins, you will get a decent windfall of £47.5 and make a £37.5 profit (£47.5 total winnings - £10 bet stake).

    In other words, favourites will always come with lower odds, meaning they will be more likely to win the match. However, because their odds are a bit on the short side, you will also get more modest profits. That's not the case with underdogs. Their chances of winning are slimmer, but that means they can give you some pretty decent returns when they triumph.

    We also recommend looking for various odds offered by different platforms. Fortunately, you can easily find and compare the most competitive odds thanks to our list of betting sites reviews. In addition, we provide detailed information about numerous best sports betting promos featured.

    Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips

    Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips

    If you want to improve the success rate of your tennis bets, we recommend you play with some proven tennis betting tips and strategies. These are strategies and tips seasoned bettors use all the time, and so can you now. Read on to learn how to boost your chances of winning your tennis bets.

    Tip 1: Look for Value in Bets

    When betting on tennis, it is crucial to find value in the bets you place. If you feel the odds are too short and don't reflect the actual chances of winning, don't include that tennis market in your bet slip. It will be much better for you to look at alternative markets. You might even start thinking about joining a platform and looking for the same market there. You're lucky since we also feature the brand new tennis betting sites at Betpack.

    Even if you are absolutely sure that a player will win a tennis match, you shouldn't settle for lower odds than those you deserve. Yes, you will win that bet. But why not maximise your winnings. If a different bookmaker gives you better odds for that outcome or betting market, we say, go for them and don't think twice.

    Tip 2: Find Tennis Tournaments Players Love

    It is easier to have winning bets when betting on tennis tournaments players love. That's because you already know how the players you back will respond to factors like the playing surface and atmosphere from the crowd. As a result, that increases the chances of your tennis betting strategy to win.

    It is a well-known fact that all players have a favourite tennis tournament. For Nadal, it is the French Open, while for Roger Federer, it has always been Wimbledon. Victoria Azarenka once said that New York and the US Open are special, while Serena Williams has played some of her best tennis down under.

    So, betting on Rafael Nadal in Paris is a must and rooting for Roger Federer in London will always yield profits. Similarly, backing Azarenka in the US Open and including Serena in your Australian Open betting slip will always be smart moves.

    If you want to maximise your tennis wins, do some research, and find out which tennis tournaments are players most comfortable in. It might take some time, but the profits you will later make will justify that effort.

    Tip 3: Focus on the Sports Betting Markets that Have Proven Successful

    If you are more than just a casual bettor, you will likely discover that some betting markets are more profitable for you than others. For instance, you might get most of your winning hits on Over/Under bet types. If that's the case, we recommend focusing on that sports betting market and betting less frequently on the others. 

    We don't say that you shouldn't go for other markets, of course. It is always good to mix up tennis betting options. Doing that increases the excitement, and you can follow more aspects of tennis matches, as a result. However, if you notice that one type of bet brings you more success than others, we say focus on it. 

    Tip 4: Back the Favourites Early to Get the Best Odds

    If you are a fan of outright tournament winner bets, it is always best to place your wagers as early as possible. Bookmakers will decrease the odds of top-seeded favourites as soon as they see the earliest signs these players might win. That's why you must act quickly and back the favourites weeks before the tournament.

    For instance, Novak Djokovic has been a dominant force in Australia, so bookmakers always give him the lowest Australian Open betting odds. However, if you wait for the tournament to start and Djokovic to start brushing aside opponents with ease, those Australian Open tennis odds will become even lower. The best thing you can do is to be an early-bird bettor and profit from better odds than those you will get later on.

    Tip 5: Compare Head-to-Head Record

    The best way to see which tennis player will have the upper hand in a match is to look at previous meetings. Many tennis players perform great against some opponents but struggle against others.

    Looking at head-to-head records will tell you if the player you want to back has won most of the previous matches against the same opponent. If he or she has, you can be confident that you might get a winning bet if you back them to win once again. 

    Tip 6: Form is Crucial

    How often have you seen a top player lose the first game of a tournament because he was in poor form? Even the best tennis players struggle when they are in terrible form. 

    In other words, if you see that a star player like Novak Djokovic, for instance, has been in poor form going into the Roland Garros, you might consider not betting on him. Other players who are in better form might be better options, and they will also likely come with higher French Open betting odds.

    Even players who are not in the top 10 in men's or women's professional tennis can perform better than you expect them to when they are at the top of their game. If you analyse the form of tennis players before you place your tennis bets, you will definitely increase your chances of landing winnings.

    Tip 7: Evaluate Playing and Surfaces

    Experienced tennis bettors know that players have different playing and don't favour the same surfaces. It is not uncommon for an underdog to surprise a favourite if the match is played on a surface the favourite is uncomfortable with. Similarly, if a player struggles against opponents that play long rallies, you should not back him when he faces that kind of opponent.

    Tip 8: Listen to Tips and Predictions from Experts

    This piece of advice is not restricted to tennis only, as it applies to all sports. Sports bettors should analyse matches themselves but should also listen to what the experts are saying. Well-researched tennis betting tips can go a long way when looking to improve the success of your bets.

    So, if you see that some betting experts have recently had a lot of success with their predictions, why not include their tips in your bet slips. Most of the time, these betting suggestions are free, so you have nothing to lose if you check them out.

    Tip 9: Try Using a Tennis Betting Strategy

    There are a lot of sports betting strategies that you can also adopt for tennis. For instance, you can use the Martingale approach on tennis betting markets that come with even money odds. Over/Under betting options that deal with the games played in a match areal for this strategy. 

    With Martingale, you double your bet stake amount when your tennis bet loses. For instance, if you bet £20 and predict a particular match will end in Over 21.5 games, but it doesn't, you should place £40 on your next Over/Under wager and double your bet stake until you get a winning bet.

    Of course, it is not just the Martingale approach you can use when betting on tennis. You can also try your hand at the Kelly Criterion, the D'Alembert's principle, or any other proven betting strategy that might work for you.

    You can check our numerous calculators to develop and apply your strategies easier and better.

    How Do We Find Pro Tips for Tennis Betting

    We go to great lengths to give you tennis predictions that will result in winnings. We look at the form of players, head-to-head matches, the surfaces players favour, and much more before serving you our selections. Read on to discover how we find our pro tips for tennis and why you should go with the picks we recommend.


    Analyse form and head-to-head matches

    First, we check the form of players. We only back tennis players that are either in great shape or, if they are not, we feel they could turn things around and go on a winning run. Next, we look at head-to-head duels to see if a player often triumphs or loses against a specific opponent.


    Collect as much data as possible

    Now we try to get all the news about the players and the match in question. We do this to see if a player has an injury or whether there are some problems within one of the players' camps. When players carry knocks or have any other issues that cause them to perform poorly, we bet against them.


    Get insider's info

    Unlike regular sports bettors, we have unlimited access. That means we can get insider's information that casual tennis punters cannot obtain. Needless to say, you cannot find these pieces of information in tennis news sections, and you can only get them from us.


    Look for dropping odds

    Lastly, we analyse tennis odds. We do this to see if the odds for a particular market are dropping. If they are, that often indicates an outcome that will likely happen. So, we investigate if there's something to it. If there is a genuine reason why odds are decreasing, you are the first to find out and get a reliable pro tip.

    Popular Tennis Tournaments to Bet On

    Nothing beats betting on Grand Slam events. When you bet on major tournaments, you get to watch the best in the business but also benefit from tons of sports betting markets. And that's before we start talking about the wide range of tennis bonuses you can profit from. So, there's quite a lot you can gain from betting on major tennis tournaments. Read on to learn more about the most popular tennis tournaments to bet on and how you can profit from each.

    Australian Open

    The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the calendar year. It takes place in the last two weeks of January when the best players in men's and women's tennis go down under to play at Melbourne Park's hard courts in Melbourne.

    As with the other Grand Slam tournaments, when you start your Australian Open betting adventure, you can place wagers on men's and women's singles matches, as well as men's, women's and mixed doubles. 

    Another great thing about your Australian Open betting experience is that you can always bet on matches regardless of the weather or the infamous Australian heat. That's because the three primary courts in Melbourne all boast retractable roofs.

    Lastly, the first Grand Slam tournament is great for tennis bettors looking for slightly higher Australian Open tennis odds for the main favourites. Because the tournament is the first of the four Grand Slams, sportsbooks often find it a bit more challenging to predict which of the leading contenders will enter the Australian Open betting arena as the front-runner. As a result, all favourites get slightly higher Australian Open tennis odds.

    Further, some bookmakers even feature various promotions exclusive to this event. Luckily, you can find every kind of offer ranging from free bet for sports to cashbacks here at Betpack. We review and list the best one in the market!


    Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious of the four Grand Slams. It is the oldest Grand Slam tennis tournament. The first tennis match on the grass courts in London took place in 1877, and the tournament has welcomed the best in the tennis world ever since.

    Legendary male tennis stars like Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Boris Becker, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic have played some of their best tennis matches at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London. Similarly, women's tennis legends, such as Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Steffi Graf, and Serena Williams will always be remembered as absolute Wimbledon superstars because of their impressive performances in England. 

    So, how can you profit from betting on this illustrious tennis tournament? Well, the great thing about Wimbledon is that you don't just get the most popular tennis bets like match and set betting. You can also test your betting knowledge on more exotic tennis props, try out exact score wagers, or bet in-play. Wimbledon gives you all the sports betting markets you need and then some.

    French Open

    The French Open, also known as Roland-Garros, is one of the best tournaments to bet on. It takes place in late May at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, meaning the weather is rarely a problem, and the French clay courts are in perfect condition.

    Because the French Open is the most prestigious clay-court tournament globally, players try extra hard to win it. However, as recent history has shown, not everyone can succeed in Paris. To triumph in the French capital, you need to be at the top of your game and be in superb physical condition.

    That means bettors who want to profit from enticing French Open betting odds should make sure they back players with strong physical attributes. Rafael Nadal is the best example of how power-house players dominate the clay courts in Paris. The Spaniard has won Roland-Garros more times than any other tennis player, and his athleticism and sheer physical strength have helped him brush opponents aside with ease.

    So, if you are looking to make the most of betting on the Roland-Garros, search for potent and energetic players that also come with decent French Open betting odds. It is not a problem if they are outside the Top 10, of course, provided they are in good form. That way, you will back players who love the clay surface they will be playing on, and you will also profit from some enticing odds.

    US Open

    The US Open is the last Grand Slam tournament of the calendar year. It on the last Monday of August, and its hard courts areal for players with mixed sets of skills, which also means that bettors can profit from some decent odds, as there are usually more contenders for the US Open title than there are for the other three Grand Slams.

    So, while Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer have been dominant in the Grand Slams, they have had to share the US Open podium with many other players as well. And more players with chances to win equals higher odds. That's always great if you are a tennis betting enthusiast.

    Tennis Betting Options and Markets Tennis Betting Options and Markets

    Tennis Betting Options and Markets

    When it comes to tennis betting markets, punters are spoiled for choice. So, choosing the market that works for you becomes even more critical. These are some of the options you get when you bet on tennis:

    • Match Betting
    • Handicap Betting
    • Outright Winner Bet
    • Total Games Over/Under
    • Correct Score Betting
    • To Win in Straight Sets

    As you can see, there are quite a lot of tennis wagering options to pick from. Of course, with the exception of the outright winner bet, you can find all of these betting propositions in the pre-match wagering offers, as well as in in-play betting markets.


    It is evident that betting on tennis can be pretty profitable if you play with the right tennis tips and strategies. However, even if you have the latest tennis info and the most up-to-date stats, you still need to place your tennis bets at reliable sportsbooks.

    And that's where Betpack comes in handy. We don't just provide you with the best tennis betting guide, share the best tennis betting tips and tell you how to bet on tennis and other sports. We also give you the best bookies review for each sport. So, pick a tennis betting site you fancy, read our expert tips, and start betting like a pro - Game - Set - Match.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you bet on sets in tennis?

    When you bet on sets in tennis, you have several options. First, you can stake on the total number of games that will be played in a set (6, 7, 8, 9, etc.). You can also wager on whether Player A or Player B will win the set. Lastly, there are also lots of handicap markets to choose from when betting on individual sets.

    What does 21.5 mean in tennis?

    21.5 (games) is the threshold the bookmaker has given you for the Over/Under market. In this market, you can bet whether the total number of games in a match will be lower (Under) or higher (Over) than the 21.5 benchmark.

    Can you bet on tennis matches in-play?

    Yes. In tennis betting, you can place your bets before a match starts, but you can also wager during matches. There are lots of in-play betting markets in tennis, such as match-winner, to win next game, next brake, and Over/Under.

    Can you bet on the correct score in tennis?

    Yes, you can. If it is a best-of-three-sets tennis match, you can choose from the following four correct scores 2-0, 2-1, 0-2, 1-2. If it is a best-of-five match, you can bet on one of these six correct scores: 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, 0-3, 1-3, 2-3.

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