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Having a market value of over £20 million, esports betting is a huge hit, and it is something most bettors want to enjoy these days. Games like CS: GO, and LOL have taken the industry by the storm, yet, they still remain as the tip of the iceberg. To fathom the depths of it and discover all the hidden gems of esports betting, make sure to read our guide.
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    What is esports betting?

    It was a huge question mark when bookmakers in the UK list first offered esports gambling to their visitors. While it was rocket science for many, pro bettors were already taking advantage of it.

    Simply put, the only difference between traditional betting and esports betting is you place your bets on video games, not physical sports like basketball or chess. Most of the time, betting sites have their dedicated section for esports, where players can find special events and odds on games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, or FIFA.

    Besides that, the biggest similarity, and probably the best one, is the number of available markets and types of odds.

    For instance, you can place your bets on a player, team, match winner, and more. However, keep in mind that every game comes with additional betting markets. That is why it is crucial to know the games and study the teams before placing any single penny.

    On top of that, there are also massive esports tournaments where you have countless odds on which you can place your esports bets.

    Esports Betting Strategy & Tips

    If you have noa about esports, placing a bet on esports events would be playing Russian roulette. As always, to make the winner bet, you have to think like a winner and create a compelling strategy. And that's where Betpack's expert tipsters excel at.

    Our seasoned punters do not only know all the ins and outs of esports betting but also are amateur enthusiasts that play games regularly. Therefore, to get the best result possible from your esports betting experience, consider taking a look at our tips below.


    Bet on the games you know

    As experienced esports gamblers, the first thing we can recommend is to bet only on those games you know. Let's be honest, backing a CS: GO team with a is no different than buying a lottery ticket and crossing fingers. Investing your hard-earned cash into something you are almost certain of will most likely end up with a bigger bankroll in your betting account.


    Always study the esports teams and players

    Secondly, familiarising yourself with the teams and players is essential for placing the right bet and knowing which players perform the best on what kind of events and which maps will boost your chances. Thus, take a moment to learn about teams, games and players, and minimise the risk.


    Benefit from live esports betting

    As real fans of esports games, we can easily say that there is nothing more thrilling than placing bets on a live game. It is also quite beneficial when you can observe the matches and predict the possible outcomes. But here is the catch - most of the time, those predictions are obvious, and therefore, almost all the esports bookmakers lower the odds.


    Set a budget and gamble responsibly

    If there is one rule to point out, we will pick sticking with a budget and gambling responsibly. In the end, it is supposed to be entertaining to bet on esports that you are a fan of. And as the old saying suggests - when the fun stops, stop.

    Payment Methods for Esports Betting

    These payment methods are the best because they are almost always available, easy to use, and fast. Keep in mind that skin betting sites also add an option to bet using in-game currency. Conventional payment methods support fiat and conventional currencies. The best ones are explained below.


    Skrill is one of the most popular e-wallets in the gambling world. As such, the best esports bookmakers allow players to use this for funding their accounts. However, even though punters can benefit from instant funds, they usually cannot claim any bonus using Skrill.

    Credit & Debit Cards

    Credit and debit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, and many others are excellent payment methods. Due to their handiness in daily life, most players can easily use these methods as a way to fund their accounts & withdraw their winnings.


    PayPal is among the best options in the esports betting industry. Offering highly safe and secure transactions, in addition to having a place in daily life, can provide punters with convenience. However, it could be hard to find a betting site that accepts PayPal.


    Available in over 17 different currencies and can be used in over 180 countries all over the globe. Next to Skrill, this is the most popular payment method. Basically, Neteller is an e-wallet and can be used for deposits and withdrawals at any online gambling site.

    Live Esports Betting

    If you are a fan of esports teams and watching online tournaments, following up with your wagers through live streaming is priceless. Even more, some of the best esports betting sites allow punters to place bets on live events.

    That way, you can keep wagering in the course of the game and take action to prevent any potential loss or even win more. However, at the moment, the options are very limited for that. As the esports betting market keeps growing, esports fans will be able to bet on various events.

    So far, the most popular video games to bet live on are League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Dota.

    Types of Esports Betting

    These days esports come in a few flavours that bettors like. We can say that these are esports types and that involve popular gamesctly. Almost always, these are related to upcoming events, but there are still some nuances. Below, you can see all major variations and pick the type you like the most.

    Social betting

    Social betting is quite popular in the esports industry. Its main significance is there are no entry fees or anything similar. In other words, you will still bet on esports but with your friends, which can be real money betting or for an item or just for fun. The bets are versatile and can be used for any game, not only for common esports. We must add that this type of betting is gaining in popularity as we speak.

    Real money esports betting

    Similar to traditional sports betting, real money esports betting is placing wagers using real money. As such, you can win or lose. Some of the major tournaments allow you to place very high bets. As a result, it can be a very lucrative option to bet on. There are different types of bets as well, most of which we have covered earlier.

    Skin betting on esports

    These bets use or, better said, are based on in-game items. In simple terms, bettors bet on currency using that specific game or on an item from the game (virtual item, of course). They can then sell or exchange those items using special websites. League of Legends is very common in this kind of betting. This is a similar type of real money betting; however, this is a unique option for esports.

    Fantasy betting

    Similar to sports like football and basketball, esports can be associated with fantasy esports betting, as well. However, many experts claim that fantasy esports betting is not betting at all. What this means is that the score of a match is based using algorithms and statistics. Matches last one second, and the computer determines the winner using statistics and many other factors. In fantasy esports, you will bet on the outcome as usual. A fantasy team is used in all variations.

    Challenge betting

    Challenge betting is best-known as head-to-head betting. Here gamers will use cash, items, or anything else and bet. The winner takes all. There are special websites where you must pay entry fees to compete. Also, many gamers use cash to bet at home or via the web.

    Esports Betting vs Traditional Sports Betting

    Apart from being the new kid in the block, esports betting has too many differences from traditional sports betting. That even ends up being judged as not being a real sport by conservative punters. However, for us, this is the least important nuance.

    Starting from the available betting markets to events, they hold a number of differences. And below, we have compiled them, along with the main similarities.

    Esports Betting
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    Can be played only online

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    A relatively smaller number of betting markets

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    Day by day gains popularity

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    Unique and dynamic betting experience


    Traditional Sports Betting
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    Players can bet on conventional bookmakers, as well

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    Too many betting markets available

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    Loses new generations' interest

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    It could be boring as players got the hang of it


    Esports betting has given the competitive video gaming industry another life. There are almost as many esports fans as American football betting has, and this strengthens the seat of esports betting in the online gambling sphere.

    As the 21st century brings new concepts with more options and complexity, betting will definitely have its share from it. And esports betting, in this sense, will have an unshakable place in the world of online betting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most popular esports games to bet on?

    There are many examples. We can say that COD, FIFA, LoL, Dota 2, and many more are the best examples. Millions play these games, and they are popular at the best online betting sites.

    Can I win real money betting on esports?

    Yes, esports bookmakers allow players to win real money prizes. In fact, when it comes to betting, they have no difference then conventional sports.

    Are there any esports betting bonuses?

    Yes, there are a number of promotions that you can benefit from. Even though they are not quite common, with a quick look at our list of esports bookmakers, you can stand a chance to get a bonus.

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