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10 Tennis Betting Tips for Beginners

Steven D. Thompson


When it comes to sports betting, football is the clear winner. With more than three billion fans and superstar players, the appeal of this sport isn't surprising. But this doesn't mean that other sports are boring and not worth the bettors' attention.

Tennis, for example, is a widely popular sport with a strong following, too. It's not the most popular, but it has the potential to meet the demands of punters. The tennis calendar is designed to have matches almost weekly, and the ATP and WTA are played in different countries, so tennis matches are hosted at different times. Finally, tennis sports betting has become more exciting thanks to countless betting sites with generous offers such as free bets. Fortunately, you can find and compare the best betting site offers in the market at Betpack.

Betting on tennis can provide bettors with an exciting way to follow matches and collect potential payouts along the way. But before you bet on tennis, it's best to know the basics of the game, bet types and check some of the best tennis betting tips available. Here's our list of the best tips for beginners.

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    Learn the Basic Rules in Tennis

    Success in betting relies on several factors, including a solid understanding of the game. Before you place your bets, make sure you understand the game's basic rules and its objective. In tennis, you'll find two players (for singles) or four players (for doubles). They stand on opposite sides of the net and use a racquet to hit the ball back and forth without committing errors. A tennis match is composed of sets, and each set is a race to win six games.

    In professional matches, players compete in a three-set or five-set match. Like other sports, this game offers plenty of ways to bet. You can bet on the player who wins the match, or go for the total number of games. If you know the rules, it's easier to follow the game and plan out what betting markets to play.

    Learn the Basic Rules in Tennis Learn the Basic Rules in Tennis

    Know the Different Tennis Betting Markets

    Like football, tennis offers punters plenty of betting markets to consider. A tennis betting market is a proposition offered by sportsbooks- it can be the total games played between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in a 1000 Masters event to futures on who will win the Roland Garros title. Tennis betting markets can have two options, ten or even dozens.

    So, why is there a need to study the markets when betting on tennis? Well, sportsbooks feature a variety of markets, and it can get confusing if you're a first-time bettor who wants to get some win money.

    If you're a beginner, we recommend that you start with the most popular bets to play. In tennis tournaments, the most popular markets are the Moneyline, Over/Under and Outrights. Most sportsbooks feature these types of markets, and they're perfect for all players.

    Moneyline is simply your 'match winner', and you're betting on which player wins. You can easily pick any from our list of the best tennis betting sites since almost all platforms offer Moneyline bets.

    In Over/Under bets, sports bettors focus on the total number of games played between two players. In this betting market, the sportsbook willntify a set number of games, and the bettor's task is to bet whether the actual result will go over or under this number.

    Finally, there's Outright betting, where you place your bet on the tournament winner. Aside from these standard bets, there are advanced bets, too, which are available in live betting.

    Study Odds as Part of Tennis Betting Strategy Study Odds as Part of Tennis Betting Strategy

    Study Odds as Part of Tennis Betting Strategy

    So what are odds, and why should you care? Well, tennis betting revolves around the use of odds, and it's crucial that you become familiar with them.

    If you browse your favourite sportsbooks, you'll notice the scheduled match-ups of tennis players. And the name of the player is listed with a number, often in decimal form. For example, in the women's game, N. Osaka is listed with 1.30 and V. Azarenka with 3.00. What does this mean, and why should you care as a tennis bettor?

    Simply, tennis odds represent the likelihood that a particular event or outcome will happen. It's an implied probability that tells you about the chances of an outcome. So, if a tennis player is listed at 1.30 to win the match, it simply reflects that the sportsbook favour that player rather than the opponent.

    Let's go back to our example, and we'll use the following formula:

    Implied probability = 1/ listed decimal odds

    If N. Osaka is listed with a 1.30 odds of winning her match, it follows that:

    1/1.30 = 0.7692 or 76.92%

    Using this information, we can say that N. Osaka has a 76% chance of winning the match. Odds will also tell you how much you can win if you're successful. You can compute your potential payout by using the formula below:

    Potential Profit = (Wager * Odds) – Wager

    Let's say that you wagered £10 on an Osaka win. Using the formula, (10 x 1.30) - £10

    From this example, your payout is £13 with a profit of £3. But if you place your bet on the other player with odds of 3.00, your payout is £30 with a profit of £20. When it comes to odds comparison, many tennis bettors don't just place their money on the player with the lowest odds. Sometimes, putting the money on the player with higher odds is better.

    However, you only need to use this strategy if you are certain about the player or her/his potential results. As you can see, betting odds are critical information that you should always check when staking on the sport.

    Learn the Different Types of Tennis Betting Odds

    At sportsbooks, odds are displayed in different formats. In our example, the decimal odds are used. Aside from this format, you also need to learn about fractional and American formats. Fractional odds are common in the United Kingdom, as you'll notice during Wimbledon, one of the four grand slams.

    These odds are displayed as 7/2 or 10/1, and they show you the amount of profit that you'll get relative to your wager. For example, a bookmaker will list Roger Federer as the 7/2 favourite to win. It means that you win £7 for every £2 you have wagered.

    In American odds, the numbers are expressed as either negative or positive numbers. A negative number tells you how much you should bet to win £100 in profit. A positive number, on the other hand, tells you how much you'll get for wagering £100.

    Learn and Assess the Playing Surfaces

    In tennis betting, it's important to learn the different types of playing surfaces and understand how these affect players' performances. There are four popular playing surfaces that are used in the sport- grass, clay, hard court, and artificial grass.

    These popular playing surfaces represent the grand slam events in tennis. In the grand slams, understanding the surface and players' experience is critical if you want to improve your chances. Also, knowing which player plays best in a specific playing surface is a value bet in itself.

    Let's take the case of the French Open that's played in Paris. Also called the Roland Garros tournament, the games are played in red clay. The clay surface tends to slow down the ball's bounce, thus creating longer rallies. Therefore, tennis players who rely on big serves and the serve-and-volley technique don't prosper in the tournament. Rafael Nadal is considered the clay-court specialist, and he has dominated the tournament in recent years. This is the only grand slam that has eluded and foiled many players such as Venus Williams, Boris Becker, and Lleyton Hewitt.

    In women's professional tennis, Justine Henin is considered the best. In the men's and women's tennis association, there are players who found success in most surfaces, such as Roger Federer, Nadal, and Serena. So, knowing the surface can help you assess the match winner market or other markets.

    Check out Players' Head to Head Records

    Tennis betting is all about access to data and grand slams statistics. It may be categorised under gambling, but the right tennis betting strategy always involves having enough information and numbers.

    One type of statistic that you should always check before betting is the head-to-head match-up between the player you want to support and the opponent. If they have played before (which is a certainty in the tour), you need to check how many times they've played, the results, the scores, and where it happened.

    It's a helpful tool in tennis betting if you want to improve your odds of winning. For example, Gael Monfils and Federer are two colourful tennis professionals during the grass season. As of 2019, the Swiss Maestro leads the head-to-head 10-4. So, the next time they face major tournaments on grass, you know that the smart money is on Federer winning the match.

    However, the smart punter should never take these match-ups at face value. It's the bettors' responsibility always to check the rivalry and the matches they've played. Let's say that we have two terrific players in the WTA tours, and let's call them Player A and B, who are in the French Open, the premier clay event. In the head-to-head match-up, Player A leads 15-10 and plays well on grass but struggles on clay and on a losing streak lately.

    Player B, on the other hand, is a clay specialist and on an 85-match winning streak on clay. On the surface, the money is on Player A since he leads the match-up. But if you dig deeper and ask for the correct data, you'll know that the smart money is on Player B.

    Know Tennis Players and Their

    It's now easier to study the player's and typical characteristics on and off the court. You can check out the videos on YouTube, follow big events on Twitter, or visit our recommended top 100 betting sites for their tennis betting spreadsheet.

    So, why is it important for bettors to learn the playing? Well, it provides you with an insight into their skills and behaviours, and it helps you see how your player matches up with others. With some videos, you can check out the player's service and return game, assess what type of player he is, or if he's a baseliner, a strong returner, or a clay or grass specialist.

    You can use this information in building a more suitable head-to-head match-up against the other players. This is a helpful tool for many tennis tipsters, especially if you're unfamiliar with players.

    Learn the Difference Between Pre-match and In-play Betting

    In sports betting, there are two ways to place your bets: you have pre-match and in-play betting. All leading sportsbooks offer these two types of tennis betting arrangements, and they cover most matches of the International Tennis Federation.

    When we say pre-match betting, bettors place their bets before the games are played. For example, Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka may be playing next week, and you may play a bet on Williams to win the match. Pre-match betting markets in most sportsbooks also include a bet on the outright tournament winner, handicap betting or even spread betting.

    Live betting, on the other hand, requires placing a wager after the match hasd but before it has finished. It's in-play tennis betting before you're placing bets while the players are in action. The types of bets to play here are more into propositions and will best work for bettors who have a comprehensive understanding of women's and men's tennis. Here's are a few markets for in-play tennis betting:

    • Will the first set go to a tiebreak?
    • Will there be a breakpoint in the next game?
    • Who will take the first or second set?
    •  Will the set go to a tie break?
    • What are the total points in the next tiebreaker?

    In live betting, you need access to the right tools and updated information. Most sportsbooks offer live scores and live streaming to help fans and bettors follow the game's progress. In in-play betting, the best odds are updated in real-time, so it's pretty easy to check the markets constantly.

    Create Accounts with Different Bookmakers Create Accounts with Different Bookmakers

    Create Accounts with Different Bookmakers

    This may seem counterproductive, but it's actually quite beneficial for beginning bettors. Did you know that limiting yourself to just one or a few bookmakers will only limit your success in betting? No, you don't need to register an account with more than a dozen sportsbooks. What you can do is tontify a few betting sites where you can follow matches and bet on outcomes.

    There are several reasons why having multiple accounts work. One, it's easier for you to look for enhanced odds and compare the prevailing tennis wagering odds for a particular player. Let's say that you want to place a handicap bet on a player, and his odds of winning at one site is set at 1.70 and 1.72 on another. From this, the best bet is to put your money on the latter one.

    Also, by signing up for accounts on different websites, you can collect multiple incentives such as free bets and deposit match bonuses. If you sign up with three sportsbooks all offering free bets for handicap betting or Moneyline, it means you get three chances to place your bets risk-free!

    Finally, membership in different websites gives you access to a wide range of resources from tennis predictions to tennis betting strategies and guides.

    However, finding relevant information can be pretty tough and time-consuming since countless new platforms are joining the market every day. Fortunately, Betpack is here to save you all the trouble. You can easily see our list of best new online bookmakers with essential information, ranging from mobile compatibility to betting payment options.

    Set a Bankroll and Stick with It

    Like casino gambling, there are risks involved when placing bets. Although you may have all the statistics on hand indicating that a player will win, there's still an air of uncertainty in every match. As such, you should set a bankroll and stick with it.

    It's crucial to bet on tennis responsibly, and that involves setting a budget for every wager and exiting the platform once you have used it up. There's no set limit as to the amount you should use when betting. It should be an amount you can afford to lose, of course.


    One's success in betting depends on several factors and following a set of tips and strategies. The bettor's success is not built overnight; it takes time, commitment and access to the right tools, including various calculators that we present. On this page, we provide you with some of the best tips in the business. As a beginner, the tennis betting tips provided at Betpack can serve as your guide in making winning calls.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does 22.5 mean in tennis?

    This is used in Over/Under betting. If you bet on 23 or Over, you are wagering that there will be at least 23 games that will be played in the match.

    What does +1.5 mean in tennis?

    This is used in handicap wagering. For example, the set handicap for Player A is +1.5. You win your wager if this player wins by at least one set.

    What are the different types of bets to play in tennis?

    In tennis, you can play Moneyline or Match Winner, Game Spread, Over/Under, Outright and Games Handicap.

    What are Outright wagers and how is it different to a Moneyline bet?

    In Outright betting, you're placing your money on the player who will win the tournament. For example, you can bet that Djokovic will win the next Australian Open. You are not concerned with the first or final match since your focus is on the whole tournament.

    What is the difference between pre-match and live betting?

    In pre-match, you put your wager before the match begins. With in-play, you can place tennis bets during the match is in progress.

    What are the best tennis tips I can follow to place successful bets?

    Your success in online betting depends on several factors. For a start, you need to learn the rules, know players, and understand how the tennis season works. It also involves being familiar with a specific grand slam, and its court. Also, an appreciation of the popular bets, odds and statistics should be in order.

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