Abramovich and Russia at the end of sanctions from the European Union

Abramovich and Russia at the end of sanctions from the European Union

16/03/2022; 5:14 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

Roman Abramovich is one of those affected by the sanctions due to his relationship with Putin.

When it rains, it pours. The Russia/Ukraine war continues as the rest of the world seems united against Russia. The UK, US, and Europe are doing all they can to rein in Vladimir Putin, but the Russian leader is adamant in his position towards Ukraine.

They said don’t mix politics with sports, but the lines have become blurry. It has become unclear whether we’re dealing with sports or politics. Sanctions have fallen left and right against Russia, but the repercussions are felt as far as Stamford Bridge. The local Chelsea fan, who only wants to watch his team play, has developed a hatred for his country.

The European Union has joined the UK government in placing sanctions on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. The sanctions come amid connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

EU Sanctions fall on Roman and others

As per Sky Sports, the European Union have, like the United Kingdom, placed sanctions on Roman Abramovich for his relationship with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. The sanctions come in the wake of incursion into Ukraine. The European Union is late to the party as the United Kingdom.

Abramovich had planned to sell Chelsea, but the sanctions by the British government limited his ability to do so. Also affected was the English side’s ability to do business. Events have shown that sport is not immune to politics. They hands of politics have reached out, and football is the latest victim.

The noose is getting tighter on Abramovich, and except the war abates, its effect will be harder on the Russian billionaires.

The EU sanctions

Roman Abramovich has become the poster boy for the sanctions designed for Russian concerns. With operations at Chelsea almost at a standstill this past week, more sanctions have fallen on Abramovich this week. The latest batch of sanctions that keep coming like a supplementary list in a Nigerian university admission racket has come from the EU.

The fourth package of sanctions against Russia was formally approved by member states this week. The sanctions include an import ban on Russian steel and iron. There is also an export ban on luxury goods worth more than €300 and cars costing more than €50,000. The energy sector was also hit. The EU has banned investments in oil companies and the energy sector.

According to the EU, Abramovich has benefited from close ties to Vladimir Putin. Abramovich is one of the 14 Russians affected by the latest installment of sanctions.

The statement continues that Abramovich has had unfettered access to Putin and has good relations with the Russian president.

The sanctions by the United Kingdom stop Abramovich from benefiting from the sale of Chelsea with the deadline for bidding set for Friday. According to reports, the sale of Chelsea FC will not go to the highest bidder. An entity that can provide added value via its ownership will be successful.

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