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We have designed an easy-to-use odds calculator to help bettors calculate their potential profit when placing different betting markets. You can use the calculator for all betting markets, including football, horse racing, basketball, soccer and rugby. Our bet calculator allows you to compute your potential winnings at bookmakers that use decimal odds, fractional odds, as well as American odds. Besides the betting calculator, we will also teach you how to convert one odds format to another.
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How to Use Odds Calculator by Betpack?

The odds calculator provided on this page features a simple interface to enter sports betting odds from bookmakers. All you got to do is provide the correct odds as displayed on the bookmaker website. Once you do that, our odds bet calculator will do the calculations on your behalf.

  • Estimated Time Needed: 00:04
  • Tools Needed: Account
  • Supplies Needed: Time
nothing Step 1

Enter the Odds in the Right Format

Most bookmakers offer fractional, American, or decimal odds. Our betting calculator supports all of them, so you can easily use it if you are familiar with any odds format. You can test it with imaginary odds to see the outcomes or get actual odds from an online betting platform to see your profits with those odds.

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Enter Your Bet or Total Stake

The second step is to provide the odds calculator with the bet amount you want to spend. This could be a small or huge bet depending on how much money you are willing to risk for the win. As expected, your potential winnings will be directly proportional to your bet amount.

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Check Your Results

Our betting calculator is designed in such a way that it will display the possible outcome instantly. It will even show the implied probability based on the odds you provide. But most importantly, it tells you the expected profit based on the odds and total stake provided earlier.

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Repeat with New Entries if You Need More Calculations

If you want to calculate your potential winnings for different events or sports, you should simply erase the previous entries and enter new ones. You can repeat the process as many times as you want since there’s no limit and our odds bet calculator is free of charge.

Table of Contents

    Types of Odds You Can Calculate

    Now, our odds betting calculator is suitable even if you don’t know much about odds formats, and as long as you enter them in accordance with bookmakers the right way. Users only need to visit a sportsbook, derive the odds and enter them into the calculator’s textboxes to learn their potential profits. But those who want to stay informed and even learn how the odds calculator works ought to know how the different odds work. In fact, it’s essential for anyone who wants to use the calculator to have ana of how the various odds formats work.

    First things first, the term ‘odds’ refers to the likelihood of something happening. In sports, it could mean the probability of a win, loss, draw, penalty and so on. The most common types of odds you can find at online betting platforms today include American, decimal and fractional odds. Some are pretty easy to understand, while others require more attention to understand the way they work. We will look at the different formats in the following section.

    American Odds

    As you can guess, American odds are mainly used by bookmakers focusing on bettors from the United States. They are also known as moneyline or US odds. They show your return on a unit stake of 100. Here, the odds for the favourite team have a negative (-) sign, while the ones for the underdog have a positive (+) sign. 

    The negative (-) sign indicates the amount of money you need to bet to win £100. In contrast, the positive (+) sign represents the amount of money you stand to win for each £100 staked. Either way, the initial wagers are returned together with the amount won. Let’s consider a basketball game between Team BB1 and Team BB2, where the moneyline odds are listed below.

    Team BB1: +450

    Team BB2: -650

    Looking at Team BB1, you need to risk £100 to win £450. If the team wins, you’ll get your initial bet of £100 back plus the £450 for a total payout of £550. And if you are betting on Team BB2, you need to part with £650 to win £100. In that case, a bet of £100 would have a total payout of $ 115.38, meaning that your profit will be $ 15.38.

    Decimal Odds

    If you’ve been placing bets online for a while, you’ve probably encountered decimal odds at various online betting sites. This odds format is common with the platforms in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, many bookmaker operators around the world use the format because it is the easiest to calculate, even for a beginner. It’s easy to know which team is the underdog or favourite, thanks to the decimal numbers. The underdog gets the most rewarding odds, while the favourite gets the less profitable odds.

    To calculate your total return on your stake, multiply your stake by the odds offered at the bookmaker. Let’s look at an example of a match between Team A and Team B where the decimal odds are listed as follows.

    Team A: 4.5

    Team B: 1.5

    Based on our example, Team A is the weaker team while Team B is the stronger team. If you bet £100 on Team A and the team wins, the total return would be £100 x 4.5 = £450. And the profit will be £450 - £100 = £350. On the other hand, a £100 bet on Team B will result in a total payout of £150, so the net profit would be £50.

    Fractional Odds

    Fractional odds are also known as UK or British odds because you are most likely to find them when visiting British or Irish online bookmakers. Depending on the bookmaker, fractional odds may be represented by a normal fraction with the slash (/) sign or a hyphen. For example, the odds for a particular event could be 5/1 or 5-1 (pronounced as five to one). 

    So, what does 5/1 or 5-1 mean? Well, a fractional listing of 5/1 simply means you will win £5 for each bet worth £1. In simple terms, fractional odds represent your profit to bet ratio. You should also note that your bet amount is returned as part of the payout. If you stake £10 at 5/1, the total payout should be £10 x 5 (profit) plus £10 (stake), which will be a payout of £60 in total.

    How to Convert Odds?

    If you’ve used our sports betting odds calculator before, you must have noticed how the figure changes when filling out one textbox. That’s because the calculator uses math to convert the odds you provide into other formats. Well, let’s talk about how it works to learn more. 

    Fractional to Decimal Odds

    Procedure: Divide or solve the fraction and add 1


    Fractional Odds: 1/5 = 0.2

    Decimal odds = 0.2 + 1 = 1.2

    Decimal to Fractional Odds

    Procedure: Subtract 1 and convert to fraction


    Decimal Odds: 1.25

    Calculation: 1.25 - 1 = 0.25

    0.25 = 25/100 or 1/4

    Fractional to American Odds

    Step 1: Divide or solve the fraction

    Step 2: 100 x Answer if Answer is >= 1 or -100/Answer if Answer < 1


    Fractional Odds: 1/3 

    Solve: 1 divided by 3 = 0.333

    -100/0.33 = -300

    American to Fractional Odds

    Procedure: American Odds/100 if > 0, or -100/American Odds if <0


    American Odds: -200

    Calculation: -100/200 = 1/2

    Decimal to American Odds

    Procedure: 100 x (Decimal Odds - 1) if Decimal Odds > 2

    or -100/(Decimal Odds - 1) if Decimal Odds < 2


    Decimal Odds: 1.25

    Calculation: -100/(1.25 - 1) = -100/0.25 = -400

    American to Decimal Odds

    Procedure: (American Odds/100) + 1 if American Odds > 0

    or (-100/American Odds) + 1 if American Odds < 0


    American Odds: 125

    Calculation: (125/100) + 1 = 2.25

    Final Words

    Without a doubt, the odds betting calculator featured by Betpack is a pretty useful tool if you want to calculate your potential winnings in different odds formats. Additionally, we have other calculators, such as the incredible matched betting calculator. With this one, you can use a betting exchange to take full advantage of the free bets offered by online betting sites. The goal is to make guaranteed profits by placing lay bets. All the best!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s an odds calculator?

    An odds calculator is an online tool allowing you to enter odds in different formats and calculate your potential winnings.

    What odds format does the odds calculator support?

    Betpack’s odds betting calculator supports American, decimal and fractional odds.

    What does implied probability mean?

    It’s the conversion of betting odds into a percentage based on the odds offered by the bookmaker.

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