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If you are looking for big betting wins, HT/FT betting strategy is the one for you. When you bet on Ht/FT meaning that you predict the outcome at both half-time and full time, you get high odds that result in excellent winnings. Read on to learn everything about half time full time bets explained in detail and how to find the top online bookmakers in the UK that offer it. We've got some great HT/FT tips and predictions, so make sure you read until the end.

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    Half-Time/Full-Time Explained

    So, what is a half-time/full-time bet? When you bet on the HT/FT market, you predict the result at half-time and full-time. For example, if France is playing Argentina and you bet Home Win - Home Win, you want France to win at half-time and to also win the match. So, if France leads at half-time 1-0 and wins the match 2-1, you have a winning HT/FT bet.

    There are nine combinations in total when make a Half-Time/Full-Time bet. These include:

    • Home Win - Home Win (1-1)
    • Home Win - Draw (1-x)
    • Home Win - Away Win (1-2)
    • Draw - Home Win (x-1)
    • Draw - Draw (x-x)
    • Draw - Away Win (x-2)
    • Away Win - Home Win (2-1)
    • Away Win - Draw (2-x)
    • Away Win - Away Win (2-2)

    So, while there are only three possible scenarios when betting on the match winner market, HT/FT outcomes are a bit more difficult to predict. However, that also means you get better odds if your Half-Time/Full-Time predictions are correct.

    Half-Time/Full-Time Explained Half-Time/Full-Time Explained

    HT/FT Winning Example

    Let's now look at a couple of examples to show you how HT/FT works. Let's say that you are betting on a World Cup game between Spain and Germany. You think the Spanish will be winning at half-time, but the match will end in a draw. So, you place a Home Win - Draw bet (1-x).

    The match, and the result at half-time is 1-0. That means you now only need the game to end in a draw to have a winning bet. Luckily for you, that's exactly what happens, and the match ends 2-2. You have a winning HT/FT wager.

    HT/FT Losing Example

    Let's say that you now back Spain to win its second World Cup game against Senegal and to also lead at half-time. So, you place a Home Win - Home Win bet (1-1).

    The football match well, and Spain leads 2-1 at half-time. Unfortunately, the game changes completely in the second half and Senegal equalizes. The full-time result is 2-2. That means you have a losing bet.

    Half-Time and Full-Time Betting Tips Half-Time and Full-Time Betting Tips

    Half-Time and Full-Time Betting Tips

    Using a tried and tested strategy can increase the success of your HT/FT bets significantly. To that end, we give you three HT/FT tips that can help you get more winning wagers. 

    Our advice is to read these HT/FT tips but to also do your betting homework. That means reading the latest sports news and analyzing form and head-to-head results. Do that, and you will have much better chances of winning HT/FT bets.

    Tip 1: Bet on Favourites to Win at Half-Time and Full-Time

    Let's say you want to back Chelsea to win a league game against Burnley. The Blues will undoubtedly win the match, but you will get very low odds. That's where HT/FT betting comes in handy.

    When you bet on strong favourites, it is always a good to back them to win their games, but also to lead at half-time. Strong teams will brush opponents aside as soon as the match. So, why not get better odds by betting on them to win at half-time and full-time? This is one of the HT/FT betting tips that make sense, and it pays well.

    Tip 2: Find Boring Games and Bet Draw - Draw (x-x)

    If you want to get odds that are in the 4.00 to 5.50 range, you can go for the Draw - Draw (x-x) market. These odds guarantee excellent winnings. So, it's great if you find a football match that ends in x-x.

    The best way to find these games is to look for matches between evenly matched teams that won't produce goals. These are games that even die-hard fans don't want to watch because they know they will be pretty dull.

    However, you can profit from that. Bet x-x, and if those games are as boring as everyone expects them to be, you will get some decent winnings.

    Tip 3: Trigger Bonuses and Free Bets

    This may be one of the best HT/FT betting tips. Find yourself a generous bookmaker when betting on HT/FT. Bonus funds and free bets online can help a lot when you want to make the most of your HT/FT wagering adventure. So, if a bookie gives you a risk-free bet or some bonus money, take it. You can use it to place a riskier bet with the betting site's funds, and get better winnings as a result.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Half-Time/Full-Time betting work?

    When betting on Half-Time/Full-Time, you predict the score at half-time and at the end of the match. To win, you must get both the HT and FT predictions right.

    Is extra time included in Half-Time/Full Time bets?

    No, it isn't. When you bet on HT/FT markets, you only bet on the results at half-time and full-time. Extra time and penalties are not included.

    What does home team leads away team wins mean?

    It means that the home team leads at half-time, but the away team turns the game around in the second half and wins the match.

    What's the best betting site for HT/FT bets?

    The best betting site for HT/FT bets is one that gives you great HT/FT odds. Most bookmakers offer half-time/full-time betting, so you should have no problems placing HT/Ft wagers. However, not all betting sites have high HT/FT odds.

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