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Welcome to Betpack.com. The following terms and conditions or "the Terms" will apply to anyone who has decided to use Betpack.com, hereafter referred to as "the Website," "Us," or "We." If you do not agree to the Terms by the time you are done reading this, please discontinue using the Website. Please do not use the Website unless you have read and agreed to the Terms and our Privacy Policy, hereafter referred to as "the Policy."


The Terms are split into several chapters covering everything you need to know about how to use the Website and what the permissible uses of the Website are in the first place. Please take your time to study each of these chapters and decide whether you wish to proceed with using the Website once you are done reading.

Services and Content

Every material published on the Website, including but not limited to odds, imagery, written materials including but not limited to news coverage, betting guides, strategies, and tips, are the exclusive intellectual property of Betpack.com and any partners that can legally claim proprietorship of the materials. Copying materials from the Website is not permissible and constitutes an infringement of copyright law, at which point the Website will pursue legal action against the wrongdoer and seek damages, compensation, and an apology. The Website and the content we provide are intended as non-commercial and for-entertainment purposes only and cannot, therefore, be constituted or misinterpreted as financial advice. Please read the next chapter to find out more about how you should use the content.

Disclaimer of Warranties


  1. You are the sole responsible party when using Betpack.com. The Website content and services are available for free – unless otherwise specified – and they remain free for examination by anyone who is of the legal age to access the nature of such content. Please note that the Website has no responsibility and disclaims all warranties related to the use of content or any damage suffered as a result ofct use of the available content.
  2. Betpack makes no warranty that the Website will meet your expectations or that the information found on the Website will be free of error, secure, timely, or uninterrupted. Please note that it is your sole responsibility to verify the nature of the information regardless of the phrasing used by the authors on the Website. All parties accessing the Website have the responsibility to confirm that the information they obtain is true.
  3. Please note that Betpack.com has never stated nor will it state that the information you find on the Website constitutes financial advice of any form. Please understand that sports coverage is a form of entertainment, and Betpack's extended coverage of trustworthy betting sites is an opportunity to participate in another hobby but is not nor shall it ever be a guarantee or advice to engage with such products. The opinions shared on the Website about the possible outcome of a sports event are solely for entertainment purposes and are crafted to the best of our contributors' abilities. 

Readers and Visitors Conduct

Please note that by agreeing to continue using the Website, you agree to forego any type of behaviour that could sully the reputation of the Website or in any way denigrate a fellow, readers. Readers and visitors are bound by a civil code of conduct and must remain respectful to one another in use of the Website. 

Please note that as a member or reader, you are not allowed to redistribute content – in whatever form – from the websites, and doing so without an explicit written agreement means that you have violated an infringement on our copyrights. 

Please note that visitors to the Website are not allowed to try and disrupt the service of the Website in any way possible. Attempting to intentionally or unwittingly disrupt the Website service or insert malicious software, or sabotage the Website will result in immediate legal recourse on Betpack.com's behalf.

Please note that by agreeing to the Terms, you also agree that we cannot guarantee that the Website will be free of malicious content. You must have the necessary anti-virus software to verify the safety of the pages you visit, and you have the sole responsibility to protect your computer, operating system, and private information against any data leaks or/and transmittance of harmful software. 

Use by Minors 

The Website must not be used by minors or individuals who are not of the legal age to access the nature of the materials and content published, shared, or recorded on the Website. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they comply. The Website shall not accept registrations or subscriptions form individuals who are not yet of the legal age to participate and access the nature of the content published at Betpack.com. 


You agree that Betpack.com may terminate your access to the Website at any point for a breach of these or other terms. The Website reserves its right to suspend your access to the Website in whatever form it chooses without the need to inform you about the decision. Betpack.com needs to give you no prior notice to proceed with termination.

Visiting External Links

In preparing materials, contributors may use links to third-parties. By agreeing to use the Website, you agree that the Website shall not be responsible for the content found on such third-party websites. Betpack.com has no obligation to monitor and follow through with external links so long as the contributors' have deemed them appropriate and in support of the point, they try to make.

All readers and visitors at the Website will have the responsibility to verify the safety of such external links. Should you deem a link to be unsafe, please refrain from visiting it and notify the Website, that is, Us via email. We shall examine and remove the link.

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