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FIFA make controversial World Cup decision regarding Russia

FIFA make controversial World Cup decision regarding Russia

02/03/2022; 8:11 AM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

War is never a good thing, and its occurrence always puts so many things at risk. During World War II, football came to a standstill with leagues, international matches and the FIFA World Cup failing to take place.

After the Russian military operation hadd, the UEFA Champions League final was the first to fall. UEFA took a quick decision to remove the hosting of the Champions League final from Russia, and it will now take place in Paris, France.

Sanctions are coming down on Russia after the recent incidents, and FIFA have joined the fray by taking action against Russia for their actions.

FIFA condemns Russian invasion

Russia and Ukraine are both members of FIFA, and the incident taking place in that region has saddened FIFA. The football governing body has added its voice to the outcry across the globe. It condemned the use of force by Russia on Ukraine.

According to FIFA, violence is not a solution, and the world governing body expressed its solidarity to people affected by what is happening in Ukraine.

FIFA also enjoined all parties to come to the negotiation table to begin a constructive dialogue. It called for the urgent restoration of peace. There remains close contact between FIFA and the Ukrainian Association of Football and members of the Ukrainian football community. There has been a constant request for support to leave the country as the conflict persists.

FIFA takes measures to apply during the conflict

FIFA have set out to address football-related matters in the region. In coordination with UEFA, the FIFA Council involving the FIFA President and the six Confederation Presidents have agreed to take the initial measures. These measures are in line with the recommendations from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It will be applied immediately and applicable until further notice.

The measures taken are as follows:

  • FIFA have cancelled all international competitions from being played within the territory of Russia. Russia's home matches will now be played on neutral ground without spectators.

  • Russia is still allowed to participate in any competition, but will not compete under the name Russia, rather the Football Union of Russia (RFU).

  • During all Russian matches within the period the sanctions persists, the Russian flag or anthem will not be used in matches where teams from the Football Union of Russia are involved.

Dialogue with the IOC, UEFA and other sports organisations will continue with FIFA. It is to determine any other measures or sanctions. The sanctions could include a potential exclusion from competitions. The sanctions could be applied if the situation fails to improve quickly. The FIFA Council is on standby and ready to take any of these decisions.

FIFA enjoins the sports movement to be in solidarity in its decisions on the ongoing furore between Russia and Ukraine. It also asked that they be a vector of peace and hope.

However, the latest decision by FIFA is not ‘enough’ according to some, and some countries still insist they won’t play against Russia even as RFU. It remains to be seen how this could affect football on the international scene, but we at Betpack could be set for a large domino effect.

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