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If you are an existing sportsbook customer, reload offers are among the best promos that you can get.
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Best Betting Reload Offers 2023

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Maximizing Profits with Reload Offers

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    With reload bonuses, you can get enticing deposit promos or free bet offers, even after you have used up bookmakers' lucrative welcome packages. And luckily for you, we have everything you need to make the most of your reload offers. Read on to find out all you need to know about these betting offers and how to make them work in your favour. Let's start!

    Betting Reload Bonuses

    Bookmakers give betting reload bonuses to existing customers who qualify for them. As the name implies, to qualify for a reload offer, you have to have a betting account with the bookmaker and make a qualifying deposit. 

    Betting sites give reload bonuses on special occasions or during some popular events. For instance, a sports betting site might have a reload offer for all existing players who deposit during the weekend.

    Major bookmakers also give reload bonuses during festive seasons and have tons of Christmas reload promos, Halloween reloads, Black Friday specials, and so on.

    Similarly, a sportsbook can give you a reload bonus during popular events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, the Cricket World Cup, etc. 

    However, you should always know that you will only trigger these reload bonuses if you deposit during the promotional period. If you deposit before or after that period, you won't get your free bet or bonus funds. 

    Players who also trigger casino promotions from time to time will have no problem understanding betting reload bonuses. Online casinos often give gamblers matched bonuses and a few free spins when they activate casino reloads.

    That means that both the sports betting reloads and the casino offers can come in handy if you are looking for extra funds, free bets, or free spins. And that's something we are all for here at Betpack.

    Pros & Cons

    Reload offers may not be as lucrative as welcome bonuses, but they come with some unique perks you cannot get from other promos. They are there even after you have used up those more illustrious welcome offers. They are also excellent sources of extra playing money. Let's see all the pros & cons of reload offers.



    • A bonus existing customers can use
    • Nice source of extra money for existing players
    • Can get more than one reload offer at the same bookmaker
    • Can use them for matched betting purposes


    • Not as lucrative as welcome offers
    • Come with wagering and other bonus conditions
    • Can only trigger them during promotional periods

    Sign-Up vs Reload Offers

    Both sign-up and reload offers are great if you want to bet with more bonus money, as most of us do. However, players are often not sure what they can get from each of these offers. Let's put sign-up and reload offers side by side and see what you can get from each bonus.

    Sign-Up Offers
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    You get sign-up offers when you open a betting account for the first time, i.e. only new customers can use welcome bonuses

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    There are both deposit and no-deposit sign-up offers

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    Welcome offers are more enticing and usually double your deposit, giving you more money to play with

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    Sign-up offers come with wagering requirements and other bonus conditions you have to meet

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    You can use sign-ups for matched betting purposes

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    You can only use a welcome bonus once


    Reload Offers
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    To get reload offers, you must be an existing sportsbook customer, and you must trigger the promos during promotional periods

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    You must deposit to qualify for a reload promo most of the time

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    Reload bonuses are not as enticing as welcome bonuses, and they usually match 30% to 50% of your deposit

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    Reload bonuses also come with conditions you must meet, such as wagering requirements, min odds, number of selections, etc.

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    You can also use reload bonuses if you are into matched betting

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    You can use more than one reload bonus at the same bookmaker

    How to claim reload offers

    Claiming reload offers is easy, and everyone can do it. That goes double if you use our four-step reload betting guide to help you. In it, we detail all the things you need to do to get your hands on an enticing reload promo. Here's how you can claim reload offers instantly.

    • Estimated Time Needed: 00:05
    • Tools Needed: account
    • Supplies Needed: money
    nothing Step 1

    Have a betting account

    To claim and trigger reload offers, you must have a betting account. You also must be an existing sportsbook customer. Therefore, if you don't have a betting account yet, open one right away. As a bonus, you will also get an enticing welcome offer before you are eligible for the reload bonuses you came to activate. Pretty neat, right?

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    Find a reload promo

    The next thing to do is to find a reload betting offer. To do this, go to the Promotions page of your sportsbook and see if you can find a reload bonus. Most bookmakers have reload offers in their inventory of promotions, so you should have no trouble finding one.

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    Opt-in and make a qualifying deposit

    As soon as you find your reload promo, opt-in for it. Opting in is easy, and all you need to do is click on the reload bonus. Sometimes you may also need to enter a bonus code before you trigger the promo. When you have done that, make a qualifying deposit. The bookmaker will tell you what the minimum deposit required to activate the offer is, so make sure you meet that.

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    Activate the reload promo

    Now the reload bonus funds are credited to your betting account. However, before you can bet with them, you have to meet several conditions. They are all listed in the bonus terms and conditions, so make sure you read them. Most of the time, you must place your qualifying bets at some minimum odds and meet other reload bonus conditions.

    Best Reload Offers by Category

    Feature Name

    Best Reload Bonus


    Best Offer


    Best Wagering


    Best Minimum Deposit


    Best Overall


    Best Welcome Bonus

    Slots n Bets

    Top 10 Reload Offers

    Rank Bookmaker Bonus Minimum Deposit



    100% up to €100




    €100 Free Bet




    100% up to €100




    100% up to €75




    50% up to €50




    100% up to €100




    100% up to €100



    Slots n Bets

    100% up to €100




    100% up to €30




    10% Cashback


    Reload Offers by Sports

    Unlike welcome offers, you can often use reload bonuses only on predetermined sports. That means that while you might be able to use your first sports bet on whichever sport you want, you will have to use your reload free bets only on specific sports. For instance, you can place the free bets you got from your first deposit offers on sports ranging from football and basketball to bandy and virtual sports. However, when it comes to reload promos, you can use them only on sports the bookmaker has included in the bonus terms. Let's look at some reload offers by sports and how you can make the most of them.

    Horse Racing Offers

    If you are an enthusiastic horse racing punter, you probably know that the best horse racing offers come during super-popular events. These include the Kentucky Derby, Aintree Grand National, The Royal Ascot, the Cheltenham Festival, etc.

    During these events, bookmakers give punters anything from price boosts to early payout promos. They also have some of the most enticing reload bonuses. These make following the horse racing event much more interesting and can result in some lucrative payouts.

    We recommend that you keep a close eye on bookmakers' betting offers during these festivals, as you can happen upon some super-profitable promotions.

    Football Offers

    Most bookmakers have reload football offers. Football is the most popular sport out there, so it fits that there are tons of football reloads too. Bookmakers give these either for special events and occasions or as ongoing promos for a league or competition.

    For instance, some sportsbooks will give you reload bonuses during special events such as the FIFA World Cup or the Champions League final.

    Other bookmakers will grant you reload promos more frequently, though, and will let you opt-in for English Premier League or La Liga reloads on a weekly or monthly basis. 

    Of course, if you want to make the most of your betting experience, you should go with the best bookmakers in the industry. These have reloads for special events but also boast ongoing reload promos for Europe's top competitions. They value their customers the most, and their reload bonuses are their way of saying thank you to loyal punters.

    Reload Bonus Tips

    Not all reload bonuses are the same, and not all players know how to use a promo to its full extent. Here we will give you some useful reload bonus tips that will help you find the best reloads and recognise and avoid the inferior ones. Here are some of the things you need to be careful about when choosing the reload bonus you will activate next.

    Find Reload Offers Without Minimum Odds Requirements

    Always opt for reload bonuses that come without a minimum odds stipulation. However, this is easier said than done. Most free bet clubs or weekly bet clubs that bookmakers have for their existing players come with min odds requirements.

    That means that for your sports bet to be considered as a qualifying one. Your total odds will have to be above a min odds threshold the bookmaker has included in the bonus terms and conditions.

    Locate Reload Offers Without Market and Betting Restrictions

    Another thing to look out for when choosing reload bonuses is how many restrictions these promotions have. Many reload promos allow you to only place your free bets on predetermined markets such as the match-winner or correct score ones.

    Similarly, tons of reload bonuses tell you how you can only use your reload free bets. For instance, they often say you must use your free bets as regular wagers and not as system bets. And that's notal.

    Our advice here is to opt-in for promos that come with as few restrictions as possible. Look for reload bonuses that you can place on different markets. Moreover, only go with reloads that let you use your free bet in whichever way you want. That means using it as an accumulator wager, but also as a single bet. You are the customer that these bookmakers aim to satisfy, so make them try their hardest.

    Matched Betting Reload Offers

    Experienced punters say that if you want to have a guaranteed profit from your sports bets, you must try matched betting. Many matched bettors use bookmakers' betting offers to turn the tables on them and cover all possible outcomes of an event when betting. They do this by what is known as lay betting. 

    When you lay bet, you back an outcome not to happen. For instance, if you lay, West Ham, you bet against them and backing them to lose. In other words, you use your own money to bet that West Ham will win, but you lay the Hammers to lose with the reload bonus that the bookmaker gave you.

    Of course, matched betting is not as simple as this, and you must master some complicated mathematical equations before you can be good at it. Some people even go as far as to use a matched betting service because they think it can help them in their matched betting endeavours. 

    We don't think that you should do the same and recommend trying to understand how this type of betting works first. To help you with this, we have listed some of the most common types of reload bonuses that you can use when matched betting.

    Matched Betting Free Bets

    Reload free bet promos are among the most common matched betting reload offers out there. That's why it makes sense to learn how to use your free bets for matched betting purposes. Not even the best-matched betting service can help you make the most of your free bets if you don't understand how they work yourself.

    In a nutshell, when a bookmaker gives you a reload free bet, you do the following. First, you find a betting market with two possible outcomes. A two-outcome market is the best place to start when using matched betting reload offers because it makes things much easier for you, especially if you are a first-time matched bettor. For instance, you can go with two-outcome markets such as Over/Under or Odd/Even.

    Once you have chosen your market, and let's say you opted for Over/Under, you back one of the outcomes with your money and the other one with your free bet. For example, you can bet £10 on the Over outcome and use your £5 free bet to back the Under outcome. In other words, you will have a winning matched bet regardless of the outcome of the game.

    To get the most of your matched betting reload offers, though, you also need to bet at excellent odds. That might mean checking out different bookmakers or betting exchanges.

    You will also have to be on the lookout for other factors that can help your success, such as price boosts. Price boost promos can significantly increase both the back and lay odds of your matched bet, and that's not something you should ignore.

    Matched Betting Risk-Free Bet Offers

    A variation of the traditional form of back and lay wagering with matched betting reload offers is when you use risk-free bets. With these free bet variations, you place a wager, and if your qualifying bet loses, you don't end up empty-handed. Instead, the bookmaker gives you your stake back as bonus funds after the qualifying bet settlement.

    Of course, bonus funds are not the same as real funds, and you cannot withdraw them. You can only place another bet with them. However, most matched bettors use the money they win from matched betting reload offers to place more back and lay bets. So, they don't necessarily need their money back.

    All you need is to have enough wagering funds to continue with your matched betting. That means that even though risk-free bets don't give you your money back, they give you exactly what you need to pursue your matched betting endeavours.  


    Reload bonuses are how bookmakers say thank you to their existing players. These days, sportsbooks seem to focus only on acquiring new customers. However, the best bookie sites in the industry know that their loyal punters are the ones they should stimulate the most. So they create some super-lucrative reload promos for them.

    With a reload bonus, you get either a deposit bonus or a free bet. You can get these if you are an existing player and opt-in for a promo during a promotional period. In other words, if you have a betting account and keep a close eye on bookmakers, you can find enticing free bets or reload deposit bonuses all the time.

    So, open a betting account now and become only a step away from the most lucrative reload bonuses in the industry. Gamble responsibly and spice up the action of your favourite sports with the best bookie bonuses we list. Let's start winning together!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a reload offer?

    A reload bonus is when the bookmaker gives you a free bet or bonus funds during a promotional period. To be eligible for a reload promo, you must be an existing customer and opt-in and deposit during the promotional period.

    How much can you make from reload offers?

    You can make quite a lot of money from reload bonuses. You can use these promos to place regular free bets, but you can also use them for matched betting purposes. Matched bettors cover all outcomes of an event by backing one outcome with their own money and using the reload free bet to lay the other result.

    How do reload bonuses work?

    Reload bonuses are quite simple. To trigger them, you need to be an existing customer and deposit them into your account during the reload bonus' promotional period. As soon as you do that, the bookmaker will give you a percentage of the funds you deposited as a reload bonus. It can also credit a free bet in your account if it is a reload free bet promo.

    When can I get reload offers?

    You can get reload bonuses only during promotional periods. That means that these offers are not always on. Usually, bookmakers give reload promos during special events such as the FIFA World Cup, Champions League final, Super Bowl, the Cheltenham Festival, etc.

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