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Juventus, Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid plan Super League friendly tournament

Juventus, Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid plan Super League friendly tournament

23/02/2022; 3:03 PM Steven D. Thompson By : Steven D. Thompson

The three teams that avoided UEFA sanctions for their role in the saga want to play a friendly tournament in the US this summer.

Financial Fair Play has been a thorny issue for a while in football, with the traditional big clubs forced to operate within its rules. 

It seems a different set of rules exists for the oligarch owned clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

With these clubs, especially Paris Saint-Germain, able to splurge recklessly without recourse to FFP, the traditional big clubs have sought to find money in other ways to augment their income. 

UEFA have been at loggerheads with Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, three clubs that need heavy cash injections.

The formation of the Super League has been a bone of contention with UEFA as the European football governing body sees it as an affront to its authority. 

UEFA threatened sanctions against clubs that joined the league, with many pulling out. 

Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona have remained adamant about the Super League and have refused to buckle under the threats of UEFA.

The Super League is still alive

UEFA probably think that thea of the Super League is dead, but the main protagonists remain adamant, and the horse UEFA thinks is dead is alive and kicking.

The three European heavyweights are strategising how to keep thea alive, and a friendly tournament in the summer is in the offing.

Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are poised to compete in a Super League friendly tournament in the summer. 

With other teams backing out of thea, the three clubs have refused to give up on it. 

ESPN reports that the three clubs will work out a format this summer. A proposed friendly tournament will take place in the United States. The wholea is to maximise profits after massive pandemic losses.

Los Angeles and Miami are likely centres for the tournament as AC Milan may join the trio for the competition.

Milan were one of the three Italian clubs that signed up for the Super League. The Italian club pulled out later after a backlash from UEFA.

Mitigating pandemic losses

It is not a level playing field when PSG and Manchester City can beat the system. To compete against these oligarch owned clubs, the clubs must explore other avenues of income. 

The streams open to the traditional big clubs are act challenge to UEFA.

Without the big clubs, the Champions League becomes a shell of itself. It is why UEFA has arm-twisted the teams that signed up for the competition bar Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, into submission.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected several clubs, with Barcelona reporting debt of up to £1.1billion last year. The Super League saw 12 teams signed up. The English teams involved in the saga lost their nerves. They pulled out following a backlash from UEFA and their supporters.

In September 2021, UEFA confirmed that no sanctions would befall Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, despite the three clubs holding on tenaciously to thea of the Super League.

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