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Betpack Editorial Guideline

Steven D. Thompson


You, the reader, are our top priority here at Betpack. We maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity to make sure you enjoy all our reviews, advice, and analysis with trust.

Our Vision & Our Mission

To elaborate well-informed bettors who can place educated bets with confidence. That is why we feature the best bookmakers and best bookie promotions and teach punters how to benefit from them.

    • Betpack’s editorial team provides readers with accurate, comprehensive, and well-researched content. We only include content that has been thoroughly checked and is in line with the highest standards and editorial practices.
    • Editorial autonomy is held in high regard at Betpack. Our content is not influenced by our partners or advertisers.
    • The editorial team at Betpack is as diverse as the audience that reads our content and visits our website. We wholeheartedly accept and encourage different opinions and viewpoints. Our firm belief is that the diversity we promote helps us connect with our readers, earn their trust, and cater to a broader audience of sports betting enthusiasts.
    Our Vision & Our Mission
    Editorial Independence

    Editorial Independence

      • All our content is created by our dedicated editorial team of writers, editors, and content creators, whose remuneration and performance evaluations are not influenced by our advertisers or business partners.
      • The viewpoints expressed are solely our own. They are based on comprehensive analyses of the sports betting industry and our knowledge stemming from the years of experience we have spent in it.
      • Our advertisers and business partners in no way influence our content, reviews, and articles.
      • The performance and compensation of our editorial team are not affected by the positive or negative content and reviews they create. 
      • Our editorial team’s remuneration and performance evaluations are not influenced by our advertisers or business partners.


        • All editorial content is continually checked for both accuracy and relevance.
        • Writers, editors, and content creators thoroughly check facts, numbers, percentages, and other details included in our reviews and articles.
        • Our writers use trustworthy and reliable sources to ensure that readers get the most accurate and pertinent content possible.
        • When we make an inadvertent error, we correct it at the exact moment we notice it. We encourage readers that detect errors that we have accidentally overlooked to contact us using our on-site form.
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